5 Best Ways to Leverage Facebook for Effective Event Marketing

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Beyond acting as an online social networking service, today Facebook is being used as a tool for rigorous marketing. The multitudes of features that Facebook possesses gives an upper hand to marketing professionals. Since almost ‘everyone’ is somehow connected to ‘everyone’, your event and its ideals has the potential to reach ‘everyone’. Let’s take a look at the different means of event promotion through Facebook.

1. Create your own event

The left of your Facebook page has an ‘Events’ button.


  • Once you click on that button it redirects you to this tab which prompts you to ‘Create’ an event. Or you could click the ‘host your own?’ link.

create event

  • This would then pop up a screen asking for all the details of your event.private event
  • Invite all your friends on Facebook for a kick start. Through ‘Manage Guests’ option you will come to know those guests whom you have invited and the guests who have given a response to it as either ‘May be’ or surely ‘Going’. This would allow you to send personalized messages to guests based on their interest in your event and you may also persuade the ones who have chosen ‘Maybe’.
  • Add your Event App and Website: You can synchronize your event mobile application or website (if any) with this Facebook page for further engagement.


invitemessage guests











2. Create a Facebook Page for your event

  • Click on the small downward arrow and choose ‘Create Page’. And choose the category of your page among the options provided (which includes Local Business or Place, Company or Organization, Brand or Product, Entertainment etc.).create page
  • After creating your page you have an option of ‘Invite Friends to like this Page’ similar to the one described during creation of a Facebook Event.
  • The number of likes in your page is central to the success of your event. It shows the number of followers that you have.
  • Activate comments and posts by followers so as to increase engagement between your event attendees.
  • Track the performance of your page, the ups and downs, the no of likes, fan engagements and activities such as posts, comments etc.

Observe which post is more trending. Total number of likes, unlikes etc., and understand attendee behaviour.

page analytics

3. Create Groups for high attendee engagement

create new group

  • Click on Create Group, and create either a closed group, which is private i.e., contents posted inside your group is visible only to you and your group members, or a public group making the members and the content visible to everyone.
  • Once you have your attendee list you can enter their Facebook names in the ‘Members’ option provided. Add all your event attendees and ensure you keep them engaged through the groups

Groups would give a more personalized feeling to an attendee and can act as a tool for letting the attendees interact with each other.

4. How to keep the attendees engaged through these features

  • Keep posting pictures and videos that are germane to the theme of your event. If you can make your event posters share it on the group or page and get likes, comments and shares.
  • Send frequent messages regarding your event and give insights about your event through messages from your Facebook Event, Page and Group.

5. Subscribe for Facebook Ads

facebook ads

  • All the likes, comments and shares on your Facebook Page would have been so for Organic in nature. Usually organic likes happen slowly and gradually unless your page goes viral.
  • Click on Create Adverts to opt for Facebook paid advertising.
  • Through this your page will be visible in the News Feed of a large number of Facebook users.
  • You can also choose the type of Facebook Users for publishing your ads, so that your target audience have interests that are relevant to the theme of your page or event.
  • Once you have chosen to create Adverts, you will be redirected to a Page like the one below.


  • Here you can choose what sort of promotional strategy you want to opt for.
  • Set your event audience, budget and schedule according to your event requirements.
  • Facebook will calculate the amount of money you’d be spending on the ads if you subscribe for the FB Ads.
  • It also shows you Estimated Daily Reach i.e., the number of Facebook Users who would be able to see your posts and page.


Having explored the different opportunities for even marketing within one social media platform that has more than 1550 million active users, a smart and optimistic event organizer would see this as an opportunity to reach out to 1550 million potential attendees.

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