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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

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Event Venue

Event Venue – Factors To Consider When Choosing

With every event planned, there come a plethora of questions that need to be looked over. Most event planners can vouch for their experiences of having to tackle multiple logistical issues. That gets thrown their way, and one of the most prominent hurdles arise in the question of choosing the right event venue for their event. The event venue ultimately sets the environment and atmosphere for the entire course of the event and eventually helps in realizing the event’s design. When booking an event venue, an event planner must aim to strike a balance between creating a satisfying audience experience and the overall budget. That’s why it is critical to also think about what the venue might require to generate a space of creativity and attendee satisfaction. And we at webMOBI have collated a comprehensive and quick set of factors you can consider when choosing the right venue for your event.

1. Vision board
Many times, event planners focus on understanding how they’d want their guests to feel. And selecting a venue involves studying how an audience thinks about you, your brand, before, during and after the event. Before choosing a venue, formulate a vision board as to how you’d want your event to pan out – including a plan to reduce waste, optimizing resources, generation audience and venue appropriate entertainment, etc. And whether it’s an outside party or an indoor conference, always remember to have venue backup plan!

2. Capacity and Function
It’s vital to have an approximate maximum headcount of your audiences before deciding on the venue sources. Remember to consider a venue’s, and it’s ability to accommodate as many guests as possible when choosing a location – while at the same time making sure that you don’t splurge on a large venue that may offer more space than required. But apart from the size, the venue’s functionality and comfort is also a significant aspect to take into consideration. Try to ensure that your final venue has specific functional spaces, nearby services and rooms that can accommodate guests moving from various sections of the area for multiple activities, breakout sessions, attendees with disabilities, etc. In addition to considering a venue with multi-use conveniences, remember to request for spaces with both seating and standing room capacities. This facet comes especially in hand when there happens to be a small error in headcount, and you might maintain the space promised.

3. Cost and logistics
Staying within the budget is always a huge concern for any event planner, hence making it an essential factor to take into consideration when choosing a venue. An effective method to lower the price of a venue is to book your event on a day that is rarely sought after by other planners. Also, take into account the additional services provided by the venue authorities and its travel convenience to ensure that your attendee rates do not suffer. Logistically, event planners need to be careful of booking their venues on specific dates that avoid sharing the space with other conflicting events that might occur at the same time as your event.

4. Ambiance
While this factor might be the least technical, it is nonetheless a vital factor to consider. It is necessary to match the mood and the overall ambiance of the venue with the potential audiences that you hope to attract. Make sure that when choosing the venue you keep in mind the tone and message your event is trying to send to your guests.

5. Details
The tinier details regarding the venue need to be included in the checklist. Questions concerning the venue’s security services, curfew and vendor restrictions (if and any), sound and acoustics are some examples of intricacies you will need to look into before finalizing on a venue.

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