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Live Polls: 5 Ways to Make Best Use of Live Polls

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5 Ways to make the best use of the live polls:

Live Polls

1. Choose the correct time in the event to engage the audience with live poll: It is important to understand the flow of the event so that the best time to engage audience with live polls can be decided. It can be used to collect feedback in real time and improve interaction. Audience will also have a good impression about your event because you are providing them an opportunity to express their thoughts on a certain topic that is relevant to the event. It can be conducted between sessions, after a long session or before starting any sessions to refresh the mind. These feedback are valuable and can be used to learn and make better decisions in the future.

2. Choose the correct poll type: There are types of audience engagement tools available which can be used depending upon the event type. It is important to study the event before deciding on which one you should go for. Understanding the kind of audience is also important.

Here, we will talk about few types live poll and other audience engagement tools that can be used:

  • Word cloud: Introduce word clouds and let your participants generate word clouds easily. Collect feedback on any topic easily in real time and display the words in an attractive and eye-catching manner. What happens in the end result is all the words that are answered will appear randomly and the most common answer appears bigger in size and so the size of other answers will decrease.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: In this poll type, You can create a question and give options for the audience to choose from and the audience will have to select one option. The results can be presented on the big screen.
  • Star ratings: Star ratings can also be used to get feedback. Questions can be asked and the audience will be able to rate a product, service, sessions or more by giving stars.

3. Create interesting questions in relevant to the event: Depending upon the event, live polls questions should be created. Live poll is a great option to create the improve audience engagement and also to get their opinions. Keeping these things in mind, one should design the questions asked. Questions could be around the nature of the event, Opinions about certain topics that may become relevant and useful in the future, To get feedback on the event etc. Live polls questions should be designed in a way that it’s easy for the audience to answer.

4. Give proper instruction: Before starting any session in the event, it is very important to give proper instruction to the audience. Same goes for any audience engagement activities. If we are conducting live polls, Q&As or quizzes. Prior information should be given to the audience so that they understand what is going. Instructions should be given to the audience on how to submit their answer as well.

5. Try to use the results of the live polls for further discussion: The feedback collected can be used in order to learn more about what people are really looking for and to make better decisions in the future. These feedback are invaluable because

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