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Make Your Next Event More Interactive with Livepoll in 2022

Livepoll is an important part of hybrid meetings because they give participants the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns in a real-time format. This allows for better communication between participants in the event platform and allows for better decision-making. Event management becomes easier due to event engagement. Additionally, livepoll helps in event management by keeping the meeting on track by providing a continuously updated record of participant opinions.

What are live polls and how can they be used in hybrid meetings?

Live polling is an interactive way to collect data from a group of people during a meeting and boost event engagement. Participants use their phones to respond to questions or vote on ideas in real-time. It gives them an amazing hybrid experience. Apart from giving an outstanding hybrid experience, polls can be used to gather input from a group, test opinions, or get feedback on a topic.  It is also helpful for post event feedback.

Live polling is perfect for hybrid meetings because it allows participants to contribute from anywhere in the world. Polls can be used to collect input from participants who are attending the meeting remotely, or they can be used as a way for the virtual attendees in the hybrid event platform to share their thoughts with those who are not able to attend in person.

Types of livepoll:

Virtual meetings are a great way to bring people together from around the globe. While they offer many advantages, they can also be improved by using live polls. This article discusses two types of live polls that can be used in virtual meetings: opinion polls and polling for information.

1. Opinion polls

Opinion polls are a way to measure the opinion of virtual attendees on certain topics or candidates. They are often used in politics, but event professionals can also use it in other fields such as business and marketing.

Opinion polls can be conducted in a variety of ways, but the most common is through interviews or surveys. In a hybrid event platform, poll results can be used to help make decisions about the event or to measure how well the event is going.

2. Polling for information:

In hybrid events, polling for information can be used to understand voter sentiment on specific issues, as well as candidate preference. For hybrid events, polling for information is the best way to get feedback from virtual attendees.

This is because it’s easy to keep event tracking of who has and hasn’t answered the questions, and you can easily export the event tracking data for post event surveys. However, the event professionals must make sure that the survey is well-designed and doesn’t take up too much time for respondents.

How to make the best use of livepoll

Livepoll is a powerful tool for gathering feedback from your customers and followers. By using livepolls, you can keep your audience engaged and informed about your latest product or service updates. Here are some tips for making the most of livepolling:

1. Make sure your poll is clear. People are more likely to participate in a poll that’s easy to understand. Make sure you include the date and time of the poll, as well as what it’s about, so people know exactly what they need to do.

2. Choose the correct time in the event to engage the audience with a livepoll: It is important to understand the flow of the event so that the best time to engage the audience with live polls can be decided. It can be used to collect feedback in real-time and improve interaction.

The audience will also have a good impression of your event because you are providing them an opportunity to express their thoughts on a certain topic with clear instructions that is relevant to the event.

It can be conducted between sessions, after a long session, or before starting any sessions to refresh the mind. This feedback is valuable and can be used to learn and make better decisions in the future.

3. Choose the correct poll type: There are types of audience engagement tools available which can be used depending upon the event type. It is important to study the event before deciding on which one you should go for. Understanding the kind of audience is also important.

Here, we will talk about a few types of live polls and other audience engagement tools that can be used for a wonderful event experience:

  • Word cloud: Introduce word clouds and let your participants generate word clouds easily. Collect feedback on any topic easily in real-time and display the words in an attractive and eye-catching manner. What happens in the end result is all the words that are answered will appear randomly and the most common answer appears bigger in size and so the size of other answers will decrease.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: In this poll type, You can create a question and give options for the audience to choose from and the audience will have to select one option. The results can be presented on the big screen.
  • Star ratings: Star ratings can also be used to get feedback. Questions can be asked and the audience will be able to rate a product, service, session, or more by giving stars.

4. Create interesting questions relevant to the event:   If you’re asking questions about your products or services, make sure people can relate to them. If you’re polling users about their opinions on a topic, be sure to choose one that’s important to them.

Keeping these things in mind, one should design the to-be-asked questions for the virtual attendees. Questions could be about the nature of the event. Opinions about certain topics that may become relevant and useful in the future, To get feedback on the event, etc. Live polls questions should be designed in a way that it’s easy for the audience to answer.

5. Give proper instruction: Before starting any session in the event, it is very important to give proper instruction to the audience. The same goes for any audience engagement activities. If we are conducting live polls, Q&As, or quizzes.

It can enhance the virtual experiences of the virtual attendees. Prior information should be given to the audience so that they understand what is going on. Instructions should be given to the audience on how to submit their answer as well.

6. Try to use the results of the live polls for further discussion:  In hybrid meetings, the use of live polls can help with attendee engagement and keep them on track. By using the results of live polls to further discussion in the meeting, you can ensure audience engagement and that the meeting stays on track. Live polls can also help to collect data and information from participants which can be used later in the meeting or in subsequent meetings.

Benefits of live polling in virtual events and hybrid events

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever for events to be engaging. One way to do this is by incorporating live polls into your event. Live polls can boost engagement opportunities and help you learn more about your attendees. They can also be used to drive discussion and create a more interactive experience. In order to get the most out of livepoll, it is important to plan ahead and design questions that will elicit the desired response.

Here are five benefits of using live polling in hybrid meetings:

1. Event engagement: Livepoll boost the attendee engagement. Because live polling requires participation from all attendees, it helps keep everyone engaged in the meeting. Event engagement is especially beneficial for larger groups, where it can be easy for people to get lost in the discussion.

2. Feedback: It makes it easy to get feedback. One of the main benefits of live polling is that it makes it easy to get feedback from attendees. This can be helpful for getting input on ideas or gathering opinions on potential solutions and also helpful for future events.

3. Decision-making: Live polling can help speed up decision-making for the event professionals and corporates by allowing team members to share their opinions quickly and easily.

4. Live event tracking: Live polling can help keep live events and meetings on track by ensuring that everyone is aware of the agenda and what is being discussed.

5. Attendee engagement: Live polling can help to capture the group’s mood and sentiment in the live events which can be useful for post event surveys for future events..

How to plan livepoll in hybrid events

Hybrid events are a great way to get your audience involved in your event and to get feedback from them. However, polling can be tricky to do successfully. Here are some tips for planning live polls in hybrid events:

1. Choose the right livepoll questions. Make sure that the questions you choose are ones that will be relevant to your virtual and in-person audience and will elicit responses that you can use in your reporting.

2. Plan your polling schedule carefully. A careful and planned approach will ensure that your audience is engaged with your event all the way up to the end.

3. Test your questions. Before you go live, test your questions in advance to make sure that they will be effective. Keep polls short.

4. Appropriate polling formats for hybrid events. Hybrid events are usually a mix of live and online sessions and the logistics of planning appropriate polling formats that are engaging for both virtual and in-person attendees.

Why use a professional event management software


There are many reasons that a business might choose to use event management software. Perhaps the most obvious reason for using virtual event software is that it can help make event planning, event management, and the execution of events much easier. An event management software can also help in increasing the engagement numbers and lead o engagement success.

With all of the details that go into organizing an event, from reserving a venue, and sending invitations, giving clear instructions to the virtual attendees, delivering personalized experiences to them, and tracking RSVPs, the software can automate and keep track of many of the tasks involved. This can save businesses time and money, and allow them to focus on the more important aspects of their events.

Additionally, using the virtual event software can help create a more professional image for businesses; it shows that they are organized and capable of handling large projects. Event management software can also be helpful in marketing efforts. as it provides analytics on how well an event performed and what its impact was on website traffic or social media followers.

Event planners have been looking for ways for increasing engagement numbers and contributing toward engagement success using an event app platform.

An event app platform benefits include providing a central location for all event information, agendas, updates, and announcements; promoting networking opportunities before, during, and after the event; and enhancing the overall attendee experience.

The right event app can make your next conference or meeting more interactive and engaging for all participants. If you are looking for a dependable event app, then you should try out WebMOBI. It is an all-in-one solution for event planners. It contains all the engagement tools such as Live Quizzes, Live Q and A, LivePolls and Survey, and Word Clouds, and also facilitates live stream production. You can opt for the WebMOBI event app online registration for attendee registrations. Learn More.


In conclusion, incorporating livepoll into both on-site and virtual can be an extremely valuable tool for gathering feedback and increasing engagement. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can make sure that your livepolls are effective and help to make your meetings more productive.

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