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6 ways to get your Event Trending in Twitter

289,000,000 active Twitter users, 135,000 signups every day and on an average 58 million Tweets per day. This data is not merely an ostentation of the gargantuan Twitter fan base. It gives an insight into the possibility of finding an enormous target audience for your upcoming event. In order to take your event to the next level via Twitter, here are some useful tips.

1. Create a Twitter account for your Event

Use your event title to create a new Twitter profile where you can post images, thoughts, gifs etc. that highlights your event and its vision. Get followers directly to your event page through this strategy. Also, you can follow as many potential attendees as you can thereby adjuring them to follow you back.

2. Keep repeating your Tweets

It is highly possible that people might skip or miss the Tweets that you post about your event. So to keep followers cognizant of your event and its details, keep repeating your tweets and all followers or may be new people will eventually encounter your Tweets and probably attend your event.

3. Smart Hashtags for Success

Include unique, short but descriptive, to-the-point hashtags for your event so that your attendees can quickly, without making any spelling mistakes, retweet or add your event hashtags in their tweets. Use this single hashtag forever so that it becomes trending soon. Multiple hashtags for your event can be a form of hashtag-cannibalism. So use the power of hashtags effectively through the #Tag-driven-Twitter.

4. Get your hashtags viral

Try to get your event hashtags viral even before your event so that you create some excitement among people and when you create a Twitter profile for your event, loads of people will compete to follow you.

5. Speaker Retweets

Your event keynote speakers can retweet or include your event hashtags in their tweets and the speakers’ audience will become aware of your event thereby probably increasing the event head count.

6. Add poll for feedbacks as well as suggestion prior to the event

Event Polls

Create polls quickly so that you can fetch attendee feedbacks. Use this feature not only after the end of an event but also weeks before the conduction of your event so that you can include some special stuff in your event to cater to attendees’ interests.

How to Create Poll on Twitter?

  • Click on the TweetButton on Right hand Top Corner.
  • Choose the 4th option Pollnext to the GIF button.
  • Now Create a question as your Tweet such as, “What did you feel best about the event?”
  • Click on ‘Add a choice’ to keep adding options for your attendees to choose.
  • Choose the Poll length or the no of days for which you want the poll to be up on Twitter.

Keep a track of your results through a percentage meter calculated and displayed by twitter itself. Also keep a track on the amount of time left for the poll to end.

Poll Options

Utilize Twitter and its effective publicity strategies, analyze the attendee trends and observe the necessary details that could help improve your event and its headcount.


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