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Event Branding – 7 Awesome Ways of Event Branding

“Event marketing” is a huge term. From the inception to the end, various things are involved in event marketing. But is there a saturation point for event marketing? A person involved in event marketing always ponders upon various questions,

  • Is there more opportunity to attract attendees?
  • How can I make my event-hosting organization known?
  • Am I targeting the right audience?


Although an event may or may not have managed to gather a large number of audience, a major factor that holds on to attendees and entices your prospects is event branding, through which you create a brand name for your event by making it memorable to the audience!


Here are some tips and tricks to get started with event branding.


The primary means to identify an event management firm amongst others is to develop a symbolic representation that accurately propitiates with the theme of your events and the ideals of your organization. Your logo need not be too fancy; a simple logo that people can relate to would suffice.

Invitations and Pamphlets

The initial step to event branding and awareness creation is to send out attractive invites to prospects. An interesting invite that conveys the point of your event combined with a remarkable image of your event logo at strategic positions can make a significant impact on your prospects, who would be tempted to transform into an attendee. If there are resources, do send a customized invite to attendees which will help you to gain their trust.

ID card Tags and Badges

Identity card or badges for attendees at your event and the ID tags can have the name of your event or your organization imprinted on it. This creates a feeling of oneness. These tag names will fall in the sight of all the people attending the event and is a very subtle yet sublime way to tie your attendees together.

Sponsor Banners

An award ceremony ritually hangs a sponsor backdrop with all the sponsor names and logos imprinted. Here’s where you can make a great impact especially when your event is getting media attention. Make the event’s/ organization’s name or logo prominent on the banner along with the sponsors to make a remarkable impact in the industry.


Since most attendees would like to take away something from your event for remembrance, apparels are an ideal way to impress them. Giveaway tees or sweatshirts, that have your event’s name and logo on it add a tag line or two, and there you go! A good number of attendees is wearing an apparel around the city marketing your event’s name for free.

Flags and buntings

During the phase of event planning where you decorate your event venue make sure you add flags and buntings around the hall that displays your event logo. These buntings not only add flavor to the decorations but also continually tries to install the brand- ‘your event’s name’ into the attendees that they would memorize the logo.

Social Media

Finally, to have a larger level of impact social media is always the best means. Using your brand name and logo all over social media you can definitely create some buzz around your event.

The aim of event branding is to make people remember your event name and logo automatically when the thought of the word ‘event’ pops up in their mind. Get started with these excellent branding ideas for a successful event.



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