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7 Event Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We have seen plenty of event marketing strategies that act as an impetus for event organizers to go about propagating the event using those techniques. Albeit the strategies discussed enables one to understand the tricks of the game it does not give assurance to circumvent the probable errors that may intervene during its implementation phase. Here we discuss few mistakes that any event organizer can likely commit.

Unrealistic Optimism

Attendees’ expectations for an event will perpetually remain at its peak. The bountiful confidence that your event will satiate the attendees’ expectations is usually precarious. A mixture of confidence and appreciable planning skills is a must if one desires to taste success through the conduction of the event.

Human Resource

Understanding and realizing that plunging into the event industry as a single-man army is going to create an unstable foundation for an event marketing strategy is monumental. It would be foolhardy to go into any form of marketing scheme without support. Hiring staff or technical support is pertinent to sufficiently promote an event. A bigger and efficient team can bring about a stronger impact across the market.

Number of Staff?

Having discussed about the importance of human resource the issue that will arise eventually is the quantity that is required. The process of hiring is always tricky and can let you slip into an impasse. To overcome these hurdles you need to plan on the designations of the staff that you hire and the responsibilities that they will be taking over. Once you have formed a hierarchy you will be able to boil down to a number that you should select. Beware, the number you select should be a tad more than what you have estimated, so that you can account for the dropouts. Balancing the headcount is important any day.

Great Reach but No Registrations

Your marketing techniques are amazing and you have reached an enormous number of people, but have you still not met the number of registrations required? You might not be reaching out to the right set of audience. Your event’s theme and the audiences’ preference may not be congruent. Comprehensive market analysis and discovery of target audience will give you an upper-hand.

Wrong Venue

Setting up your event venue and then searching for a target audience is disastrous process. Instead, once you’ve identified your target market, you will discover the area where you should conduct your event. A posh event venue located far away from your prospective attendees will nullify your marketing efforts.

Lack of Tech Support

Since almost everything in today’s world has gone online attendees would expect at least a part of your event including event details or information, registration process, ads to prevail online. You name it and you have an app for it today. A great mobile app with commendable user-interface is the need of the hour. To avail these perks you might need a tech team to work with you irrespective of your technical knowledge.

Not Asking for Help

Convoluting problems by looping it around yourself and your team will take keep taking you in circles. Approaching industry experts for advice, seeking technical support from a tech team, and general moral support would help clear your path of hurdles.

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  1. Ayushi Tandon

    a well written article ..I am about to conduct an event in my city and I would definitely keep these essential points in consideration


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