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9 Amazing Apps To Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Planning your big day involved putting together and marking multiple paper calendars and scrambled to-do lists. And while your wedding is meant to be one of the most beautiful days of your life, many to-be brides end up pulling their hairs out from all the meticulous planning. That’s why event planners and app designers have proposed the perfect solutions to untangle your complicated mess of workflow. Easy to use mobile event apps are the new fad amongst many brides and wedding planners, who’ve experienced great ease in handling logistical factors from guest lists to decorations. So we at webMOBI have put together a comprehensive list of wedding event apps for your important day, that you can say “I do” to with no hesitation.

The free app is the best option for rookies that go into the planning process with very little experience. Organizers have to simply input the anticipated wedding date and the app creates an entirely customized wedding schedule, complete with suggested dates, timelines, and guest lists. This iOS app has other amazing features such as a wedding day countdown (to keep the happy couple excited and hyped), a payment tracker, vendor management tools, and an expenditure summary to keep a check on the outflow of money.

This free VR wedding event app offers a kind of technology that helps organizers design and manipulate the floor plan at the venue and understand the decor of the space better. Wedding planners can virtually place and move around the furniture and decorations and create a perfectly customized wedding space, with minimum costs and labor. The collaborative and interactive app also helps with creating seating charts, RSVP, excel spreadsheets and guest lists, in addition to a comprehensive timeline.

The webMOBI event management app extends its services even to wedding planning. Organizers and the clients can utilize this app for various tasks and planning processes like guest list and RSVP management, check-lists, scheduling, and timeline checks. The app is also designed to allow guests to share and maintain photos and images from the wedding directly through the app or the app’s social media links. And finally, the app also offers a space for interaction and networking amongst users, to help keep in touch even after the wedding.

This extremely facilitative wedding mobile event app helps planners find unsold spaces and venues across hotels, even at the very last minute. Guaranteed to help the happy couple spend less on their wedding. HotelTonight helps discover places with prices that are on an average 17% lessers than the results from other travel booking sites.

Evernote and maintaining order are somewhat synonymous with many event planners. The app allows organizers to manage all their data, web pages, word documents, images and notes in one convenient platform and helps them categorize everything according to allocated tags. The app is available and compatible with both Android and Apple interfaces and is absolutely free!

Appy Couple
With an exclusive focus on the guests, the Appy Couple wedding event app is your one-stop shop to help organize and manage your guest lists, invitations, RSVPs and event itinerary sharing. This interactive and free iOS app lets guests view the couple’s story, book their travel, share photos with other guests of the wedding, and event directly message the planners with inquiries.

The project-based management tool helps keep organizers aware and notified of every stage of the planning process. The wedding event app technology is also designed to help you create cards and tags for each event and task, which can be moved around depending on the progress and completion of each one. Additionally, each card can also be reviewed and approved by the client.

Planners can create their own customized guest websites online, and manage the planning process through the wedding event app itself. Not only can guests access the app and the website about the schedule of events, or where they’re registered, they can also RSVP online saving both them and the organizers the time and stress of manually keeping track of the guest list.
And even on the wedding day itself, guests can upload and share photos directly through the app and create their own profiles within the app — helping them further network and keep in touch even after the celebration ends.

The app has gone hand-in-hand with the thought of creating the perfect wedding landscape. Offering planners with a thorough idea of the options in color schemes, themes, flowers, and cakes that the happy couple would want, Pinterest is overflowing with a plethora of images and ideas for couples to browse through and “pin”.
You can even filter it down by specifying categories like “on a budget” or “winter weddings” and before you know it, you’ll have a planning board ready for the perfect wedding.


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