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9 Best ways to make Quality Post-Event Surveys! Ask the Right Questions in your Feedbacks!

Feedbacks are central to the success of any event. It acts as a learning tool for event organizers to amend their planning and implementation skills. Sometimes feedbacks can be tricky. The questions that you pose to the attendees of your events should not be irksome. Here are some tips that you can follow to put forward the right feedback questions.

  • Collate attendee information first

You need to categorize answers to the questions regarding your event based on the attendees’ basic information like name, registration number (if they are registered for your event), mobile etc. Now you have a database of the attendees who were actually interested in your event and who want some improvements so that they can attend your next event, expecting a better experience.

  • Ask Relevant Question

Questions posed, needs to be germane to the concept of the event. There may be questions that can intrigue the customers, but there’s no point in posting such questions to your attendees. You are creating a event surveys for your benefit which in turn benefits your attendees.

  • Create the survey in advance!

Predict the future! Try to surmise what sort of questions you would need to put forward in your survey. Keep in mind that you will be using the data that you collect through this survey for implementing modifications in your upcoming events. If you try to create the survey after the end of the event you may not have sufficient time to come up with effective questions that would benefit the event and your organization.

  • Make it Short and Sweet

You would have encountered paragraphs of questions at college which would have freaked you out. Surely you wouldn’t want to intimidate your attendees by asking long-winded questions. The questions you ask should be short, crisp and still convey what sort of answer you are looking for from the attendees.

  • Use MCQs

Multiple Choice questions with options either including radio buttons (for a single answer choice) or check boxes (for multiple select answers) are the best way to extract the attendees’ likes and wants. The options again shouldn’t have long descriptions.

  • One Descriptive Type Question

At least one descriptive type question would allow you to understand what exactly the customer requires and the issues that he or she faced during your event. This field may have a word limit or may have minimum words validation (if you want a mandatory field).

  • Ask for feedback immediately

Do you remember what you were doing at this time by your watch yesterday or last week? Certain key points about your event or the main theme in itself would move into a state of oblivion after a while. Be quick to ask questions so that attendees respond right after their experience.

  • Ask questions during an event

This form of intermediate feedbacks can act as a game changer. Technologies such as beacons help to push text notifications to attendees which would prompt them to respond to questions during the event. Through this you can have a dynamic understanding about the attendee attitude. This is also one amusing way to keep your attendees entertained and engaged.

  • Get an Overall Rating for your Event

Ask your attendees to evaluate your event by giving a rating between 0 and 10. Now you’ll know where your event stands among your attendees. This might sound scary if your event rating goes down, but it is always great to learn from mistakes.


Asking the right questions at the right time is all that matters for a quality survey. An ideal survey would make the whole question-answer process very expedient.
Collate all the data received from your survey and act according to the attendees’ requirements, thereby earning loyal attendees.


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