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Achieving Success With Hybrid Events in 2021 And Beyond

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Hybrid Events,


It is an understatement to say that the year 2020 has been unpredictable. With the pandemic making it difficult to go outside, planning large events has definitely become more and more difficult. With thousands of people getting sick, being hospitalized and even dying, there has been a new norm with how we interact with each other in crowds. People like event planners who want to plan a concert, wedding, reception or any activity will have to rethink the way they go about planning each event. Planning a live in person event was the norm. Then virtual planning was a necessity to keep people safe. Now that we are in a different phase of the pandemic, event planners are going to a more hybrid event where both in person and virtual streaming come together hand in hand. This article will show you what is a hybrid  event and how do they work?



A hybrid event is any event – conference, training seminar, trade expo, etc. – that combines live, in-person elements with digital, online components. There are both internal and external hybrid-events. Many hybrid-events have virtual streaming for the speaker while attendees actually come in person to the event. It is important to realize that hybrid-events join virtual with in person and it can be done either way. A great example of hybrid in person events is a trade show where sessions can be done online while the attendees actually come in person to the event who are interested.


As you begin to think about hybrid events, think about the National Basketball Association. The players were playing in a bubble live but the audience was virtual. This is a great example of a hybrid-event. Other events that can be done in hybrid include: luncheons, award ceremonies, team meetings, webinars, study groups, town hall meetings, sporting events, product demonstrations and conferences, just to name a few. These hybrid-events are beneficial as they are often more cost effective, tracks your audience more efficiently and allows for a larger audience than a live event.


There are both internal and external hybrid¬† events. Having your internal or external hybrid event will require planning according to the number of attendees you will have in person and what part of your event is virtual. For technology enthusiasts, Apple Special Events are great example of hybrid-event where the attendees who aren’t at the in-person event can see them livestreamed. Take a page out of Apple’s book and turn your product announcements into hybrid-events that anyone can view. Internal hybrid-events are used within a company to share a message when employees cannot be in the same place. These include: town halls, sales kickoff meetings, department meetings and company-wide events.

External hybrid-events are held for those outside of your organization like sporting events. Understanding he difference will give you a great start on if you are planning an internal or external hybrid-event, so that you can plan accordingly.


There are 98 percent of people who stated that they viewed hybrid events favorably because it allowed them to have options if they wanted to come to the event, or watch it from the comfort of their home. One of the things that you must do while preparing for a hybrid-event is to make sure the event is a valuable resource for all of the attendees. The virtual and live audience must be satisfied with the planning of your hybrid-event. What are your short term and long term goals for the event? Why are you having your hybrid event? Do you have the virtual technology that allows you the most potential to make your event a success? Are you going to be able to build your brand by holding your hybrid event? Should you have a virtual audience and how will they contribute to your goals?


These are all thing that must go into planning an internal or external hybrid event. This article will help you understand what is a virtual event and how it works, so you may find success in planning your hybrid event. Do your research, write your checklist, engage with professionals who have done hybrid events before to get as much information and experience as possible. This will give you the greatest success at your next virtual event project and have your audience talking about your event for many years to come.

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