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Ambient Marketing for your Event- Astoundingly Common!

From the moment you wake up till the time you are reading this you might have definitely come across several ads either with or without your conscience. Do you remember those ads even now? It might be quite difficult for one to recollect. Ambient marketing, as the name goes, focuses on channelizing the marketing strategies along with the ambience or environment of the public or rather target market. An ad that will create an everlasting impact on the consumers will fall under the category of Ambient Marketing. It is a variant of Guerilla marketing.
Ambient advertising is about placing ads on unusual items or in unexpected places where one wouldn’t normally find an ad. An ambient ad doesn’t demand to be placed outdoor. Ambient marketing strategies can be implemented literally anywhere and everywhere!

What is the advantage of ambient marketing?

  • Old is Boring

The very first added advantage of this form of advertising is that the traditional advertisement channels have reached a point of saturation. People are largely becoming ignorant of the conventional ads that appear on TV, Facebook and other simple Google Ads. At this point of time when they encounter something unanticipated it is going to be embedded in their memory for a very long time.

  • Target your target audience

With successful ambient advertising ideas you will be able to reach and attract your target audience easier. The place where you implement your idea is going to be the factor that determines the set of audience you ad will influence.

  • Eye-catching

Almost all of the advertisements implemented in this model are strikingly good. The implemented ideas are usually conspicuous and appear distinctive to the audience making a great impact on the organizations brand.

What resources are needed for ambient advertising?

The only resource that is required here in abundance is the intellectual resource that has the potential to construe out of the box ideas to stupefy the attendees. Once the mind blowing idea is out, then the implementation of that idea wouldn’t require much monetary resources. In fact, ambient advertising also aims at low-cost-propaganda.

How can I use ambient marketing for my event?

Creating an expectation before something is out is the best way that someone can sell a product/ service. A sufficient amount of hype about your event is required so that people will keep longing for it. This positive hype can be created using ambient marketing.

Banners, posters, images around the venue of your event that can keep your prospective attendees engaged prior to the conduction of the event will steer the people to spread the word of your event thereby making it go viral.

Creative models or figures at the entry of your event venue or inside the event hall (if it is a closed room event) that can convey the theme of your event, will put your attendees in awe and inspire them to become loyal.

What are some examples of ambient marketing?

Messages, pictures, stickers on door handles, trolleys etc. of a supermarket, huge balloon balls on the top of buildings, simple street art, wall paintings, hilarious posters on the roads etc. where the presence of public or pedestrians are high are few examples of this model.

Here are some better examples of Ambient Marketing:-

ambient marketing

A creative poster for ‘Old Timer’, a big Australian chain of motorway rest stops.

Nivea marketing

Nivea, Good bye Cellulite- a creative ad implemented on a sofa.

Ambient marketing is fun, exciting, targeted and therefore engaging for all. A smart move, creative thinking ability, clever implementation skills can take your event to the next level.


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