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New App Store Review Guidelines Shakes Up White-Label Event Apps!

At the famous Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that took place in San Jose this year in June, an announcement was made by Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing about the complete redesign of App Store, among many changes that Apple would be implementing in the App Store, there are was one small note “App Store Cleanup”, which was ignored by most of the people but might have a huge impact on b2b app development industry.



Why such a change?

Apple is implementing this to put a stop on redundant or spam apps. Cloned apps are the carriers for conversion module, essentially for single ads. Consider the apps that cater to the music lovers; there is a number of abetting music streaming apps with a lot of pirated content which is tough to track with tremendous revenue catch before they are lost and found!
The other example for such an app is “Candy Crush” and multiple such similar gaming app is found scattered across the Play Store and one can’t really blame Apple when over 100 Candy Crush clone apps are tossed at them.

To combat this, Apple revised the guidelines for its App Store Review and in this new App Store Review Guidelines, the rule 4.2.6 states:

App created from a commercial template or app generation service will be rejected.


According to this new guideline, Apple has the right to ban any app that shares a code base/template with other apps. What this means is – The white label apps are in danger.


Who are affected by this?

Though the reason Apple implementing this actually makes complete sense, however, the clamant consequence are crushing legitimate event apps, apps catering to b2b and transportation apps. Alas, this is trouble only for the companies that only supplies white label apps. But, this is not an end of event apps. According to a research conducted in 2017 by EventMB, 53% (of over 300) event professionals are providing an event app for current events, and 75% of those not using the apps planning to do so in the future.

The event management industry is all set to take a giant leap forward with this technology.

What next?

webMOBI is prepped up to take a leap. We are familiar with the white label event app model but always doubted its sustainability. Once the event is completed, there is no requirement or value for the white label event apps. We have remained unaffected by the policy change as we focus on our webMOBI Discovery app platform where, in contrast to publishing an app on the App Store for each of your events, you publish your event within our Platform. It strictly follows the App Store Review Guidelines.

We cater to our clients by providing them with incredible event experiences, and also give an opportunity to achieve the same level of branding that white label apps have!

That’s being said, you are very much welcome to try our platform to build your event app for FREE! It includes all the essential features you might need.


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