webMOBI’s App For HR Professionals

webMOBI’s App For HR Professionals


Every HR department in a company carries a hefty responsibility on their shoulders. They are accountable for not only recruiting a largely talented and skilled workforce, but they’re also in charge of keeping them motivated, passionate and adequately equipped for their roles. And as the world digital technology continues to expand and be incorporated into the various facets of a business, there is significant scope for HR professionals to variate their talent strategies. Mobile app technology has more often than so provided a one-step solution to many professionals across several industries, and by “going mobile,” HR professionals can not only work on optimizing their investments and talent strategies but also support their company through the multiple phases of recruitment.

Why Should You “Go Mobile”?
Mobile app tech has a multitude of benefits that go beyond the elimination of manual paper trails. By going mobile HR professionals can equip and allow teams with no prior technical knowledge to produce a centralized platform for coordination and communication that is both efficient and secure.

1. Innovation on the go
Taking on new hires can often be a long, monotonous, and time-consuming. And that’s where HR professionals can invest in mobile apps that can enable a collaborative network to communicate across various personnel. These apps also contain features such as essential schedules, check-lists, push notifications, photo albums and other important handouts that can be easily shared amongst users and employees.

2. Obtaining and maintaining the distinction
Mobile apps can be best used for strengthening communication lines between different teams and for streamlining all of their processes. Valuable information and handouts can be accessed from within the mobile app, where admin members can immediately update employees on newly developed content.

3. Make your events air-tight
Mobile apps can help HR professionals guide an optimal staff interaction platform and innovate events of any size. They can help you navigate through the events and help increase staff attendance.

Here’s Why webMOBI Is The App For You

webMOBI‘s mobile app consists of features and tools that can help you navigate through the various stages and necessities as an HR professional with ease and efficiency. It’s swift, easy and beyond cost-effective and our mobile app is built to promote and enhance user experience and attendee engagement. The app offers key tools and features like:
1. Event-based aspects: Agendas, Maps, Session Plans, Speaker and Exhibitor lists, Network Rooms, FAQs, Survey, Social Media links, etc.
2. Features for training: Shareable handouts, Surveys and Feedback forms, FAQs, push notifications, presentations, and materials for meetings and training.
3. Staff Needs: Documents, Policy handouts, Surveys, FAQs, Protocols, etc.

Why Mobile app is a must for your Incentive trip ?

Why Mobile app is a must for your Incentive trip ?

Similar to the events industry, the incentive travel sphere has been expanding at an incredible rate, where a significant emphasis has been placed upon creating connections. Motivating teamwork and appreciating success. More and more organizations are recognizing the value of their workforces and resources, where employees are increasingly looking forward to newer experiences, while companies expect to start developing a more effective way to incentivize hard work. Such incentivized trips can help realign a business’s vision, direction, and efforts. That’s why we at webMOBI have collated a list of types strategies for mobile apps that can help you obtain all those objectives on the next incentive trip your company decides to make. Keep in mind that your ideal trip planning mobile app has to ultimately help you enhance your travel experiences and improve communication among various stakeholders.

1. Creating the right amount of hype
One of the most fundamental pointers one should remember for an incentive trip is that everyone arrives in the hopes of making good memories – and thereby, some good photos. Companies can utilize social media outlets and activity feeds within their mobile apps, where real-time windows and news feeds can offer attendees a chance to share their updates and connect. https://remotepilot101.com/ This way, a larger sense of hype is also built along with making sure that the app intends to enhance the experience of the incentive trip and motivates them to continue attending every year.

2. Keep your channels exclusive
Don’t mix up the business emails and trip notifications. Make sure your app maintains separate communication channels as it helps to remind your employees that this is an incentive trip and not a regular business excursion.

3. Maintaining direction
The ideal mobile app should provide access to your attendees in every aspect possible; this includes, information about the venue, interactive maps and layouts, calendars, and customized schedules. The app would also need to allow for push notifications and email updates to enable attendees to communicate effectively amongst each other and remind them of the following day’s plans.

4. Gamification is the key
Games can be fun and engaging because and more importantly, they help break down broad objectives into smaller and readily achievable tasks. An easily accessible gamification feature on your app can help provide immediate gratification and a sense of accomplishment to your employees.

5. Plan and create ahead of time
By incorporating prospective meetings into the mobile app (as sessions), employees can receive beforehand data about the topics, and gain in-session feedback. This feature can not only improve productivity but also motivate smaller teams to take accountability for specific projects.

6. Always remember to appraise
The true key to a successful incentive trip is to recognize your team’s hard work. The mobile trip app should help you recognize and reward those such performers and could contain special motifs, statuses, ranks, and points. Not only will these features serve as a significant icon of appraisal for your hardworking staff, but they can also end up encouraging and motivating the rest of your group.

Best sales and marketing apps to boost your company’s productivity

Best sales and marketing apps to boost your company’s productivity

Every business planner and event manager is always on the hunt for ways to maximize their production. And that’s where tracking apps come in; they provide sales reps with more time to close up deals and create more unique, profitable and sustainable business relationships. Apart from that, there are many more sales enhancement tools out there. And these sales apps can help facilitate with managing paperwork, educating you more on your prospects and much more.
So we at webMOBI are hoping to save you some time by providing you a comprehensive yet brief list of some of the best sales apps that we think will boost your company’s productivity.

Salesforce is one of the most renowned tracking apps for sales and marketing and has been offering sales teams with a plethora of advanced features and customization tools. For every contact on your sales list, you can view their contact history, enter the necessary information, allocate and schedule tasks, and browse through any attachments. Best used for massive sales and marketing teams, this all-in-one Cloud-based solution also provides users with a larger and clearer image of their staff’s progress and the number of tasks completed. Additionally, employees can access the app from anywhere in the world and even when on the go, thereby increasing overall productivity.

This reputed sales app is an automation platform that offers automated leads and highly organized campaign management. This app provides services and tools that integrated with the sales workforce, through a feature called “The Sales Insight” component, which gives users granular data on who is visiting their websites. This tool is also often used as a signal to reach out to the audiences browsing your site. The sales app has shown results in with various companies in significantly growing their sales and marketing numbers and further ensuring a return on investment.

This sales app is compatible with any device, and you can carry out your operations while on-the-go. The sales tools and process often platform through this e-signature app, where sales and marketing forces can request up to 20 different people to sign up digitally. This cloud-based workforce can assure as few delays as possible when it comes to getting approvals and closing deals. The HelloSign app includes features like audit trails, templates, and customized branding.

Cirrus Files
This cloud-based software is ideal for sales navigation and integration.
Cirrus Files links folders and documents in Google Drive to custom items in Salesforce. The app also supports all file types and all objects including accounts, campaigns, contacts, and more.

Insidesales.com is a cloud-based configuration-free outbound dialer, that is also integrated with Salesforce. Users require no extra integration work and no hardware. The software also possesses features to boost your sales and marketing activity, and insidesales. littlescholarsnyc.com com additionally offers analytics and complete transparency about every phone call made and allows your sales teams to be more efficient and effective on their calls to customers.

This robust and affordable software provides a vast range of features, and the Zoho CRM is just one of the brand’s small business products. Zoho’s free package allows 10 users and provides sales teams with basic sales automation, collaborative spaces, customer support, and standard reporting. Zoho also offers packages ranging from Standard, Professional, or Enterprise packages.

This app offers users a secure and simple channel to share files with customers, partners, and employees. Various departments can sync their personal libraries of information and materials directly through their devices to improve coordination and support. As a result, everyone in the loop is always equipped with the latest and greatest materials without having to search for them extensively.

9 Amazing Apps To Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

9 Amazing Apps To Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Planning your big day involved putting together and marking multiple paper calendars and scrambled to-do lists. And while your wedding is meant to be one of the most beautiful days of your life, many to-be brides end up pulling their hairs out from all the meticulous planning. That’s why event planners and app designers have proposed the perfect solutions to untangle your complicated mess of workflow. Easy to use mobile event apps are the new fad amongst many brides and wedding planners, who’ve experienced great ease in handling logistical factors from guest lists to decorations. So we at webMOBI have put together a comprehensive list of wedding event apps for your important day, that you can say “I do” to with no hesitation.

The free app is the best option for rookies that go into the planning process with very little experience. Organizers have to simply input the anticipated wedding date and the app creates an entirely customized wedding schedule, complete with suggested dates, timelines, and guest lists. This iOS app has other amazing features such as a wedding day countdown (to keep the happy couple excited and hyped), a payment tracker, vendor management tools, and an expenditure summary to keep a check on the outflow of money.

This free VR wedding event app offers a kind of technology that helps organizers design and manipulate the floor plan at the venue and understand the decor of the space better. Wedding planners can virtually place and move around the furniture and decorations and create a perfectly customized wedding space, with minimum costs and labor. The collaborative and interactive app also helps with creating seating charts, RSVP, excel spreadsheets and guest lists, in addition to a comprehensive timeline.

The webMOBI event management app extends its services even to wedding planning. Organizers and the clients can utilize this app for various tasks and planning processes like guest list and RSVP management, check-lists, scheduling, and timeline checks. The app is also designed to allow guests to share and maintain photos and images from the wedding directly through the app or the app’s social media links. And finally, the app also offers a space for interaction and networking amongst users, to help keep in touch even after the wedding.

This extremely facilitative wedding mobile event app helps planners find unsold spaces and venues across hotels, even at the very last minute. Guaranteed to help the happy couple spend less on their wedding. HotelTonight helps discover places with prices that are on an average 17% lessers than the results from other travel booking sites.

Evernote and maintaining order are somewhat synonymous with many event planners. The app allows organizers to manage all their data, web pages, word documents, images and notes in one convenient platform and helps them categorize everything according to allocated tags. The app is available and compatible with both Android and Apple interfaces and is absolutely free!

Appy Couple
With an exclusive focus on the guests, the Appy Couple wedding event app is your one-stop shop to help organize and manage your guest lists, invitations, RSVPs and event itinerary sharing. This interactive and free iOS app lets guests view the couple’s story, book their travel, share photos with other guests of the wedding, and event directly message the planners with inquiries.

The project-based management tool helps keep organizers aware and notified of every stage of the planning process. The wedding event app technology is also designed to help you create cards and tags for each event and task, which can be moved around depending on the progress and completion of each one. Additionally, each card can also be reviewed and approved by the client.

Planners can create their own customized guest websites online, and manage the planning process through the wedding event app itself. Not only can guests access the app and the website about the schedule of events, or where they’re registered, they can also RSVP online saving both them and the organizers the time and stress of manually keeping track of the guest list.
And even on the wedding day itself, guests can upload and share photos directly through the app and create their own profiles within the app — helping them further network and keep in touch even after the celebration ends.

The app has gone hand-in-hand with the thought of creating the perfect wedding landscape. Offering planners with a thorough idea of the options in color schemes, themes, flowers, and cakes that the happy couple would want, Pinterest is overflowing with a plethora of images and ideas for couples to browse through and “pin”.
You can even filter it down by specifying categories like “on a budget” or “winter weddings” and before you know it, you’ll have a planning board ready for the perfect wedding.

Event App – A 3 Step Guide for Optimal Use

Event App – A 3 Step Guide for Optimal Use

3 Step Guide to the Event App

The events industry is becoming increasingly mobile dependent, and it only seems inevitable to see mobile applications to become an essential asset for organizers and planners. Multiple studies conducted by Global Experience Specialists have shown that a whopping 91% of event planners and managers that have incorporated event app into their events have experienced a positive ROI rate. But regardless of these statistics, event planners often worry about their event apps gaining a successful adoption rate. Early event app adoption is exceptionally crucial, but it only yields long-term benefits if the adoption rate continues to increase over an extended period. In addition to the lack of awareness about the mobile tech to the saturation of event apps in the market, consumers have become somewhat careful and sagacious about the apps they choose to download and use. So to help you successfully launch and promote your mobile event app, webMOBI has curated a set of sure-shot strategies to encourage users and attendees in utilizing the applications.

Before The Event

Event App Working

1. Make your event app a part of the event’s registration process. By launching your app before the start of the event, the pre-event content provided can facilitate attendee engagement and motivate users to download and use the app upon arrival.
2. Market and distribute the event app’s download link through the registration platform. Event planners must keep in mind that to promote event app adoption, they must emphasize on increasing the app’s download and usage rate by creating custom and more accessible URLs.
3. Promote the event and boost your event adoption rates by conducting pre-event surveys through the mobile event app. It helps organizers not only predict the overall headcount for the event and get better insight into the demographics and attendee preferences.
4. Use the app to encourage attendee networking, before the event. By using a pre-event event app networking space, both organizers and attendees can populate personal profiles. Additionally, attendees can also do a bit of pre-event research by browsing other attendee profiles and get to know them even before the event begins.

Virtual Event App

During The Event

1. Release exclusive updates or details regarding the event or resources that the attendees might need during the event through the event6 app, thereby allowing you to channel all your communication centrally.
2. Encourage attendees to use the app through gamification and polling systems. These proactive engagement tools can drive app adoption rates and even increase onsite attendee use.
3. Use your app as the primary brochure or guideline for the event. By doing so, you’ll also eliminate printing costs and make your event more “greener.”
4. Promote the app during the event. Have your spokespeople mention the app at the opening and periodically over the course of the event.
5. Utilize social media outlets to market your app to broader audiences. Use appropriate hashtags and searchable key terms to increase the chances of your attendees seeing the online conversations.
6. Use promotional photos and videos to make online posts about your app. These promotional visuals can either be updated and included in your e-mails, onsite screens and other communication and social media channels.

Post The Event

1. Use the app to collect feedback and opinions from the attendees directly. By doing so, event organizers can not only control the time taken to send the email out but also create incentives for attendees to help achieve higher response rates.
2. Use the app as a bridge between attendees to communicate and network with each other; thereby building a community through the app itself.


By comprehensively understanding and choosing the type of content attendees would find useful and which marketing techniques would help gain their attention are influences the final download rates that essentially help your mobile event app achieve favorable adoption rates.