Stealth marketing can promote your event to people without them even realizing it!

Stealth marketing can promote your event to people without them even realizing it!

We’ve all been overloaded with inordinate advertisements everyday through innumerable media including television, emails, radio, text messages, phone calls, newspapers, books etc.  Stealth marketing or Under cover marketing or Buzz marketing is a technique where the customers will not know that they are being marketed to a product/ service.

Though many people consider stealth marketing deceptive and unethical, several experts believe that stealth marketing is a very effective marketing tool and if framed or manipulated in an innocuous manner, it will not be categorized as unethical.

Stealth marketing has many forms out of which some of it is acceptable by consumers.

Product Placement

Showing or referring to a particular product in movies or television come under product placement. A subtle way of promoting a particular brand using the help of mass media gets the product known to a large number of people. It helps create brand awareness.

Here are some examples

  • A computer manufacturing company pays a film producing company to get their laptops with the logo featured during a very short part of their movie.
  • A company pays a radio channel to tell the company’s tag line a number of times during a show very subtly.
  • A fast food company pays the film producer to show on screen the actors enjoying the food with the company logo or at their fast food outlet.

To avoid the unethical circumstances, when a movie is reviewed and a brand appears by mistake on screen the editorial board ensures to either blur the logo/name of the brand or censor it somehow.

Covert Agents

This technique uses people agents who seem to be just going ahead with their daily lives, but are actually paid workers promoting a business product.

Here are some examples

  • Sports figures who are paid to wear a specific brand of clothing and going out in public
  • Paid workers who may be a part of an online community and special interest message boards who chat with people about products without revealing that they work for the company.
  • Common people who post fake reviews online and have an umpteen number of followers but are actually paid workers of an organization.

How is buzz marketing relevant to the event industry?

Product placement has been a part of the event industry, but has not been termed as product placement. Here are some examples,

  • When a speaker of your event explicitly posts about your event on his Facebook Page
  • When a celebrity invited to your event as the chief guest, talks about it on YouTube
  • When attendees who are renowned , change their Facebook profile picture into your event logo
  • When you have paid someone to give positive feedback on your event’s online public portal


Some people consider product placement unethical unless they are officially allowed to do so or the two entities involved in this technique have partnered or are in a joint venture.

When common people discover that they have been deceived by the reviews given by the so called peers who are actually paid workers, it is going to infuriate them. But if the product or service given to the public is doing great or good enough it is not going to cause any problem.

Content Writing for Event Marketing- Edify Potential Attendees about your Event!

Content Writing for Event Marketing- Edify Potential Attendees about your Event!

Content marketing may be defined as creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into attendees, and attendees into repeat or loyal attendees. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell and how you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. The quality of content that you share must revolve around the theme of your events so that it acts as the selling point.

The theme of all the content uploaded should emphasize on the fact that events are a vital part for any business and should provide the various options for event planning, event marketing, the risks involved, the means to overcome them, techniques to propagate events and so on. While the topics for the content that you share will be plenty, the content must convey the importance of your event.

Content Management Systems

A good content management system will comprehensively support the creation and modification of digital content using a common user interface and hence will generally support multiple users working in a collaborative environment. It will take care of SEO friendly URLs. It will give a full template support, for unlimited looks without changing a line of content with minimal server requirements.
Some of the best CMS software are:-

What are the platforms available for content writing?

Multiple online platforms for content writing are available for creating and promoting your content.

  • Blogs

Several blogging platforms provide the opportunity to create content on their site with a spectacular user-friendly interface. Options like drag-and-drop, choose your theme, etc., transforms content creation by making it extremely expedient for the common man.
Some of the renowned blogs are:-

  • Website builders

There is a clear distinction between blog hosting and website hosting. The website builder platforms provide a comprehensive solution to a larger business model that can have innumerable editable features and customization techniques. It is not only limited to basic users or the beginners but also apt for professional coders with sufficient programming knowledge in languages like HTML, JavaScript etc.
Some of the most popular websites builder platform for content creation are:-

How can content help spread the word about your event?

A quality content that has adequate and insightful information pertaining to the concept of your events can set fire in the event industry and take sharp rising curve in terms of the headcount of the number event attendees for your event once the buzz about your event begins through your blogs or articles or user-friendly websites. With the help of Search Engine Optimization techniques people all over the globe will be able to see the content that you publish and be enlightened with the knowledge that you impart about your event and the information that you want the world to know.


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With attractive images, intriguing word play and insightful matter your content and in turn your event is bound to reach a wide range of audience.
Event related content creation is the corner stone to the success of your event.

Ambient Marketing for your Event- Astoundingly Common!

Ambient Marketing for your Event- Astoundingly Common!

From the moment you wake up till the time you are reading this you might have definitely come across several ads either with or without your conscience. Do you remember those ads even now? It might be quite difficult for one to recollect. Ambient marketing, as the name goes, focuses on channelizing the marketing strategies along with the ambience or environment of the public or rather target market. An ad that will create an everlasting impact on the consumers will fall under the category of Ambient Marketing. It is a variant of Guerilla marketing.
Ambient advertising is about placing ads on unusual items or in unexpected places where one wouldn’t normally find an ad. An ambient ad doesn’t demand to be placed outdoor. Ambient marketing strategies can be implemented literally anywhere and everywhere!

What is the advantage of ambient marketing?

  • Old is Boring

The very first added advantage of this form of advertising is that the traditional advertisement channels have reached a point of saturation. People are largely becoming ignorant of the conventional ads that appear on TV, Facebook and other simple Google Ads. At this point of time when they encounter something unanticipated it is going to be embedded in their memory for a very long time.

  • Target your target audience

With successful ambient advertising ideas you will be able to reach and attract your target audience easier. The place where you implement your idea is going to be the factor that determines the set of audience you ad will influence.

  • Eye-catching

Almost all of the advertisements implemented in this model are strikingly good. The implemented ideas are usually conspicuous and appear distinctive to the audience making a great impact on the organizations brand.

What resources are needed for ambient advertising?

The only resource that is required here in abundance is the intellectual resource that has the potential to construe out of the box ideas to stupefy the attendees. Once the mind blowing idea is out, then the implementation of that idea wouldn’t require much monetary resources. In fact, ambient advertising also aims at low-cost-propaganda.

How can I use ambient marketing for my event?

Creating an expectation before something is out is the best way that someone can sell a product/ service. A sufficient amount of hype about your event is required so that people will keep longing for it. This positive hype can be created using ambient marketing.

Banners, posters, images around the venue of your event that can keep your prospective attendees engaged prior to the conduction of the event will steer the people to spread the word of your event thereby making it go viral.

Creative models or figures at the entry of your event venue or inside the event hall (if it is a closed room event) that can convey the theme of your event, will put your attendees in awe and inspire them to become loyal.

What are some examples of ambient marketing?

Messages, pictures, stickers on door handles, trolleys etc. of a supermarket, huge balloon balls on the top of buildings, simple street art, wall paintings, hilarious posters on the roads etc. where the presence of public or pedestrians are high are few examples of this model.

Here are some better examples of Ambient Marketing:-

Ambient Marketing

A creative poster for ‘Old Timer’, a big Australian chain of motorway rest stops.

Nivea Marketing

Nivea, Good bye Cellulite- a creative ad implemented on a sofa.

Ambient marketing is fun, exciting, targeted and therefore engaging for all. A smart move, creative thinking ability, clever implementation skills can take your event to the next level.

Lily- The flying Camera for your Event

Lily- The flying Camera for your Event

Want to capture spectacular moments in your event? Does your event have a lot of special stuff to cover? Do you have to hire a professional photographer? No!
Here’s Lily, the durable, automated flying camera, developed by Lily Robotics, that just requires you to drop it from your hands or throw it into the air and there you have a flying camera recording all the special moments in your event.

Wearable Tracking Device

The Lily is a self-flying camera that pairs with a small, wearable beacon it follows to capture footage.A wearable tracking device that uses GPS, enables Lily to keep following you and shoot pictures around you. You as an event organizer can simply go around your event and socialize with people increasing your attendee list while Lily captures not only pictures but also the attention of your audience.

Waterproof Case

Lily can be thrown deep into or well immersed in any water-body and in seconds you’ll see it flying up detecting you and following. Assuming your event revolves around Jet Skiing, Surfing, Rafting, Parasailing, Canoeing, Swimming etc., Lily is the ideal photographer that you should hire or rather purchase. The Lily Camera’s waterproof rating is IP67, which implies that you can take it one meter underwater and it will still perform as expected.

12MP Quality Camera

Lily can take stills with 12MP resolution, 1080p HD video at 60fps (frames per second) and a Slow-motion video at 120fps at 720p. It has both a bottom facing camera and a front facing camera. It can take high-flying selfies that Facebook, Instagram or any other social media has ever seen.

Max Speed 25mph

Lily can fly at a maximum speed of 25mph (40kmph) which means that you can track the players of racing events like marathons, cycling, running etc., in real-time, expediently. It can also withstand an opposing wind speed of 20mph proving that it is brawn and durable. It maintains a minimum flying-altitude of 5ft, a maximum of 50ft above your head and a maximum lateral distance of 100ft away from the user.

Lily Companion App

Available on the platforms namely, iOS and Android, the Lily Companion App allows the user to alter camera settings, create custom shots, edit and share content.

Lily Camera seems to purposefully avoid calling itself a drone, so it very well could become the “flying camera” that those with drone phobia, have been awaiting.

Here’s the official video that proves Lily will produce images that are a feast to the eyes creating a great user experience:

For further information check out

Top 15 College Cultural Fests in India

Top 15 College Cultural Fests in India

College cultural fests create a significant moment in every student’s life. It gifts the students an ecstatic time to enjoy with friends. There are more than 680 universities and 37,000 colleges in India. Despite this unimaginable number, there are a few cultural fests that have created a strong bond with student community, which makes them want to never miss the event. In fact some fests always have registrations and audiences from different parts of the country and sometimes from different countries too. Here we provide you India’s top 15 college cultural fest.

Mood Indigo- IIT Bombay

Mood Indigo, the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay, has transformed into Asia’s largest college cultural festival. Mood Indigo has more than 200 events being organized and conducted effectively every year. With a footfall of more than one lac people in its previous editions Mood Indigo is without doubt the best platform for any competitive student to showcase his talent and also for students to enjoy the time of their college life. Apart from extravagant shows like star night and “Pro shows” where international and national artists (actors, singers and stand-up comedians) perform, the various competitive events conducted at the fest and the heavily rewarding cash prizes, tend to attract not only huge audiences but also many participants. Abbreviated as MoodI, it is conducted every year during mid-December. The year 2016 would mark the 45th edition of MoodI.
MoodI is conducted in the month of December every year.

Incident- NIT Karnataka

Incident is the annual cultural festival of the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) in Surathkal, Karnataka. The fest is a five-day-long event during the even semester of the NITK Calendar held in the month of March. The best part of the event is the private beach with a light house, where different events like beach volleyball, beach football and Sandemonium (sand + pandemonium) events. The previous editions also included adventure sports like zorbing, rappelling and parasailing making the event the best of its kind. Incident is India’s 2nd largest fest and hosts breathtaking events, attracting a huge audience.
Incident usually takes place in the month of March every year.


Started as a small fest in the year 1971, Oasis has grown into a National level cultural extravaganza. A 96 hour continuous cultural festival, events happening day and night, grasping your attention tight, keeping you awake literally, assuring immense fun and zero percent sleep. All these phrases best describe Oasis. Over 200 colleges participate in the innumerable events conducted in this cultural fest. The title event Mr. & Mrs. Oasis is a much awaited event every year where the best talents showcase their skills and rewarded with handsome cash prize.
Oasis sually takes place during the end of October or the start of November.

Saarang- IIT Madras

Saarang, the annual cultural festival of IIT Madras, is the biggest of its kind in India. It has been witnessing a footfall of over 50,000 since the last few editions. ISO certified and attracting a demographic diversity that few can boast of, Saarang remains an unrivaled platform for showcasing the energy, talent and creativity of the youth. Saarang, in the past, has been the stage for popular performers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Sonu Niigaam, Kay Kay, Shaan and Zakir Hussain and also for internationally recognized bands like Opeth and Hammerfall. It has also witnessed the likes of Kamal Haasan, Gautham Menon and Arun Shourie. Saarang features a variety of events and competitions spread over five days. It is a cultural extravaganza like none other. In the year 2016 Saraang witness over 50 Events, 20 Workshops, 5 Professional shows and a series of well acclaimed lectures and video conferences.
Saarang takes place in the month of January every year.

Milan- SRM University

Known for its extravagance, Milan this year witnessed the famous Bollywood actor John Abraham at the inaugural function as the chief guest, addressing the students. The national level cultural fest conducted by SRM University, is an annual event which is marked by a confluence of talents from all over the nation. At the time of its inception in the year 2008, Milan marked the beginning of an era in the cultural history of SRM University. Started out as an idea, Milan culminated into a full-fledgedendeavor to provide a holistic cultural experience to students. Through the due course of the last 8 years, Milan has churned 8 miraculously successful editions that have progressively evolved in terms of the number of events as well as the participants in attendance. With a footfall of over 15,000 students and over 100 events, SRM University’s 9th edition of Milan was a grand success.
Milan takes place every year during the end of January.

Riviera- Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)

Riviera is VIT University’s ISO certified Annual International Sports and Cultural Carnival. This festival is an endeavor to provide a platform to all individuals to showcase their skills and develop their potential via arts, sports, music, dance, drama, debate or fashion. The four day extravaganza sees participation of students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Reliving the Era, abbreviated as Riviera witnesses a participation of above 4000 students coming from all over the country, and around 45000 VIT students themselves. The debating tournament witnesses a participation that is from across the nation and from other countries. Riviera also organizes a marathon, thus one of the few fests of the country that organizes a sports and cultural fest together. Riviera is renowned for its popular Star Night event that attracts an enormous crowd.
Riviera usually takes place in the month of February every year.

Alcheringa- IIT Guwahati

Though quite young as compared to most established festivals in the country, Alcheringa witnesses a footfall of 4000 students coming from 400 colleges to participate in over 70 events battling for a prize money worth 11 lakhs. With its seamless blend of competitive bout and incessant exuberance, Alcheringa provides the perfect platform to budding artists to show their mettle and also extol their euphoria. Alcharinga is renowned for not only the start studded nights and the amazing performances but also its campaign on major movements such as North East unveiled.
Acheringa takes place in the month of January every year.

UNMAAD- IIM Bangalore

The very first edition of the Unmaad festival was held in 1996. And from then on it has witnessed a plethora of creative themes like “Free your senses”, “Lose Control”, “Escape Yourself” which embrace the spirit of Unmaad wholly. Some of the biggest names in the music industry namely Jagjit Singh, KK, Indian Ocean, Parikrama, and Farhan Akhtar have performed live at Unmaad year after year drawing in a huge crowd! During the three days of Unmaad at IIMB, the campus is always inundated with more than 600 participants from 200+ colleges who come from all over the country to participate in 30 odd events including dance, drama, music, fashion and literary events, all of which awaits exciting cash prizes to be won.
Unmaad is conducted in the month of November every year.

Ragam- NIT Calicut

More than 30 years after its inception, the name “Ragam” still ignites the same fire in the hearts of those who know it. An extravaganza of Music, Dance and Arts, Ragam remains and always has been a culture that you can never get enough. The interesting history behind this event is that the festbegan as a memorial to Rajan, the student of the then CREC who was taken into police custody during Emergency and allegedly died in the custody in 1976. In 1977, All Kerala Rajan memorial music competition was started. However, this event saw a revolution and reemerged with all its grandeur in 1987, as an inter-collegiatecultural festival to commemorate Rajan. The fest blends a variety of events and presents to the hundred plus colleges that participate a plethora of over 80 events.
Ragam takes place in the month of April every year.

Rendezvous- IIT Delhi

Rendezvous, the French word meaning ‘meeting’ and pronounced as ron-de-vou, is named aptly, since the event is about meeting, where all the talents across the country meet, participate and battle out at multiple competitions. The four main popular events are Dance, Fashion, Rock Band Music and Indian Classical Music contests. Apart from these the enthralling debates and literary events, drama events is bound to have the audience stick to their seats with a wide gape of jaws in awe.
Rendezvous is set to take place in the month of October every year.

Pravega- IISC Bangalore

Pravega is the annual science, technology, and cultural fest of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc).In its conception, it is the first and the largest of its kind, and is designed to attract those students who are the brightest, most creative, and most passionate about knowledge of any form. It will grow into a platform for the methodical science and experience of IISc to mingle with the exuberant and keen nature of the youth of India. The events are broadly classified into three major domains namely, ‘Science’, ‘Technical’ and ‘Cultural’ thereby giving an opportunity to students with multiple talents to explore and experience the fest.
Pravega is a three day event conducted in the month of January every year.

Waves- BITS Pliani, Goa Campus

Over the years, Waves has evolved into the highest echelons of cultural brilliance, with previous years featuring performances by the entertainment industry’s heavyweights such as Shankar Mahadevan, Vishal-Shekhar, VH1 Supersonic, Blackstratblues, Kailash Kher, Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Junkyard Groove, the Fictitious Dance Group, the Goa State Symphony (featuring musicians from Europe) and more. Eminent personalities such as Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Mani Shankar (Bollywood director), Chandni Sahgal (MTV India ex- Country Head) and VJ Bani (MTV host) have graced the fest. There are 4 major events conducted by Waves, namely, ‘Natyanjali’- art of dance, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Waves’- the title event, ‘FashP’- the fashion parade, ‘Sea Rock’- rock band competition. Other major astounding events such as JAM (Just-A-Minute), BITS Goa Parliamentary Debate etc., from the literary events section transforms Waves into one of India’s major events.


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Spring Fest- IIT Kharagpur

Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur’s annual socio-cultural fest and one of the hottest college fests throughout the country,in its 56th edition is known throughout the country for its prestigious events. With more than 100 events spread out over nine genres, Spring Fest has something for everyone. With 55 years under its belt, the events held at Spring Fest have a rich history. Moreover, Spring Fest promises the biggest of performances across all genres-from fusion to Bollywood to rock. Spring Fest has always been one of the biggest stages to showcase one’s talent.
Spring Fest is conducted in the month of January every year.

Malhar- St. Xavier’s Mumbai

A group of teenagers, wanting to break the monotony of classes and college-life, came up with an idea. A small set of fun and interactive games and contests were planned. Hundreds of visitors were invited. And before anyone could guess, one of the biggest inter-collegiate festivals of the country had kick-started. 34 years down the lane, Malhar is organized by an army of 1200 students and is experienced by over 30,000 people from all over the country. Malhar continues its legacy, getting bigger, better and stronger with each passing year. Today, Malhar features a plethora of diverse events and is involved with multiple Social Causes.
Malhar is conducted usually in the month of August every year.

Festember- NIT Trichy

Ever since its inception in 1975, Festember has shown an exponential growth and has all the hallmarks of an astounding fest. Music, dance, food, arts, celebrities, literary events, quizzes, workshops and music concerts. Illustrious people such as Candice Redding, Benny Dayal, Vishal-Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman, ShakthishreeGopalan, Agam, Javed Ali, SurajJagan, and so many more having performed at Festember, a certain reputation has been associated with the fest. Every year people look forward to better performances, better events and better food. The crowd never disappoints with their enthusiasm and they just add fuel to the exhilarating flame.
From the very name (Fest + September), Festember is conducted in the month of September every year.