Top Ten Tools for Employee Engagement

Top Ten Tools for Employee Engagement

employees engagment tools


Many successful organizations with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged workers several times over. Staying connected in an organization is an essential way to enhance employee engagement. There are several software tools to improve employee engagement. We have picked up employee engagement tools in several different categories, which are build by innovative companies that enable workforce engagement. Let’s take a look at these tools to engage and retain your employees.



This survey software platform allows employers to conduct periodic surveys and pulse polls to keep track of their employees’ engagement levels. Hyphen Voice, one of their products, has a two-way communication feature that communicates directly with its employees in a private channel. This survey tool can help you better understand your employees’ interests, queries to make them feel more valuable to the company. It is a powerful analytics tool that assesses poll results and surveys. It also gives brief recommendations for improvement, which helps leadership make informed determinations about their employee engagement strategy.



slack logo

Unlike other tools, the Slack is unique with its help robot; this bot guides you through all the process and allows you to instantly program automatic responses. Its communication feature covers a range of options like files, comments, messages, videos, audios, and even scheduled and automated notifications. 



It includes an employee recognition feature where managers can update the report of their achievements and allows colleagues or employees to congratulate their team members on their work. This activity will not only encourage the employees but also able to feel as valuable assets of the organization. Reward Gateway allows you to communicate with all the employees and one on one as well. This helps to improve employee connections and transparency. It also offers survey tools so employers can regularly measure employee engagement and track their progress.


Kudos helps the leaders to recognize and celebrate achievements, as well as their employees’ value-based goal achievements. Employees can later cash in for a reward by earning points for their accomplishments. Employers have the option of awarding gift certificates, gift cards, company-branded swag, and more.



It is a performance management platform that positions feedback as a success key factor of your organization. Managers can track, praise, and rate progress of their employee goals to encourage them for the next milestone. The HR department can quickly deploy performance reviews by using one of the templates offered within the Impraise platform or by creating their own manually. It also prompts managers to give feedback with helpful coaching suggestions and a summary of their team’s status.


This platform provides a tool for employee feedback and performance management. Managers can track their direct reports, individual goals that encourage continuous employee engagement. They can also deploy team goals, so employees are always on track of what they’re working on and working towards. Managers can easily create 360 reviews, review cycles, including performance simple check-ins and reviews. 


It is a highly integrated task management platform that makes it easy for teams to work together. Through boards and groups, organizations can visually segment out projects under broader goals and objectives. also utilizes powerful automation so that team members can follow a task’s progress and remind them when their turn comes in. Clear handoffs between employees hold colleagues individual accountable while parallelly supporting teamwork. Employees can also customize how they view aboard, so it’s intuitive to them.


trello image

This platform allows you to list the tasks to outline the workflow of the given project. This card holds all the details of information to be completed in the project, including description, task list, due date, and the team members in the project. The members involved in the tasks can comment on tasks, share updates, and even can ask a question so that all the employees are updated regarding the functions. The team members are notified with emails for their due tasks so everyone can be on track of their responsibilities.



It is a cloud-based learning management platform that promotes better training and continued learning. Lessonly enables employees with the skills and tools they need to be prosperous in their role and grants training opportunities in sales and customer service. It promotes professional development, which makes employees feel appreciated and valued by their organization.


10.webMOBI Connect 

webMOBI connect is an employee engagement & communications app that helps companies reach employees with relevant, personalized information, build communities, connect workforce and enable real-time communication.

  • Enable secure access to info from webmobi unique home panels design and re-style & publish content in real-time
  • Facilitate conversations & interactive networking in real-time.
  • Keep everyone notified with relevant company news via push messages and live video messages.
  • webMOBI Leaderboards showcase individual and team accomplishments.
  • The game-like experience that facilitates positive workplace interactions and rewards
  • Engage employees with live streaming events and in-person event and video messages
  • With Live Poll, Ask your employees their view and let them vote in real-time.
  • Connect people with a common interest
  • With mood-o-meter recurring surveys, catching the organization’s pulse is easier than ever.

webMOBI engagement app offers a powerful way to connect everyone at your company and create a more reliable employee digital experience.

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10 Best Virtual Event Engagement Software Platforms

10 Best Virtual Event Engagement Software Platforms

Virtual event software platforms to host online events

With the Covid19 outbreak, the event organizers are increasingly canceling or postponing events. The organizers are also not sure when things are going be back to regular, and in-person events are going to start seeing active participation. There is a lot of uncertainty. In these times, many organizers are thinking or organizing virtual events.

With virtual events, the crucial areas that organizers focus on is the ability to broadcast live event and recording for playback. This enables streaming, and in case attendees have missed a session, they can view the playback. The attendees should be able to connect with others across the web and mobile app with one-to-one chat and video calls. With gamification features, the attendees can have fun engagement with other attendees and earn rewards. The sponsors want the ability to showcase their product for attendees and capture high-quality leads.

Here we showcase a collection of best online event tools that can help to organize your events virtually. These tools can include broadcasting your event sessions, engage attendees, and integrate into your existing event tools.

Video Conferencing and Webinar Tools

1) Zoom

Zoom is a new video conferencing and engaging solution. Its cloud platform used for video, phone, content sharing, chat across mobile, desktop, telephones, and room systems. Zoom includes HD video and audio for up to 1,000 video participants allowing for the in-person experience in a virtual environment.

zoom-virtual event platform

Features like high-quality video, recording and transcripts, built-in collaboration tools, calendars, and chat allow you to make the next internal or external virtual meeting fun and convenient.

2) Google Hangouts 

Google hangouts have many features and an excellent option for small team meetings and private events. It offers Instant messaging, voice calls, group conferencing, built-in screen sharing, auto-screen focus, and HD experience.

Hangouts-Virtual Event Platform

3) Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is another popular virtual event platform because of its reliability, audio, video, and content sharing features. Users can share files, mute and unmute event participants, and record online meetings. There are a host of processes and business applications to integrate with this service. There are no cumbersome codes needed for participants to join conferences. With this service, companies can enjoy higher levels of productivity without any disruptions as it filters out background noise automatically.

4) Vimeo

Vimeo offers you live stream videos in high-quality 1080p, get tools to boost collaboration and engagement. You can work from home and collaborate via live and uploaded videos.

Vimeo-virtual event platform

5) Ring Central

RingCentral is a cloud video conferencing service that unifies HD video conferencing, mobility, and online meetings. Share information easily and collaborate with teams live in HD video.

Virtual Immersive Event Tools

5) VFairs

It is an online event platform that helps event organizers make great connections with their target users. They offer complete virtual experience.

6) Ubievent

Ubievent helps organize virtual fairs, webinars, online career fairs, virtual customer events, online trade shows, virtual kick-off meetings, online academies, or virtual conferences.

7) Hexafairs

Hexafairs offers Virtual Tradefair, Virtual Fair & Virtual Conferences solution for the business catering to agencies, tradeshow organizers, and event consultants. Virtual Tradeshow/Fair, Virtual Property Fair, Virtual Summit, Virtual Community Networking Event, Virtual Job Fair, Virtual Career Fair, Virtual Education Fair, Virtual Corporate Events, Virtual Business Development & Training Events.

Audience Event Engagement Tools

8) offers easy to use Q&A and Polling tools. Slido helps the audience get the most out of conferences and events by connecting the space between speakers and their attendees.

9) Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere adds live audience interaction to every meeting, town hall, training session, and class. It works on everyday devices like phones and laptops, changing the presentation screen instantly as responses roll in.

Hybrid Events Tools with an immersive experience

10) Virtual engagement by webMOBI

webMOBI provides you a complete mobile event management platform and help you to automate the entire life cycle of your event from web site with live streaming integration, branded native mobile event apps, pre & post-event survey, push notification that will allow you to update your audience about any updates during the event, live interactive polling, social media integration and mobile streaming. The best part is that you can customize everything as per your organization’s branding.

Summing Up: Your Virtual Engagement Tools

When looking at hosting your next virtual event, consider investing in tools to help you deliver quality audio and visual experience as well as attendee engagement options throughout your virtual event via web and mobile app.

You can also combine your virtual event tools with your event management platform to tackle the virtual world to deliver a comprehensive hybrid event experience to reach attendees wherever they are.


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Virtual Audience Engagement App & Platform – 8 Attractive Features Offered by WebMobi

Virtual Audience Engagement App & Platform – 8 Attractive Features Offered by WebMobi

audience engagement

webMOBI releases Virtual Audience Engagement platform – Engage efficiently via online events during coronavirus outbreak

webMOBI is a new generation AI-powered all-in-one audience engagement platform and provides a suite of engagement tools for events, enterprises & universities. 

webMOBI’s new virtual engagement platform can host your full events online. You can communicate with attendees and host your virtual conferences easily and enable live streaming with powerful audience engagement features. These include live Q & A, live chat, live polls, one-on-one networking with online video meetings, session and event surveys, push messaging, attendee check-in, speaker bio, and more. 

With the webMOBI branded and mobile container app, the sessions with the live stream or recorded videos are marked in the agenda list and agenda detail pages. These agenda details are also offered through the webMOBI web app. The attendees can watch live streaming videos on there laptops/desktops with a bigger screen. The audience can connect various services, including Youtube, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Vimeo, and more. These can be added from the webMOBI dashboard easily. 

Virtual meetings are the pillar across the globe in 2020. When people get together to exchange ideas, they’re turning to technology as the conduit for connection. Sure, there have been plenty of trade show organizers & event planners executing virtual meetings for years but, as an industry, all of us had a tight learning curve of roughly five months to try and extract as much benefit from virtual engagement as possible.

Of course, the technology platform that is selected is paramount in meeting success – based on objectives, attendee counts, security & sponsor presence. Once selected your meeting platform, it’s time to consider how a Mobile Meeting App can boost virtual audience engagement. Meeting-specific mobile apps—which, by the way, are increasingly becoming the norm, can leverage connectivity, communication, collaboration and even gamification to not only help attendees plan for and navigate an event, but also stay engaged as the programming unfolds.

Employee communication made simple

Share information and updates with secure mobile messaging post announcements in communities or campaigns to reach every employee. Receive read confirmations to ensure your announcement was viewed.

Why webMOBI?

audience engagements

With webMOBI, make your engagement app more beautiful and creative. Images, colors, and logos can be tailored to accommodate your branding guidelines. You can restyle in real-time

webMOBI mobile employee and event engagement app enabled reaching all employees through a medium that is central to their everyday communication habits, and integrate features including team gamification, live polls, awards, private social network and designed to keep employees engaged.

webMOBI’s branded event engagement mobile application enabled stellar employee engagement with features including newsfeed, live polls, awards, gamification, survey, events & chat features to promote a company’s culture and improve employee performance.

WebMOBI Audience Engagement App – Platform For Events, Enterprises, And Universities helps to build Communities and engage Audience With one easy to use mobile app.

The webMOBI virtual engagement platform supports the following features.

  1. Live streaming by connecting with various conferencing systems including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Youtube, Vimeo & more.
  2. Live Polls – The audience can participate in live polls and see the results in real-time live on a desktop or mobile app.
  3. Live Q & A – Audience can engage with speakers with live Q & A sessions and upvote other members questions
  4. Document sharing – Share documents and additional information for each session securely.
  5. Push notifications – Connect with participants by sending periodic notifications throughout the year
  6. Session survey – Capture feedback for each session easily
  7. Live Chat – Engage with other members with one-on-one chat or post in the event feed with AI / ML-powered automatic content moderation.
  8. Private Social Network – Engage with other audiences by liking, posting, and commenting in the event feed with a safe content moderation feature.

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