New Big Meeting Technology Trends Event Organizers Must Watch For

The technology change is accelerating with thousands of new ideas, innovations, and apps to help meeting planners, exhibitors, and participants to make their job better.


These are the meeting technology trends to watch for in 2018 and the years to come:

1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

Many events and conferences are already using this immersive technology very effectively, and it will see major growth in the years to come.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has been creating the buzz ever since the launch of Oculus Rift. It was further followed by HTC vive and Google Glass which brought in a remarkable technological wave to excite the people. With so many big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Samsung making massive investments in the technology, VR and AR will make a remarkable advancement, and we will see enough usage at the events and exhibitions, and it will dominate next few years.


2. Internet of Things (IoT):

The Internet of Things will keep people and objects connected to make the experience of events and exhibitions even better.

The Internet of Things connects objects with all other objects and with the people in a way that we can control many of things by transferring data over a network with barely any human interaction. Each and everything (from appliances to pets, from TVs, watches, and cars to roads and buildings), in future, will be provided with a unique identifier to achieve unprecedented efficiency.

This will also have a huge effect on meetings and conferences, IoT will bring a great attendee experience. Hotel rooms, transports, TV, Wallet everything will be connected; Beacons will track participants’ movements throughout the facility area and allow organizers to inform them necessary notice and information, assist them whenever they go.


3. Event Apps:

Mobile applications for events will be much more mature, which will make event planning and event organizing much more efficient.

Mobile apps are already widely used at events, meetings and conferences, tradeshows. But in future, they won’t be a mere replacement for the paper. They will combine with all other technologies (yes, all other meeting technologies trends mentioned in this article) to provide a great experience to the attendees. And with loads of new sensors in mobile devices, event app will be a goldmine of information about participants, that will help event organizers to provide customised content to the participants based on their interests and to improve future events.


Speaking of event apps, we provide event apps with amazing attendee experience; our products always match the current needs and trends. You can try webMOBI – Event Networking App to explore events around you and you can even publish your event in our app for free and make attendees’ lives easy exploring your event.

You can add some extra features like Activity feed, Banner Ads and so on or just can go for Premium plan and order a Custom App for your event.


4. BLE and Beacon technology:

Location-aware technologies like Beacon technology and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology have already started seeing some interest from event organizers. Though it is still not so mainstream, it will continue to evolve and mature and will see more use at events and exhibitions.

Beacons can help attendees as they use these beacons through a mobile app for local networking, get push notifications, alerts and other information based on the location and it takes care of many other aspects of an event.


5. RFID:

RFID (Radio frequency identification) is an excellent piece technology, that is increasingly being used by event organizers mostly because its ability to speeding up the registration time, reduce the effort for the organizers by automating the check-in process. Incorporating this technology in some devices like badges or bracelets it used in many ways:

  • As an entrance ticket (this is how it speeds up registration time)
  • As an entrance ticket (this is how it speeds up registration time)
  • To share virtual business cards
  • For automated voting and surveys
  • For cashless payments

A combination of an RFID and Beacon technology can help in many aspects of an event like attendees can keep track of different booths, and organizers also can track attendees in turn.


6. Wearables:

Smart watches, bracelets, badges and all other wearable devices, using some of the technologies mentioned above helps both participants and organizers many ways.

Participants can get directions using GPS, can open doors, receive alerts, exchange contacts, perform audience polling, use as admission tickets and much more.



Those are the trends in event and meeting technology we think will be the biggest thing. We are looking forward to the advancement on all among technology, and we are innovating to improve our apps to keep up with the technologies to come.

We provide mobile app and website solution for events and exhibitions, if you need to make your event an amazing experience for your attendees, we will help you do that.

Contact us or try a demo app!

Upcoming Virtual Reality Events and Conferences That You Shouldn’t Miss

Upcoming Virtual Reality Events and Conferences That You Shouldn’t Miss


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has created a new way for innovative content creation to engage target audience like never before.

Here are some upcoming major Virtual Reality Events and Conferences you want to know. The list contains some events which are entirely dedicated to virtual reality and augmented reality, some events are for gaming other entertainment, and others are events like trade shows, product launches, which use the immersive technology to increase audience engagement and to enhance the consumer experiences.


Upcoming Virtual Reality Events and Conferences:

1. VRDC Fall 2017 :

September 21 – September 22, 2017; San Francisco, CA;
The Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) Fall demonstrates new technologies and best practices for creating marvelous, immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. This is brought to you by the organizers of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), VRDC Fall exhibits implementation of AR and VR in Games as well as all other kinds of entertainment such as films, travel, retail, product design, journalism, and sports entertainment.

2. Eurogamer Expo (EGX) 2017 :

September 21 – September 24, 2017; Birmingham, England;
The Eurogamer Expo is the UK’s biggest event dedicated video games, brought to you by

The Expo features the most anticipated games, and it welcomes the world’s most talented developers, who present their work directly to the public, they demonstrate all the latest technologies in the entertainment industry.


3. International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation (CGA) :

September 25 – September 26, 2017; Berlin, Germany;
Computer Graphics & Animation-2017 aims to facilitate sharing of knowledge and new ideas in the history, technologies, and trends in computer graphics, animation amongst the professionals, industrialists, animators, graphic designers, and students.

The conference is organized with the theme ”Shaping the Future with Innovations in Graphics & Animation” and is designed to offer widespread knowledge that addresses current issues and innovations in the field of Graphics & Animation world.

Collaborators are ACM Computers in Entertainment (CiE), New Media Film Festival, The Institute for Education, Research, & Scholarships (IFERS), Springer – Encyclopedia Computer Graphics and Games (ECGG), Science and Engineering Research Support soCiety (SERSC), International Game Developers Association (IGDA).


4. Future of Storytelling Summit and Festival :

October 4 – October 8, 2017; New York, NY;
The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) is a community of passionate people from the worlds of media, technology, and communications exploring how storytelling is evolving in the digital age.

FoST has two signature events.
The FoST Summit (Oct 4-5th, 2017) gathers top thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields to share ideas and experiences shaping the art of storytelling landscape.

FoST Festival (Oct 6-8th, 2017) is an open to the public festival, featuring VR and AR experiences, tech demos, panel conversations, live performances, interactive games, and much more.


5. VR AWARDS 2017 :

October 9, 2017; London, England;
The VR Awards takes place on October 9, in London. It is an international awards ceremony, dedicated to celebrating the achievement in the virtual and augmented reality industry.

Attendees include some of the most prominent figures in VR. The VR Awards also attracts some of the biggest names in virtual reality as part of the judging and nominations process.


6. Oculus Connect 4 :

October 11 – October 12, 2017; San Jose, CA;
Oculus’ Connect developer conference is one of the highlights of the year for the VR and AR industry; developers show off their latest Oculus takes to the stage and what is coming next.

This year there are a ton of new reasons to be excited. Oculus Connect 4 will feature some interesting sessions like a look at the latest Oculus Rift SDK and a post mortem on Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo, and games like Echo Arena and Sparc would be a big deal for gamers.


7. Immersed 2017 :

October 19 – October 21, 2017; Toronto, Canada;
Immersed 2017 brings together speakers and exhibitors in the immersive technology in entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, and education.
It is the must attend event for professionals in the immersive technology and for people who are interested in making their business more efficient by using new technologies.


8. VR DAYS EUROPE 2017 :

October 25 – October 27, 2017;  Amsterdam, Netherlands;
VR Days Europe is a three-day celebration of creativity in Amsterdam, Netherlands where it gathers the brightest minds to share about latest technologies, research and newest ways of for creating the most creative content.


9. ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) 2017 :

November 8 – November 10, 2017; Boston, Massachusetts;
ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) is the largest building industry event in the Northeast; it brings together architects, engineers, builders, contractors, project managers, manufacturers, landscape designers, and other AEC professionals to the BCEC.

There you can see, how different firms are utilizing VR and AR in different stages of the design process. They believe, not only can AR/VR make future cities and spaces more believable—it can make them better.


10. Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference 2017 :

November 26 – November 27, 2017; Dubai, UAE;
The Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference is taking place from 26-27 November 2017 in Dubai, UAE, which will bring together the key stakeholders and many experts in the industry to assess commercial applications of this innovative technology.

Their motto is to discuss how government and smart businesses can incorporate AR and VR into their business strategy. This event is the one place for individuals passionate about AR – VR to network and discusses how they can increase business value with the help of this technology.


11. VRX Conference & Expo 2017 :

December 7 – December 8, 2017; San Francisco, USA;
VRX is the world’s only senior level VR industry event which covers all grounds of where VR is having its biggest impact; with insights and solutions from those leading the charge in gaming, cinematic, brand marketing, enterprise, healthcare, education and beyond.

The event will feature over 80 influential speakers, including senior-level representatives from companies like Google, Epic, Sony, Magic Leap, Oculus, CCP Games, IMAX, PepsiCo, IKEA, Lockheed Martin, Universal Music and many more.


Virtual and Augmented reality technology is something which will continue growing better and better. Event organizers are now using more and more of this immersive technology to create more engaging content and generating better ROI. And it is there to grow.

We here at webMOBI create custom mobile apps for enterprises, which helps in organizing and managing events and conferences which use virtual and augmented reality to engage their audiences. For more details, please contact us or email us at

Thinking of Virtual Reality for your event! Here’s a guide on using Virtual and Augmented Reality at Events.



We are super eager to report that webMOBI will be exhibiting at the MWC America 2017 in San Francisco on September 12-14, 2017.


Team Webmobi At Mwc Americas 2017


webMOBI will have its particular corner at MWC, Stand No – S.2000C5, South Hall. Our CEO, Sachin Anand will be there for representing webMOBI at MWC Americas and engage with customers and partners. Don’t hesitate to plan a meeting by sending an email.

Spread over a time of three days, 12-14 Sept 2017, MWC will be a stage where every single major brand from everywhere around the World will meet up to share their musings and talk about the upcoming trends and plan for adoption of new mobility technologies.

What is Mobile World Congress Americas?

The MWC Americas 2017, will be held in Moscone Center, San Francisco on September 12-14, 2017.  Mobile World Congress Americas will comprise of a meeting program highlighting C-level speakers and industry specialists including the industry’s greatest names in telecom and mobile.


Why Attend Mwc Americas


MWC Americas will feature how portable is making the associated life, changing how people, organizations and whole enterprises impart, interface and enhance. It will feature mobile advancements, shopper and mechanical applications in the Internet of Things, the convergence of versatile with stimulation, substance, and media, and the central part of the Americas locale in driving worldwide development.

webMOBI group will be accessible on all days, September 12-14, 2017

On the off-chance that you coming to MWC 2017, visit our Stand (S.2000C5, South Hall) and get an opportunity to see our latest product portfolio. Hope to see you there!  

10 Best Marathons in the World and 5 Adventure Marathons

10 Best Marathons in the World and 5 Adventure Marathons

Looking for participating in Marathon? Why not explore some of the Best Marathons in the World and experience the glory, stunning scenery and adventurous landscapes?

Here are our pick for top 10 Marathons in the world and top 5 most adventurous ones. To pick our best, we took elite fields, fame, enthusiastic crowd, scenic beauty, and speed into consideration.

Best Marathons in the World:

Best Marathons In The World By Webmobi

1. Athens Authentic Marathon, Greece:

Run the Marathon where it all started. Over 2500 years ago Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from ancient battlefield Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of their victory. Follow the same path as the legend through the challenging hills and finish the race at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the modern Olympics was held for the first time.
Month: November

2. London Marathon, England:

If are after history we again have London Marathon there. Enthusiastic spectators, friendly and efficient race organization makes it favorite of many veteran runners. With over 40,000 Marathon runners participating each year, making it one of the marathon Marathons in the world and it is considered among the World Marathon Majors. The 26.2 miles race route starts from Greenwich Park, crosses the Thames river, passes by iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower of London and finishes at the Buckingham Palace.
Month: April

3. New York City Marathon, USA:

No other Marathon in the attracts such high proportion of international runners as New York City Marathon, making it one of the six World Marathon Majors. With 50,000 runners and over 2M spectators, it is the largest marathon in the United States. The race route starts off on Staten Island, and it takes runners through Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, along with London it is the most iconic marathon route in the world.
Month: November

4. Boston Marathon, USA:

Started in 1897 Boston Marathon is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious Marathon in the United States. To participate in this Marathon one needs to qualify from previous Marathon Race’s record, so even to be able to just participate in Boston Marathon is a thing to brag about. Boston Marathon offers a downhills course through 8 cities and town; and many famous landmarks.
Month: April

Check out the Boston marathon app by downloading from the link below.

Android | iOS
To check more about the app click the link about the Boston Marathon application.

5. Marathon De Medoc, France:

Marathon De Medoc of Paris is one of the top European marathons, mostly due to its incredible sights. Perfect for the people who are out to enjoy their course, the aid stations presents runners water, sports drinks and when runners cross through Chateaux where local produce (wine, oysters, cheese, escargot and the likes) is laid out for them. Along the way, runners can take in the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, and Notre Dame Cathedral.
Month: September

6. Berlin Marathon, Germany:

Berlin Marathon is one of the fastest marathons in the world because of its flat course and smooth turns and efficient race organizers Berlin is a great place for anyone to try their personal best. Berlin is also considered among one of World Marathon Majors.
Month: September

7. Chicago Marathon, USA:

Started in 1977 Chicago marathon is one of the Largest Marathons in the USA. Also, it is considered among World Marathon Majors. According to many runners Chicago is has a supremely fast course, excellent race management, which attracts the pursuit of personal and world records.
Month: October

8. Tokyo Marathon, Japan:

Despite being newbie relative to all other famous marathons Tokyo marathon is one of the world’s largest marathon and favorite marathon. It is well organized and enthusiast crowd cheers athletes all the way 26.2 miles long.
Month: February

9. Paris International Marathon, France:

This marathon is one of the most famous races in Europe. It is best known for offering unique food and drink stations where runners are served beer, wine, cider, oysters, and many such things. Paris Marathon is limited to 37,000 runners and requires a doctor’s note to compete. The race gives runners the opportunity to run through the best landmarks of the beautiful city of Paris; famous landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Bastille, and the Arc de Triomphe.
Month: April

10. Honolulu Marathon, Hawaii:

It’s a nice race with a beautiful atmosphere, much of which is created by Japanese people and even the majority of the 30,000 runners, most of the supporters and the event’s sponsors, are people from Japan. The course route starts at Ala Moana Beach Park and finishes at Kapiolani Park, along with the way it takes in Honolulu’s notable sights, such as Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Koko Head Crater. There are two moderate climbs at seven and 23 miles, but most of the course is flat.
Month: December

Adventure Marathons:

1. The Great Wall Marathon, China:

Since its Inauguration in 1999, The Great Wall Marathon, China made a name as one of the most challenging courses in the world. But that makes it one of the most adventurous races in the world. Runners have to climb more than 5,000 steps and finish it by running through small Chinese villages in the lower valley.
Month: May

2. Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway:

Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway is by far one of the most surreal marathon experiences on the planet. 4,000 runners from 56 countries come here each year to take part in the wild Scandinavian caper. The sun doesn’t set there – as light as a day at the midnight. The race starts at 8.30 pm, and runners have to run there by night.
Month: June

3. Big Five Marathon, South Africa:

The entire course of Big Five Marathon is through the hills and valleys of the African savannah. If it is the adventure what you are up to the Big Five Marathon is worth traveling for, you’ll be sharing your route with the ‘Big Five’ most dangerous mammal species of Africa, which are Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos, Lions, and Leopards. No fences, no separation from the wildlings, which make Big Five Marathon so special.
Month: June

4. Safaricom Marathon, Kenya:

Yes, again another African safari with the rigorous joys of long distance running. Mind the zebras, rhino, giraffe, buffalo, and elephant herds on this one. The marathon attracts more than 1200 runners around the globe. You also get to raise fund for charity, to support many conservation and education projects in Africa.
Month: June

5. Petra Desert Marathon, Jordan:

Starting at the Street of Facades, the Petra Desert Marathon route leads the runners through the ancient city of Petra and it incredible tombs, caves, and monasteries carved in the mountainsides, making it one of the most adventurous marathon routes every runner must experience in his/her lifetime.
Month: August

Mobile App for Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016 [Case Study]

Mobile App for Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016 [Case Study]

webMOBI is proud to build a Mobile App for Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016 (REinEU2016) which took place in Bratislava, Slovakia on On 26-28 October 2016. REinEU2016 is one of the largest events during the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU which welcomed about 1000 participants.




The International Conference REinEU2016 was a significant event in the field of nanotechnologies, advanced materials, manufacturing, and production technologies, biotechnology. During this prestigious event hundreds of representatives from European and international research, innovation communities, and the business sectors met to discuss on the role of science, research and innovation on a sustainable development of the European economy and the implementation of reindustrialization of Europe.


The Challenge:

The organizers intended to make the event information easily accessible to the delegates and other participants on their mobile devices and guide them through the sessions like keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops, as well as matchmaking and networking events that they offered and the corresponding show floors. It is a lot to manage.

WebMOBI helped them to that by developing a mobile app that served about a thousand of participants with useful features and very intuitive UI.


Functionalities of the App for REinEU2016:

Attendees and Speakers have access to

  • Speaker Profiles
  • Information of Sponsors
  • Complete details on Agenda
  • Venue direction
  • documents and video resources

Attendees can add the speakers, sessions to “favorites”, add sessions to a personal schedule to create a separate list of events which they would like to attend, fill surveys and engage in polls, connect with other attendees and speakers through chat, invite others for private meetings. They can receive live event updates from organizers through messages and push notifications and more.

Some of the functionalities like Social Media Integration, attendee messaging increases attendee engagement.

The home screen has a nice UI which consists of a list of excessively used features.

Reineu2016-Event-Mobile-App-Home Screen
About Us




Social Media Pages

Contact Us







The Left panel includes all the information and some interactive features where the right side panel consists of personal features like settings, personal schedules, favorites, chats, notes and notifications.


WebMOBI helps organizations by developing customized Mobile Apps for all kind of events. Please take a look at few of the event apps that we have built recently

Feel free contact us for more information about building an event app and enhance attendee engagement for your event.