Decoding the Essential Accessories For Your Next Event

Event Management – Essential Accessories

The global modernization of events depicts how important it is to blend the event technology with the standard traditional equipment. It is highly recommended to make the event technology reach the guests. Absolutely, no doubt you will be working towards the same goal. If you are making a checklist for event accessories, then scroll down below to know the essential ones.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

In the recent times, the demand has outgrown the technology. With everywhere easy & free Wi-Fi access, it becomes an absolute must to provide for all guests at all events. A Wi-Fi connection will be the heart of your event and will stimulate a smooth program functioning.

Opt for an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network, and it should allow your guests to connect their devices (including mobile, tablet, laptop) and start using them to connect with social media, check emails and stay intact with the event through the updates.

Guest & Event Schedule Tracker

With the Wi-Fi connectivity, it would be easy to track and monitor the traffic flow of guests at the event. There are many ways to track the attendance, you can directly employ the tracking software and place a mat at the session entrance, or you can go with the badge scanner or only use the app log in at a particular time. It is crucial for the event organizers to evaluate the attendee performance at the same time they need to respect the guest’s privacy. If the event has multiple sessions, then event schedule based tracking becomes essential.

Sound Equipment

Always it is suggested that you re-check and ensure whether the audio equipment is working well. Nobody wants to be annoyed by the dodgy acoustics while engaging in a real discussion or attending a session. So, be sure you have installed the best in technology microphones, sound control systems, amplifiers, and speakers.

Plasma TV’s and Projectors

Hire some of the latest plasma TV with 40” inches+ screens for showcasing your portfolio at the entrance. Use 60”inches+ screen TV for the event presentations. Projectors have become a must in most corporate events. So, hire them based on the sessions and use LCD’s to replicate what’s displayed with a projector.

Digital Security with CCTV

For the security purposes, CCTV’s are installed at most public gathering places. Not just it would ensure safety but will also allow the event organizers to gather the efficient marketing data.

Lighting and Furniture

It may sound traditional to check for lighting and furniture at events, but you know what it turns out to be the toughest challenge to arrange at any events. For trade shows the lighting should be unique, the light focus should be on products, for a corporate meeting good & even lighting is required. Most the time guests sit in the chair for more than hour, it is suggested you invest in hiring right and appropriate furniture. For company meeting, you can organize chairs along with tables, for a conference you will need to arrange only chairs and trade shows doesn’t require many chairs.

You will be surprised to see the response of the audience, and this is the best way to market and win your next big business.

Business Networking at Events

Events happen all through the year! Conferences, expos, trade shows, sales meet, film festivals and more. Many attend these events every year to expand their business network. Every face around you may seem unfamiliar but if the agenda is to generate business through the network; you have to get familiarised with the facts and techniques to grab the opportunity at the business events.

Networking events are great opportunities for developing new relationships and broadening business networks, and they can be fun. Find some useful tips to strike an impact at networking events:

·         Preparation is the Key

Do a research on the list of guests, attendees, and speaker. This should comprise who they work for, what they do, their recent achievement, latest press release, and news.

This surely will give you the confidence to approach them and start a conversation after a mutual exchange of greetings. Slowly progress the conversation and provide them with the feel and look of the kind of a personality you are and if possible email them before the event and ask for few minutes with them during or after the event.

·         Be the first to greet

Never shy away! Be the first to start a conversation with new people during the event. When you meet someone for the first time, greet them and initiate a conversation. Usually, use icebreakers to jumpstart the conversation. For example, “What is your latest project?” “What do you like about your job?”

·         Plan & Have your Pitch ready

It is a good idea to have a 60-second elevator pitch which sums up your USP. An elevator pitch is a key to start initiating the conversation. Try to grab attention and demonstrate your caring nature. Also, do give your business card before proceeding with further discussion.

·         Be early to the event

Make it a habit of turning early to network events. The longer your presence at the event, you have more opportunity to grab business. Try to use the time before the formal meet to interact with people.

·         Promote

Carry your brochures or leaflets or banner up in the network event. If the event allows participants to put up banners, get before in time and put up the banner in a prominent place. Always carry extra brochures and business card.

·         Follow-up

Remember, everything may seem going well during the event. Once it ends, people have real things to do. So, be the person who follows up. Be an individual who stays in touch with everyone you meet at the network event. Be a person difficult to forget, use social media and follow up in a meaningful and respectful way.

·         Online Network

With the event technology on high heels, the online network event is much in trend with business people who keep travelling all the time. Social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter offer such network events. There are website and apps which again enables the virtual networking possible. Do use them to scale up your business network.

Best strategies to Generate revenue at events

Every event has its purpose and meets the goal of your client. So, once you have filled the seats of the event, it means you have paid for all arrangements from lights to catering, from support staffs to security guards. Have you ever as an event manager think about your goal achievement and ROI (a little extra cash) at the end of an event? It is equally important to run a successful show and at the same time generate a revenue to benefit you. Here’s what you can follow to make a profit:

Organize: Meet & Greet Exclusively

Make an offer something before the actual event. If it’s a conference or seminar, you can hold a special 20-30 mins pre-event interaction of audience with the guest speakers or presenters. Include a special bonanza while buying tickets to the event, say for a $20 ticket add $5 extra to avail the offer.

Sell: Event Merchandise

For trade shows, music shows or corporate events, the performers or the company comes up with their own merchandise. In such a case, you can customize them according to the event. You have to just get permission from the performers or company and you will be required to split the profit, which is absolutely okay when you get an extra revenue.

Invest in: Added services

If the event is going to be a recurring one, then come with a plan to offer service to the attendees this could be anything for instance event planning for their wedding, Children birthday parties, family parties. With some special discount offers, you can generate multiple small yet a revenue which will be worthy.

Offer: Free trials or limited discounts

If it is the first year and launching a new product and want to introduce this at an ongoing event, just offer free trials on a purchase and give limited discount shopping coupons to first 10 registered users. This will trigger interest and many will try to purchase. You can tie up with the local shop merchant for discount coupons.

Employ: Volunteers as Staff

This is a best idea wherein you can cut down the price and save from the actual budget. Call for volunteers through educational institutions who offer hospitality and management courses. As the institutions would like their students to get exposed to practice in the real time working environment and students would like to work to gain experience. You can be safe that all volunteer would turn-up on the event day as the schools would ensure it.

Get: Sponsorship

Getting a sponsorship for event would always generate an ROI.

Allow: Networking Time

It is always recommended that you give breathing time for guests to interact and have a conversation. Include small breaks after each session, this networking time is a definite contributor to your ROI. You can find time to meet and speak to customers and get a business in the pipeline.

Risk management factors for major events

Risk management factors for major events

Running a successful event not only depends on drafting a plan, executing and monitoring, risk management  is an important aspect which event organizers should consider before planning an event.

If you’re responsible for planning a conference or corporate meeting, consider these risk management factors to run a successful event:

Location and venue

It is no longer that everybody wants a low-cost venue or location to host their meetings or conference. The location, venue all matters. Event planners are incorporating cultural aspects of destination to meet agenda. So, the risk of choosing the location and increasing venue demand is definitely a key point to look out during the seasonal and off-seasonal time.

Security & Safe travel

Ensure that the venue is easily commutable by the guests. Always choose a venue which has ready transportation like bus, taxis from the airport or metro stations. To assure less risk involved, you can have a trial run in reaching the destination. Deploy proper security staffs to oversee the protection of guests at the venue.


If you are organizing for trade shows or a corporate meeting or sales meetings, the risk arises in terms of securing the Wi-Fi connection, network security to safeguard the information discussed during the events. Employ a good cyber security system to deal with related risks.

Natural Constraints

The natural constraints like rain, storm and heat are other factors that has to be taken into consideration while planning the location for an event. As the natural phenomenon can take a toll on the attendance rate, check weather forecasts and past weather history of the place to mitigate the risk.

Financial Risks

The most important of all, prepare a plan to execute the event in the allotted budget. Avoid last minute additions in the plan, stick to the original plan draft and ensure the budget is used wisely.


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Food and beverages

Are you wondering how could food and beverages add the risk in an event? Yes, it definitely does increase the potential risk of active audience participation. The menu in the card has a lot to do with the ongoing event. Ensure that the menu has a wide variety of foods for attendees to choose from. Include occasional refreshments to help guests and attendees overcome tiredness.

Have a risk management plan handy to overcome any difficulties at the time of an event

Event pitching ideas you must follow to gain more business

Event pitching ideas you must follow to gain more business

Trends in the event industry are changing, you need to give your best to stand apart from competitors. Pitching your ideas to gain business starts from the very beginning moment you meet the client. Here are some ideas to help you pitch and achieve success in business.

Start with a simple conversation

The first impression is the best impression. So, try to keep it simple. Start your pitch with small conversation, say for instance after greeting, ask them about how their company is doing or tell them how you feel to get associated with to work for them or any current affair that’s doing round the corner. Remember clients never expect and entertain large conversations due to time factor!

Presentation styled to differentiate you from others

Use a presentation to elaborate about your business. Add easy and readable content in the slides, let the slides be limited in number with limited images and support videos. Your presentation is the trump card to get you the business.

Add free to promote your pitch

Try to start your sales presentation with a promise of free. This can be discount offer for a week or for a day in price. Surely, it will attract many. You can promote your pitch linking with free registrations for the next big event you are organizing.

Create a Pitch page

You can create a pitch page on social media and promote through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The elements you need to add in your pitch will consist of the idea, the market and the people who will be attending.

A pitch promotional activity

A pitch promotional activity is best suited for gaining instant attention. Hold a launch event or simply promote with social media. Ask your friends, previous business providers and known circle to share views on your pitch. See you may get unbelievable results.

Include credibility factors

Add credibility factors like the number of users registered and using your event apps, the number of subscribers to your blogs and newsletter. These at times may attract clientele to consider working with you.

An ideal pitch can land you in a successful business. Hope that you choose smart ways to your next pitch and achieve success.