Business Networking Through Social Media App

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram. – The only thing common in all these websites is that they help in connecting people virtually! Since event apps are customizable, many organizers prefer to integrate social media with their app, as people are more comfortable to connect with people through social media. This helps to get the attendees to get the ‘community’ feeling and interact with like-minded people and grow their social network.

It is a difficult task to surprise attendees, and somehow, social media still offers that unique solution as it helps the attendees to connect with people, in other words, networking.


  • Let the world know about you!

Creating your profile with a brief introduction and photo is the way to start! Sending and accepting friend requests will help you widen your network as at these events, you are likely to meet people from different verticals which will broaden your professional network.


  • Connect with that “Special One”

No, I do not intend to be cheesy! Connecting with the speaker or with that potential business partner is made accessible through social media. It is tough to connect with people in an event due to various constraints, but on social media, it is a cakewalk.


  • Amplify your Reach

Through social media, you can connect with other attendees and the organizer en bloc! Take the initiative and organize a group lunch near the event venue or carpool to and fro the event. This will help with networking.


  • The Jack of All

Social media is a tool that is multitasking – Connect with people, network, know what others are doing, have a potential business and more. You can also post photos of the event and create and be a part of forums.


  • Exclusivity

The social app helps to maintain privacy. This helps both the organizers and the attendees. The organizer can continue to stay in contact with the attendees through some team building events on the forum. The attendees can grow their network.


webMOBI personalizes the event app by integrating with social media. The interface is Facebook-like, and people can connect with each other, share posts and photos, interact through messages and also be a part of forums. Social apps help to simplify the communication and contributes to connect the people.

5 Tips for Event Planner

Planning an event, running the errands, and pulling off a spectacular show are the 3 stages of a successful event. The art of organising and conducting an event is exquisite, but it varies from organiser and company. Few strive on the traditional methods whereas a few are tech geeks who would like to inculcate something new and to trend. The only way to make an event successful is by appealing to the audience, giving the attendees an unparallel-unmatched experience!

webMOBI has created mobile apps for many corporate events like conferences, sales meetings, trade shows and expo. With the onset of each event, the webMOBI team gets to understand, learn the market requirements, audience/attendees’ needs, company’s expectations and more.

With experience, exposure and developing event apps for different verticals, we have curated event management tips for event planners to help them organise their event better.


  • E-paper

Why burden yourself with brochures and other details printed on a paper that would eventually find its way to the trash can! An event app comes in handy which would relatively cost you lesser than printing brochures and invitations.

An event app would have end to end solutions like registration, event details, attendee management, schedules, a list of event speakers/guests and more.


  • In-app messaging

An event comes with baggage – Queries from attendees! When a massive event is organised, the people who are interested in attending the event would have a lot of queries and attending to each is cumbersome. With in-app messaging on the event app, you can instantly connect with the audience to solve their queries; also the attendees can help each other, grow their network and talk about your event.


  • Social Media Integration

We like to let the world know about us, be it a new pair of sneakers or a dinner at a fancy place, we love being the centre of attraction. Social media is instrumental in making that happen and how! Integrating your even app with social media will help you amplify the event’s ongoing. Updating about your event on social media can contribute to garner more attention from the audience and also gives you a pathway to connect more people who haven’t downloaded the event app or know of your event.


  • Surveys & Feedback

Suggestions and opinions matter a lot in event management industry. Reviews and feedbacks help an event planner to know if attendees liked their event and get insights on how the future events may be improved or modified to suit the attendee’s liking.


  • Analytics

The most important feature of an event app is Analytics. An event planner can track the engagement data. Since an event is all about getting more attendees, their likings and disliking do matter, a lot. With real-time analytics on feedbacks and surveys, an event planner can concentrate more on detrimental features listed by the audience.


There has been a considerable change in the event management industry and in this digital era, blending the event management with technology has become mandatory. Event planners can opt for event app, which would minimise the hectic operations and instead give you more time in indulging with the audience and making your event tech-savvy!

Tribeca Film Festival App

Tribeca Film Festival App

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 

Movie buffs around the world are familiar with Tribeca Film Festival. To enhance the experience of the film goers’, webMOBI has created an app for Tribeca Film Festival 2017. With easy navigation, the app has complete details about the list of movies that are screened, schedule, passes, and loaded with multiple features that make Tribeca Film Festival happening!



The features of Tribeca Film Festival 2017 app includes,

  •   Discover

This feature helps to find the movies and films based on genre, themes, etc. This feature helps you to find the kind of movie you are looking for using the filters.

  •  Film Guide

This feature has a list of all the movies that would be screened at Tribeca Film Festival App 2017. It also has the details about the Director, duration, language, and more

  •  Wish List

This unique feature created by webMOBI for the Tribeca Film Festival app can be used to add your favorite movies to the list, and the user will be instantly notified about the screening of the film, availability of tickets and more.

This feature is directly linked to the user’s calendar which will automatically alert the user!

  • Maps

The easy navigation system will help you find the destination. It will also contribute to drift through the event floor plan.

Tribeca Background


  • Schedule

This feature shows the movie schedule. The calendar shows the movies/films screened on that day with the timings.

  •  Festival Hub

This feature shows the other events and live programs that are happening at the film festival. The augmented reality enhances the experience.

  • Passes and Packages

With the collaboration with Eventbrite, the movie tickets and the event tickets can be bought through this feature on the app. The user can also avail subscriptions and other lucrative packages through this features.

  • Industry

To ensure the festival experience is unparallel, this feature shows the information about screening, the panel meets, discussion and forums happening at the event.

Tribeca Film Festival App | Webmobi


  • Travel

This feature shows the travel partners and information about hotels that are open for accommodation, availability and more.

  •  Press Center

webMOBI has integrated the social media websites with the Tribeca Fim Festival app. This feature helps to connect with filmmakers, festival executives, etc. All the information related to the film festival can be accessed.

  • Connect

This feature helps you to connect with the festival on all social media platforms. One can subscribe to the newsletters, like the page, get box office information, etc.

Tribeca Film Festival App | Webmobi

Our seamless app for Tribeca Film Festival 2017 is loaded with features which will delight the film goer. With every detail available on the app, the user can get all the information at a click of the button. The movie buffs can also rate the film post the screening.

webMOBI develops the app for events like film festivals, conferences, sales meeting, trade shows and expo, marathons, and more. The app is tailor-made to suit the requirements and the organizer and user can use it with ease.

webMOBI has also worked on multi event app for DE International.

College Fests – Event Management Ideas

College Fests – Event Management Ideas

College fests are a memorable part of our lives where extravagant decorations, sizzling celebrities/ stars and most importantly many, fun-driven events add to the flavor. Most colleges stick to a similar list of events thereby making the fest quite monotonous and stereotypical.

While some colleges make an attempt to introduce something new or modify an existing event, it may or may not turn out to be successful. A successful college event means a significant number of participants, a majority of good reviews, an excellent venue, a great judge/ moderator, etc., mostly with or maybe without handsome cash awards for the winner.

Beyond these factors, success for a college fest can be defined by the quality and the innovative aspect of the events. While event organizers, social secretaries, faculty members, etc., are on the lookout for creative ideas for new events, here are some super cool fest ideas that you can conduct in your upcoming college fest as an organizer.

Turn Coat (Block and Tackle)

A participant is given any random topic and instantly has to speak, “for or against” the topic. In a duration of 5 minutes whenever the judge commands ‘switch’, the speaker will have to toggle between ‘for’ and ‘against’ multiple times thereby contradicting the previous statements. Loaded with instantaneous humor, the speaker is evaluated by spontaneity, humor, content and of course audience response.


You are given the role of Superman/ Justin Bieber/ Narendra Modi etc. The ship is sinking, and the Captain has only one Life-Jacket left. You are on the ship with other famous celebrities/ fictional characters/ hypothetical characters. Sink into the given character and try to escape from the sinking ship by using your impressive, convincing skills and prove that you deserve the only Life-jacket. Make yourself appear prominent and better than any other person/ thing on board to win the Life jacket and eventually win the event. The participants are judged on content, humor, cogent arguments, valid points and audience response.

JAM (Just A Minute)

This is group/team game. Around 6-8 speakers (participants) sit in a semi-circle and discuss a topic. The mic is handed over to one of the speakers and an incredibly humorous topic, usually, a pun is given. While the speaker tries to spin a story or only create a sentence around the given topic, he is restricted by several rules which can be classified into the three classic rules of the erstwhile JAM sessions, namely,


Meanwhile, the other participants raise objections in case the current speaker breaks these rules and correct objections fetch positive points. However, wrong objections can award negatives.
Bound by the rubrics of JAM, the speaker gains points for every second he speaks and this entire process is controlled adequately by a moderator, also known as MOD and the final or any decision at any moment is dependent upon the moderator. While the procedure sounds too prolix, the event is actually fun to participate and is more fun to watch since the general topics can be taken for a ride depending on the speakers’ creativity, imagination, and rhetoric.

Mock Interview

A mock interview is an ideal event for those preparing for the placement process including preliminary examinations, group discussions, and HR interviews. An initial round of aptitude test may contain logical reasoning, aptitude/ math, and verbal questions, etc. The second round comprises a group of students trying to voice out their opinion to a problem statement given to them popularly known as Group Discussion (GD). Sometimes the topics for discussion can be as abstract as ‘Pink’ while students try to portray their creativity in their content. The final HR interview is similar to any final interview process that ultimately tests the soft skills of the applicant and general knowledge.

Market Mayhem

This event helps discover the marketer in you. Participants either in teams or as individuals are given some used/ refurbished/ recyclable products using which they can create an entirely different product thereby tapping the potential in the innovators. These final products have to be sold to students, teachers or anyone within the university campus. The winners of the event are decided based upon the extent of creativity imparted in the making of the product, quality of the marketing strategy used, the number of items sold and finally, the amount of money that each team made. Market Mayhem will definitely test whether you are ingenious enough to overcome the various impediments that marketers and innovators brook around the globe.


Bored of the commercials that you see on TV? Do you believe that the ads can be made better? Here’s an amazing platform where you as a group will be able to display your ad creating talent. This spectacular event persuades the students to instantaneously decide on a skit that would depict an ad for any product that is given to them. The ad can be in the form of role play which may or may not requires the students to use props, and the ad is supposed to be enacted for about 5 minutes. As ordinary people, we like to see short but witty ads that convey the point. This is exactly the judging criteria for this event that also includes the level of co-ordination while acting in a group.

Channel Surfing

Do you feel that you are capricious while you watch the television? Do you keep switching between various channels? For a change, imagine you to be the acting in all the channels and assume that someone is switching between the channels. Channel surfing requires you as an individual or as a group to either imitate various channels or come up with something humorous to represent a particular channel. Meanwhile, the judge will keep shifting between channels after every few minutes or seconds.

For example, a judge can switch between HBO, Discovery Channel and MTV within a minute and the student(s) have to imitate any remarkable shows of those channels. Students are judged on spontaneity, content, humor, audience response and coordination (if in a group). To add flavor to this process, sometimes the judge can rewind or fast forward a particular channel thereby forcing the participants to adapt to such changes instantaneously and hilariously.

App God

Here is a platform where some real time innovators can enjoy. App God does not require app development or coding skills. All that is needed is an idea using which the participant can build up mock screens depicting the User Interface. He also gives a presentation where he describes the functionality of the app and the main idea or result that he wants to achieve. During the presentation he can also propose a business model/ plan which can show the estimated investment, expected profit probably break-even point, etc.


In an attempt to motivate students to understand and experience Digital Marketing, ‘Like You’ persuades students to form teams and create a Facebook Page for a particular product and they go about doing marketing the page in a span of two days. Within these two days, they are supposed to get the maximum amount of likes for the page, inbound activities; page visits, etc., thereby comprehensively understanding the marketing analytics of a particular social media. The social media used need not be necessarily Facebook but requires only a single platform for the sake of evaluation of the teams.


Create Your Even App With Webmobi


Case Study

Case studies of real or hypothetical businesses are handed over to the students. They are given sufficient time to understand and analyze the case study and come up with feasible solutions to the problems or provide an alternative path that could have shown better results for the business. This event primarily focuses on the ability to analyze a case and think out of the box for a solution. The Case Study event can construe the future Business Analysts of various esteemed organizations.

These are few of the infinite event ideas that could make your college fest a paragon. As an event planner, if you come up with an idea it may seem really amorphous in the initial stages, however when you jot down the plan and attempt to implement it, you will be able to realize that your initial plan has found its shape. Make your college events the most memorable and enjoyable part of your college life!