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B2B Lead Generation – How to Generate B2B Leads from Events

B2B Lead Generation From Events


B2b lead generation is considered one of the toughest job; there is really no particular formulae or ways to follow that makes the job easy and efficient. It is a huge topic, and everyone has a favorite strategy, that works best for one. Events are a great source of generating b2b leads and a way of promoting and selling your product to interested people and make revenue. Nevertheless, events are widely used for generating b2b leads by organizations for centuries.


B2B Lead Generation Process:

1. Plan Ahead and Manage Your Time:

Events bring opportunity to meet lots of potential customers and build a relationship with. But it is very challenging to have a conversion with every one of them, especially if you do not have a plan. Know about your prospects, Set a goal of the number of people you want to talk to, decide when to talk to whom, and keep yourself in check. If you have a team for that, divide the responsibilities properly keep track of the person you have met and their responses, that will help plan further for efficient follow-ups.

Understand how long your each pitch should take. How long should you have the conversation with a customer to provide them enough information before she/he gets bored; and you also have the left for almost all of the potential clients.

It is important to be prepared with all the information, collect all the relevant material to the product you are trying to sell.


2. Connect to People:

Well, planing will do nothing if you don’t connect with people. Make sure to talk to the people at your event and establish a relationship with as many of potential customers as possible. Introduce your business to them, tell them how your company can help theirs, and in know them, know why they are there? what are they looking for?

Have a great conversation, give away prizes or offers, or offer to email a valuable ebook post-event, in turn, collect relevant information about them as much as possible.


3. Build Your Online Assets:

Utilizing the power of the Internet is a certain thing nowadays, it provides a vast network for generating b2b leads. So, have an attractive website, keep all information you want to provide available there and create profiles for your business on social media, at least on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to keep them active – share your stuff, actively participate in discussions, answer people’s question to keep them engaged.


4. Set up a Wise Registration Form:

If the primary intention of the event is to generate leads, such event must have a registration form asking for some relevant information about the attendees.

Be specific in the form. Ask only details that you need to know, people tend to avoid filling large forms.


5. Harnessing Social Media:

In addition to your registration form, try harnessing the data regarding social media reach of the event. Have a strong presence in social media network suitable for your business. Make sure to have someone to monitor all social media activity and carry on the conversation and track event hashtags. Connect with event attendees, speakers, sponsors, influencers. Share photo and video content, give away resources and stuff for free if possible to increase engagement on social media, encourage participants to share your photos or videos to amplify your brand in networks. Offer a lead magnet on social media to cast a wider lead capture net.


Follow up on Your Leads:

Well, an event will only fetch you quality leads. After taking the time and effort to make new connections, you want to make sure that your efforts were not in vain. For B2B companies it needs a bit more effort to build trust and relationship to get the leads converted. You need to create an email campaign, educate the leads about the value you can provide, keep up the communication wisely for some time.

Well, these are steps that you must do for any event, whether you want to plan your event in an old-fashioned way or use some modern techniques and trends. Using a mobile app is now the thing every event organizers are going for as it helps manage and track almost everything you might expect for an event and provide insightful analytics. It again helps to increase attendee engagement by providing an amazing experience for accessing the event information and in many other aspects like speeding registration, connect to other participants and much more. Indeed, this will reduce your effort for, while generating more potential B2b leads.

webMOBI creates apps that make managing event easy and fetch valuable data-driven insights from an event. You can publish your event in webMOBI – Event Networking app for Free. It covers all primary needs. By spending little money, you get many premium features.

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  1. Hazel Moss

    Events are an excellent source for generating B2B leads.
    Excellent advice


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