Effective B2B marketing with webMOBI Collateral App

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Relevance is a concept that plays hard ball every time you try to hit it out of the park. In spite of numerous efforts, being relevant to the constantly changing expectations of the audience; especially within the sales industry, has only resulted in a predicament of sorts.  Rendering a consistent ‘buyer focused message’ is only a matter of struggle. Since Sales are a very important part of any business, the sales representatives play an important role in a company. It’s imminent that they are equipped with the right sales enablement technology solution that can help them close deals in a germane fashion. Now, this is where, the webMOBI sales enablement collateral solution , can give you wings.

The webMOBI sales enablement collateral mobile app offers an impressive medium through which you can reach out to perspective customers with effective B2B marketing; in the form of the WebMobi Collateral App. The collateral that your sales representative carries is crucial for closing the right deal. Now, there are definitely numerous instances when there’s lack of collateral resulting in embarrassment and loss of revenue. This can mainly be attributed to the rampant usage of paper based collaterals. WebMobi’s Collateral App is a one-stop solution to this.       The sales collateral app is a mobile app that spans all OS Platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc., elevating efficiency to new levels. This helps you increase engagement with prospects. The key features of this app include Real time engagement and Zoom-in on prospects making sales more productive and marketing more effective.

All files can be stored on a single device and accessed anywhere. With the option of distribution of the collateral in segments, the collateral app argues a very strong case in terms of its compactness. In addition to this, it supports all types of documents accompanied by online or offline access and video integration that enable more engaging sales conversations and letting you to close deals smartly.

Using the WebMobi app spend less time looking for the right content. Content can be shared in a personalized way: Integrated maps of viewers help to target sales, Collateral view summary provides an overview of the collateral traits, Most viewed collateral description features in helping the rapid build-up on your best existing collaterals. This can also help in understanding which pieces of content are most utilized and shared. The e-mail feature can be used to send mails with personal descriptions to specific representatives and to check on collateral updates. Easy distribution of materials and getting feedback from the field; thereby getting insights on what’s happening in the field, are important features of the WebMobi collateral app., that can’t be missed out on.

This application also features in pulling material from Twitter and can provide you with analytics as and when the company is being talked about, on the micro-blogging site. You can roll out permission-based content to any device. Making sure that every representative uses the latest marketing materials, there can be more productivity before, during and after a sales conversation. Not only this, you can also unify messaging and communication there by increasing Indirect Channel sales effectiveness.   The facts presented above, are just the tip of the iceberg. With regard to the immense potential that the WebMobi Collateral App holds, its features can be branded limitless.

WebMobi is based on that very concept. Close your deals in style using the WebMobi mobile collateral app and as apparent as it should appear, this is the very strategy that you need to hit the ball out of the park.

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