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Best sales and marketing apps to boost your company’s productivity

Every business planner and event manager is always on the hunt for ways to maximize their production. And that’s where tracking apps come in; they provide sales reps with more time to close up deals and create more unique, profitable and sustainable business relationships. Apart from that, there are many more sales enhancement tools out there. And these sales apps can help facilitate with managing paperwork, educating you more on your prospects and much more.
So we at webMOBI are hoping to save you some time by providing you a comprehensive yet brief list of some of the best sales apps that we think will boost your company’s productivity.

Salesforce is one of the most renowned tracking apps for sales and marketing and has been offering sales teams with a plethora of advanced features and customization tools. For every contact on your sales list, you can view their contact history, enter the necessary information, allocate and schedule tasks, and browse through any attachments. Best used for massive sales and marketing teams, this all-in-one Cloud-based solution also provides users with a larger and clearer image of their staff’s progress and the number of tasks completed. Additionally, employees can access the app from anywhere in the world and even when on the go, thereby increasing overall productivity.

This reputed sales app is an automation platform that offers automated leads and highly organized campaign management. This app provides services and tools that integrated with the sales workforce, through a feature called “The Sales Insight” component, which gives users granular data on who is visiting their websites. This tool is also often used as a signal to reach out to the audiences browsing your site. The sales app has shown results in with various companies in significantly growing their sales and marketing numbers and further ensuring a return on investment.

This sales app is compatible with any device, and you can carry out your operations while on-the-go. The sales tools and process often platform through this e-signature app, where sales and marketing forces can request up to 20 different people to sign up digitally. This cloud-based workforce can assure as few delays as possible when it comes to getting approvals and closing deals. The HelloSign app includes features like audit trails, templates, and customized branding.

Cirrus Files
This cloud-based software is ideal for sales navigation and integration.
Cirrus Files links folders and documents in Google Drive to custom items in Salesforce. The app also supports all file types and all objects including accounts, campaigns, contacts, and more. is a cloud-based configuration-free outbound dialer, that is also integrated with Salesforce. Users require no extra integration work and no hardware. The software also possesses features to boost your sales and marketing activity, and insidesales. com additionally offers analytics and complete transparency about every phone call made and allows your sales teams to be more efficient and effective on their calls to customers.

This robust and affordable software provides a vast range of features, and the Zoho CRM is just one of the brand’s small business products. Zoho’s free package allows 10 users and provides sales teams with basic sales automation, collaborative spaces, customer support, and standard reporting. Zoho also offers packages ranging from Standard, Professional, or Enterprise packages.

This app offers users a secure and simple channel to share files with customers, partners, and employees. Various departments can sync their personal libraries of information and materials directly through their devices to improve coordination and support. As a result, everyone in the loop is always equipped with the latest and greatest materials without having to search for them extensively.


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