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What are the best Social Media Platforms for Event Marketing?

One of the most cost efficient methods of event marketing through Social Media Platforms. The rise in the number of social media users is highly significant. When your events are posted through these platforms, there exist possibilities of reaching a wide range of audience giving hope for a bigger attendee list. Here are some of the best cost-efficient means of Social Media Promotion Platforms.



Create your own free Event page dedicated to all germane information. Utilize the description field to add all relevant links, and instill the official event hashtag. Post any final alterations to the page’s Timeline to update all the invited guests. Paid Facebook marketing is also another efficient means of event promotion but might involve a tad amount of monetary investment.



To give your event a more professional look, uploading it on LinkedIn will make it more venerable. It would create a sense of seriousness and professionalism and attract attendees who are looking forward to enhance their technical or business acumen.



A picture can convey a thousand words. Upload photos that give an overview of the venue, images of the eminent speakers, e-brochures and everything that would be appealing through images. Make use of hashtags o the maximum at Instagram to attain some level of success shortly.



Through several Tweet templates including location, time and a track-able truncated URL of the event’s official page along with its hashtags one can give a major shape to the aspects of digital marketing. Identify official Twitter handles of renowned speakers or performers and introduce them on your account if the confirmation of attendance is received.



Make Pinboards regarding the intricacies of your event like guest lectures, workshops or any major celebrities, as well as any organizational entity that you would like to highlight i.e., the event venue, design of flyers or usual interest among all the attendees. Since Pinterest is largely dependent on the visuals and images to carry over an idea, it is more likely clever as an organizer to include images germane to the theme of your event and add enticing descriptions to it.



Flickr is a massive photo sharing website. It has more than 600,0000 pictures.Flickr gives you the ability to create groups, so you could make a group instruct attendees to join the group and innumerable snaps and videos can be uploaded by you and your attendees, thereby promoting attendee engagement.

With the multitudes of options prevalent across the internet, it becomes incredibly expedient for an organizer to promote his/ her event both effectively and efficiently. Attendees would love to feel more connected and in order to establish this spectacular nexus, social media plays the central role.

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