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Business Meeting Apps & Their Uses

reasons using business meeting appsMobile apps or mobile applications have become a quintessential part of our daily lives, and many companies promote event marketing as their pivotal means of communication. A successful conference or a meeting is always a perfect blend of networking, developing new business opportunities, learning something new, and all this must be hassle-free. The only way of achieving this is through a business meeting app. It is important for a company to have a conference meeting app, as it minimizes a lot of work and will help in business building.

1. Being in vogue

It is essential to outdo the outdated printing of information sheets. Printing the information on a sheet is redundant and can be an annoyance as new information cannot be updated. But in an app, new updates can be made, and it instantly reaches all the attendees. This will enable quick and easy conversation; any last minute changes or additions are notified to the attendees.

2. Information at the fingertip

A good meeting app must have a few basic features like,

  • Event schedule
  • Event registration/ RSVP
  • Venue of the event
  • Direction and Navigation
  • Floor plan
  • Event agenda
  • Guests or Speakers
  • Feedback
  • Forum for the users of app to collaborate
  • Social media integration
  • Live polls and updates
  • Must be compatible with platforms like Android and iOS

A meeting app will also double as an app for scheduling meeting as an attendee can get all the information related to the event and schedule which can be filtered based on interest, and in affiliated fields

3. Networking

The main advantage of having a conference meeting app or a business meeting app is networking. The attendees/ users can connect with people with common interests that shall resonate. The online communication helps people to schedule a meeting, understand the event, and amplify business opportunities. Business meeting apps, in addition, help the speakers or guests to connect with attendees, and vice versa.

4. Facebook me, Insta me, Tweet me!

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Meeting apps integrate with social media channels, or a few have their own interface that is similar to other social media apps. This helps people to connect, as social media is an excellent medium for powerful engagement, which helps people to express their ideas, get suggestions and opinions, connect with people with similar interest, and be a part of the virtual community.

5. Upgrade and Update

The user or the attendee is instantly notified with the latest information regarding the event or conference. It is a clever way to keep the users hooked to the business app as it is the main source of user engagement. Plus, the integration with the social media platform is also a great way to get more people onto the app and keep your attendees at the edge of their seat with inside news and tidbits.

Features like maps and floor plan will help the attendees to drift through the venue quickly.

6. Live Polling

Audience love to be heard and through live polling and best meeting apps, by default has this feature which will help to strike the bond with attendees, and the poll results are displayed instantly, and this will help both the audience and the event organizer to analyze. There are multiple formats of live poll like,

  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down
  • Text polls
  • Ranking polls
  • Multiple choice
  • Star ratings

Live poll is also a source of breaking the ice with the audience, and capture everyone’s attention with controversial or a fun question!

7. Environmental-friendly

Imagine this scenario – What if there is a change in event schedule or an update after all the flyers or documents are printed, and what happens to all those printed material after the end of an event or the conference? Printed material leads to a lot of waste, and it is definitely not environment-friendly! Whereas apps do not require all the hotchpotch, and also any update or last minute information reaches the attendees.

8. After all, Opinions matter!

Most people are either scared to say what they feel, due to the fear of being judged or simply being uncomfortable to speak their minds! Whereas the option of giving feedbacks and suggestions discreetly helps the attendees to voice their opinion, and also indirectly gives a chance to the companies or the event organizers to make their conference or event better at different verticals, and know what they are doing right.

9. Compatible with different platforms

These apps can be used on different platforms. Sometimes it is tough to segregate and find the ideal meeting apps for android or meeting apps for iPhone. But event apps are configured to be compatible with both the platforms and the icing on the cake is, and it is also available in offline. These event apps are functional even in offline as an active internet connectivity can be an issue, at times and these apps with offline access is a sure shot success.

10. Finally, all in one

The best meeting app is a conglomeration of all the above features. The app serves as a tool that will benefit the attendees and the event organizers. The user can set the meetings, get reminders, and has a chance to network with other attendees and the guests.


The event organizer or the company will grab a hassle free experience as everything is available in the app. It is easy to maintain,

  • Attendees/users database
  • Update information
  • Provide a platform to the users, for networking
  • Get feedback and live poll results
  • A single dashboard setting to maintain the entire app
  • Least technical knowledge required
  • Integration with other software – like Eventbrite

webMOBI provides customized solutions to event organizers or companies by designing the app to suit the requirements. The premium features offered by webMOBI will enhance the user experience, ensuring attendees satisfaction, and offers a hassle free operation for the organizer.


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