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Business Networking Through Social Media App

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram. – The only thing common in all these websites is that they help in connecting people virtually! Since event apps are customizable, many organizers prefer to integrate social media with their app, as people are more comfortable to connect with people through social media. This helps to get the attendees to get the ‘community’ feeling and interact with like-minded people and grow their social network.

It is a difficult task to surprise attendees, and somehow, social media still offers that unique solution as it helps the attendees to connect with people, in other words, networking.


  • Let the world know about you!

Creating your profile with a brief introduction and photo is the way to start! Sending and accepting friend requests will help you widen your network as at these events, you are likely to meet people from different verticals which will broaden your professional network.


  • Connect with that “Special One”

No, I do not intend to be cheesy! Connecting with the speaker or with that potential business partner is made accessible through social media. It is tough to connect with people in an event due to various constraints, but on social media, it is a cakewalk.


  • Amplify your Reach

Through social media, you can connect with other attendees and the organizer en bloc! Take the initiative and organize a group lunch near the event venue or carpool to and fro the event. This will help with networking.


  • The Jack of All

Social media is a tool that is multitasking – Connect with people, network, know what others are doing, have a potential business and more. You can also post photos of the event and create and be a part of forums.


  • Exclusivity

The social app helps to maintain privacy. This helps both the organizers and the attendees. The organizer can continue to stay in contact with the attendees through some team building events on the forum. The attendees can grow their network.


webMOBI personalizes the event app by integrating with social media. The interface is Facebook-like, and people can connect with each other, share posts and photos, interact through messages and also be a part of forums. Social apps help to simplify the communication and contributes to connect the people.

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