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10 Reasons Why Conference Planning Software Are A Boon For Event Planners

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Conference planning is no cake walk. Every professional event planner and organizer has to pay attention to every possible nuance present at each stage in an event. And event technology has offered these planners a wide range of event planning tools and designs that can facilitate any function – from social media to registrations to multi-tasking.

Conference Planning

Conference planning software enables organizers with an ocean of features and opportunities to smoothen the process of event management; they’ve essentially become every event planners best companion. webMOBI have curated the perfect list of ten reasons why conference planning softwares can help save any and every planner time and cost, as well as boost organization and make a successful event.

1. Smooth event registration
The shift to digital platforms and channels of event planning can be seen from the onsite aspects concerning any conference. They help simplify the event registration process for attendees upon arrival in a time efficient manner.

2. Cost-effectiveness


In addition to eliminating paper-based processes and functions, utilizing conference and event management softwares can help planners manage their costs and event budget based on their unique requirements. Not only are event technology and apps resourceful, but they also prove always to be a good investment.

3. Customization to the max
The most popular brands of event &conference planning tech in the content market offer customizations and assistive support. They enable planners to tweak and mold all aspects of their event websites and event apps, in accordance with the brand’s nature and identity.

4. Time-saving
Conference planning softwares compress all the functions of event management in one single place, thereby enhancing coordination between functions and also saving your time. From processes such as sending out mailers, setting the event website and social media posts, conference management tech can save you time by multitasking and coordinate between multiple vendors.

5. Event automation
Digital conference management platforms use event automation tools to automate various factors of the event planning system from marketing campaigns, feedback, analysis, registrations, event websites, etc. These features help keep track of each step of the event management process and even customize the functions to the requirements of each event planner.

6. Networking and active engagement

Both planners and attendees have found a great interest in digitized platforms and VR at events through conference planning softwares; which furthermore enhance personalized interactions and networking. Additionally, attendees can actively engage in all the sessions across the course of the event in personal and fruitful ways.

7. Streamlines promotion
Event planners often use geo-filters present in most conference planning apps and tech to promote their events to specific demographics. Organizers can also obtain valuable information regarding their audiences to help plan and advertise their events and sponsors accordingly.

8. NFC
A near-field-communication system is a wireless system that enables the transaction of data between two devices. An NFC system can be integrated into events through wearable equipment that can help speed up processes like payments, entry verifications, etc

9. Digital footprints

Conference planning tech and softwares help brands establish their online presence by creating multiple forms of communication with their audiences. This can be achieved through social media outlets, mobile event apps, and the event’s website. This digital footprint helps sustain your presence across multiple platforms and showcases, while simultaneously acting as a conduit for effective promotions.

10. Feedback time
Every event planner knows the importance of evaluation and improvement, and conference management softwares offer a chance to communicate with their attendees directly; to further understand the highlights and gaps in the event. Collecting and assessing feedback is a vital part of the planning process, and the right kind of event tech can help you customize and strategize your feedback to gain an overall plan.

webMOBI all-in-one event management software offers an end-to-end solution with all the features that enable event planners to organize their event effectively.

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