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Connect ERA – An Event App by webMOBI

The ERA is one of the fastest growing residential real estate networks globally. ERA global community of real estate professionals combines local neighborhood experience with up-to-the-minute real estate resources to deliver the results home buyers and sellers need today. webMOBI  design the most comprehensive and accessible mobile application for the Connect ERA global meet.

Unparalleled User Experience

From the opening homepage to polling interfaces, the mobile event app for Connect ERA promises users with nothing less than facilitative navigation and unique user activity. As soon as one opens the app, users are acquainted with an accessible and scrollable homepage that consists of other tabs including the event’s Agenda page, Survey tabs, and the delegate listings.

Compact Homepage

Users are immediately acquainted with a finely designed and scrollable homepage that entails every essential feature such as the Agenda, Delegates, and Survey etc. Users can swiftly navigate across the corresponding pages and obtain the required details.

The Agenda Page

The Agenda page offers you an elaborate day by day schedule of the event, in which one can even add, remove and favorite various events to create a personal schedule across the course of the meetup, with one simple click. Users can personalize the schedule by even adding notes into compact editable dialog boxes for future reference.

Users can also rate each session on 5-point star scale so that the organizers can gauge the standard of each session and identify areas in need of improvement.


The app also provides a detailed display of all the speakers attending the event and their respective rating scales, with just the simple input of a few letters in the search box. All information regarding each speaker is displayed in their profiles – also accompanied by individual speaker rating options to facilitate attendee evaluation.

Quick Maps View

In addition to these features, the webMOBI mobile app for Connect ERA also offers the option of using a quick Google Map View, available on the front page along with the event’s venue details. Users can even get a floorplan of the venue and event to get a better visual understanding of the area.

Social Media

Users can also connect with one another through inbuilt social media options such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., where users can connect and receive quick updates on the event.


The front page also includes the option to view the exhibitor’s list. Users can choose a specific exhibitor and their product listing and either favorite them or add notes to their particular listings for future reference.

Contact Us

Finally, what creates the nexus between the organizers and the attendees is the contact us feature; where users can freely share their experiences or another information, grievances, inquiries, and suggestions concerning the event. Upon logging in, attendees can send in any message to the event’s organizers along with their names and email IDs.

Impeccable Back-end Analytics


The Connect ERA mobile app, designed by webMOBI works incredibly well, not just for attendees and delegates but also for the organizers. The app facilitates the event planners, managers and organizers by providing them with comprehensive understandings of the current trends in the market. The app also analyzes and evaluates the event’s performance and offers accurate graphical statistics regarding the number of installations and uninstallations – by region, device, and date – and user frequency. These back-end analytics can help better understand the market and improve upon current and future event strategies.

Know Your Installations

The app has the capacity to track the number of installations, the quality of the installations and create graphical representations of various aspects of all the installs. For example, the number of active devices in which the event’s application is currently installed will be represented graphically keeping in mind the duration of time, thereby aiding the process of self-tracking and evaluation.

Installations By Device

The app offers a customized tracking system across various types of devices. Graphical representations provide users with the total number of installations made across Android phones. This often proves beneficial as once bugs or issues are reported, users can better identify the device configurations based on its version and solve the version­-related/caused issue accordingly.


Installations By Date

The app additionally offers a peek into the number of installations on one particular day. By keeping a note on such information, users can create a strategy to promote the app and the event beyond their immediate boundaries.

By Device 

Organizers can better understand where their app/event stands in the market by studying the comparative tabular columns that display the number of app installs of ‘All Apps in Business’ on a particular day.
Evaluating this competition and the competitor is a key to success. The app also configures pie charts depicting the different Android versions that downloaded the app in order to give a clear overview of the installations.

By Region

A clearer understanding of the number of downloads can be obtained using a territory wise map depiction of the installations. A similar date wise analysis of the number of downloads based on the user’s location is also represented in tabular and pie-chart formats along with the comparison of the number of installations of the all similar Apps in the Business. The tool also provides the Top 10 countries for performing the Business based on the responses shown through installations.

Daily User Installations

The app helps monitor the volatility of the number of installations that happen every day. Supervising these installs every day can offer clearer insights into the effectiveness of the app and the event’s reach in the market.

Tracking Uninstallations

Keeping track of every uninstallation is equally important as monitoring the installations. The most common reason behind an event’s or an app’s failure is more important than the reason behind success, in order to avoid such mistakes in the future. The app consists of tools that offer graphical depictions on the number of uninstallations that occur.

Evaluation Is The Key

The app’s own rating is a significant element in evaluating the app’s performance and the user’s experience. Receiving a 5-star rating is important for the event as more users will be urged to download the event’s application when its ratings are generally high. The app takes into account of the cumulative and average star ratings and delineates it through a linear graph for analysis.

With a vast number of graphical details and tonnes of optimistic information on the app’s performance, webMOBI has facilitated the success of ConnectEra’s event. We help bring the event platform onto mobile applications and inculcate the transformation of events – a quality that every diligent organizer wishes to experience. And we at webMOBI help deliver its best performance for a triumphant event.


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