Create a Top-Notch Event using Holograms

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What are holograms?

Hologram in an imaging technique that records the light scattered from an object and displays it in a way that appears three dimensional. Hologram examples can be seen in movies such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Iron Man’ etc., but its real time implementation has not yet matched with the expectations or predictions.

Why Holograms in Events?

If you are planning to conduct monotonous events every time with the similar venues, speakers and the same technologies then do not crib if you begin to lose your attendees. You must aim to shun boredom from your event and bring in something absolutely new and astounding like holograms. Most of us have heard about holograms but have we seen them in reality? This could give a totally new perspective to your event and attract more attendees who will be craving to experience a new and exciting technology at your event, thereby increasing the event headcount.

Where and how can Holograms be used in your Event?

A creative organizer would have already given a thought on umpteen number of ways to implement the hologram technology at his event. Here are some of the possible ways though which you can leverage this trending technology.

  • Project your 3D Speaker

Is your speaker unable to make it to the event? No worries. Use Holograms to project your speakers in 3D to your attendees, giving them a totally new and invigorating experience. Hologram deletes the problem of absence of anyone and anything.

  • Attract customers at Art Exhibitions

Allure art lovers at your art exhibition by giving a 3 dimensional view to your portrait or drawing. The possibilities that the viewer will buy your art will be more when compared to a normal art exhibition view.

  • Create VFX to treat the eyes

Create an effect that shows live video and animated content floating around a presenter, event space or set. The presenter will appear to interact with the content as a live hologram. Imagine a situation where the presenter is able to flick large images and videos towards, away and around himself in the air. Isn’t that just mind blowing when compared to normal video or poster or projector screen presentations?

  • Create a room without a room

Don’t have a room to conduct your event? Or do you want to alter the configurations of your room? Create a room of video walls on all sides using Holograms. Also create hologram-based interior decorations to enchant your attendees.

  • Moving Billboards and Marquee Structures

Create giant moving printed billboards, posters and virtual moving structures using holograms and take publicity to the next level. Also make printed floors, stenciled surfaces etc., with holograms.

  • Ostentation of your Company Logo

Brag your company logo and your trending product as a spinning 3D Hologram right outside the venue of your event and capture the attention of people easily.

  • Double Action

Create a scenario where a real speaker or a celebrity talks to a virtual version of themselves to create an astonishing effect on your attendees, leaving them spell bound.

Use the ground breaking 3D holographic technology to completely captivate your audience, multiply the headcount and create loyal attendees. Give your attendees a unique and best experience through holograms.

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