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Word Cloud from the Feedback

Word cloud or tag cloud are graphical representations of the frequency of words that give greater prominence to words that occur more frequently in a source text. The bigger the size of the word in the visual the more common the word would have appeared in the document(s). This type of visualization can assist feedback evaluators with exploratory textual analysis by identifying words that frequently appear in the feedback forms. It can also be used for communicating the most salient points or themes in the reporting stage for your event’s case study.

After having received multiple feedback forms, you may be eager to know the difference of opinions in the minds of your attendees. While Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are the most preferable and favorite form of requesting for feedback, regarding saving time, some customers don’t mind taking the pain of filling out long answers so that they receive a better experience if at all they attend your next event.

For your analysis

The primary reason to have a word cloud generated out of participant’s feedbacks is to have a very foundational understanding of the impact that your event had on your attendees. An overall picture of your event from an attendee’s perspective is a desideratum.

Let the prospective attendees admire

People are on the lookout for reviews about a product or service before availing it. When they encounter this readily available and readable word cloud that acts as a creative way of portraying attendee opinions they may be inspired to convert into prospective attendees.

Useful for case study and research purposes

When a single word is enough to describe the experience created by your event, it means a lot. It creates a platform where one can plunge into identifying reasons for having used a set of words frequently. It paves the way for improvisation regarding user experience, customer satisfaction, etc.

Put it up on social media

Since social media is driven mostly by pictures, a creative way of expressing the opinions of all the attendees through the eye-catchy word clouds can fetch raving reviews, likes, shares, and comments on social media thereby acting as a makeshift marketing tool.

A variety of word and tag cloud generators are freely available all over the internet, and the process for creating them is uncomplicated. Evaluators can only import the feedback documents into a text box, and the tool generates a graphical representation of the words. Most word cloud generators have features that allow users to change colors, font, and exclude common or similar words making it more attractive and entertaining for marketing purposes.


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