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Decoding the Essential Accessories For Your Next Event

Event Management – Essential Accessories

The global modernization of events depicts how important it is to blend the event technology with the standard traditional equipment. It is highly recommended to make the event technology reach the guests. Absolutely, no doubt you will be working towards the same goal. If you are making a checklist for event accessories, then scroll down below to know the essential ones.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

In the recent times, the demand has outgrown the technology. With everywhere easy & free Wi-Fi access, it becomes an absolute must to provide for all guests at all events. A Wi-Fi connection will be the heart of your event and will stimulate a smooth program functioning.

Opt for an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network, and it should allow your guests to connect their devices (including mobile, tablet, laptop) and start using them to connect with social media, check emails and stay intact with the event through the updates.

Guest & Event Schedule Tracker

With the Wi-Fi connectivity, it would be easy to track and monitor the traffic flow of guests at the event. There are many ways to track the attendance, you can directly employ the tracking software and place a mat at the session entrance, or you can go with the badge scanner or only use the app log in at a particular time. It is crucial for the event organizers to evaluate the attendee performance at the same time they need to respect the guest’s privacy. If the event has multiple sessions, then event schedule based tracking becomes essential.

Sound Equipment

Always it is suggested that you re-check and ensure whether the audio equipment is working well. Nobody wants to be annoyed by the dodgy acoustics while engaging in a real discussion or attending a session. So, be sure you have installed the best in technology microphones, sound control systems, amplifiers, and speakers.

Plasma TV’s and Projectors

Hire some of the latest plasma TV with 40” inches+ screens for showcasing your portfolio at the entrance. Use 60”inches+ screen TV for the event presentations. Projectors have become a must in most corporate events. So, hire them based on the sessions and use LCD’s to replicate what’s displayed with a projector.

Digital Security with CCTV

For the security purposes, CCTV’s are installed at most public gathering places. Not just it would ensure safety but will also allow the event organizers to gather the efficient marketing data.

Lighting and Furniture

It may sound traditional to check for lighting and furniture at events, but you know what it turns out to be the toughest challenge to arrange at any events. For trade shows the lighting should be unique, the light focus should be on products, for a corporate meeting good & even lighting is required. Most the time guests sit in the chair for more than hour, it is suggested you invest in hiring right and appropriate furniture. For company meeting, you can organize chairs along with tables, for a conference you will need to arrange only chairs and trade shows doesn’t require many chairs.

You will be surprised to see the response of the audience, and this is the best way to market and win your next big business.


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