Develop in-house vs. platform ? A dynamic WebMobi solution.

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A smarter interface for a smarter world. The creation of event applications have become an indispensable requirement for various companies and enterprises. Event apps, such as the ones that you can build using the WebMobi platform, provide convenience and satisfaction to all customers. Now, the very moment that an enterprise or SME epitomizes on an event to be held, a concurrent dilemma arises. To outsource this process of building the mobile app? Or to hire technically proficient and experienced people to work in-house and bring out the perfect product. Either of the options provide a paradox in itself. As both present themselves with a long trail of merits and demerits, the dilemma yearns for a pragmatic solution.

Well here’s an immense platform that offers just that! The WebMobi mobile app creation platform. Taking into account all the pertinent factors such as convenience, time, cost and most importantly, customers, WebMobi emphasizes on eliminating the very need to develop in-house or to outsource the process of making an event app. Offering cross-platform optimisations, simplified Customer Engagement Platform, easy processing and an unhinged freedom from the hassle of coding, anybody, even a person with the lack of technical know-how, can develop mobile apps instantly using WebMobi.

Developing an event app in-house; from scratch, could appear to be the sensible option, but there are a lot more intricacies in this regard. A mobile event app demands that it be developed as soon as possible. As it’s only then that the marketing can start. Using a platform guarantees that the app can be developed within the specified time (days), in fact faster. Now, since the whole presentation and content of the application is decided by the enterprise itself, total control is a fix. In a general sense, you can reap the benefits of an in-house app development indirectly, just by using the WebMobi platform, and also let go of any concerns of time constraints.

Device environments are never constant. Every 10 months a new smartphone-upgrade hits the market. Be it in-house or outsourcing, the time taken to build an app usually spans months and by the time the app for an event is launched and marketed, it becomes too late. New device capabilities, form-factors, OS Updates and various other quintessential elements are missed out on. Thereby resulting in the strong criticism of a novel idea; to create an event app. WebMobi enables you to work on that novel idea, and implement it in no time. Critics can only stay mum and marvel at the app built in such a small amount of time. All this, while having no in-house or outsourcing conflicts.

If there’s anything that globalisation and technology has inadvertently achieved, it is the widespread generation of new ideas regarding various ways by which an app can be created. Be it the CEO of a well established company or the guy working at the mail-room, nobody’s short of ideas. It’s highly important that your idea for an event app is implemented as soon as possible. WebMobi is a stark torch-bearer in the event app creation market where your ideas can take wings. If you don’t launch yours soon, someone else will as speed is the biggest distinguished feature.

Consumers interested in downloading various apps have a varied lack of attention. It is found that less than 22% of the users return back to the app after the first download, thereby making it very difficult to garner their mind space. The WebMobi platform can be used to ensure an enticing experience for every user while using your event app. The SaaS Platform grants you the option of subscribing to the WebMobi experience on a monthly or a yearly basis. WebMobi specialization includes engaging the user with a hook factor that can make your service sticky.

Apart from these distinguished features of the platform, the one that tops it all would be the flexibility of sending out push messages. Push notification feature provided by the WebMobi platform, allows you to send out notifications and reminders to the app users at your convenience. There is no need of the app developer or app maintenance to handle this for you. This give an edge to WebMobi’s app creation platform over the in-house production.

In umpteen ways such as the ones stated above, every limitation possessed by the in-house methods or the outsource saga, WebMobi hopes to inspire unprecedented ways in creating mobile event apps that exhibit the very high levels of standard that your company prides itself on. After all, every event is an opportunity to prove a company’s mettle, and WebMobi can guarantee nothing short of excellence.

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