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How Drones can make your Event Attendees Dumbfounded! 7 Best ways to Use Drones at Events!

Flying drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are finding its way into the event industry apart from its use in defense. The impact that drones can make on event attendees is unimaginably high. There are innumerable ways through which event organizers can put these drones to use and display their creativity.

1. Register Attendees using Face Recognition

The burdensome manual registration process can be easily avoided with the use of drones. Several face recognition technologies and algorithms such as Principal Component Analysis, Neural Networks, etc., have evolved and these can be easily embedded in drones to detect and identify attendees by their faces. They need not stand in a queue to wait for their face to be detected. While they walk in to the event their faces can be detected and their social media pictures can be correlated, matched and hence their names, contacts etc., can be loaded into the database making the tedious registration process seem expedient.

2. Capture important moments

The entry of a celebrity, the speaker, enthusiastic attendees, exquisite decorations, unique and astounding structures; capture them all through the flying drones and link it directly to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Drones give the opportunity to click photographs from all possible angles giving your images a unique perspective. You can also record your full event including speaker insights, attendee reactions etc., using the drones.

3. Drone Delivery

Amazon has proposed a new style of delivery system that would transform the whole delivery process. The system that uses drones, called Prime Air, a future delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using these small unmanned aerial vehicles.
Drones have a great potential to enhance the services provided in events to the attendees such as rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the delivery system.

4. Serve Food using Drones

We have heard the phrase ‘Love in the Air’. Now, imagine ‘Food in the Air’. Let your attendees order the food over your event’s mobile app, send the data to the drones and let the drones pick up the parceled food from the table and deliver it to the corresponding attendees. When your attendees would be expecting a hotel server or waiter, you surprise them with the drones.

5. A Preview to the Event Venue! Make your event go Live!

The drones can take the attendees on a virtual tour around the venue of your event for those attendees who are participating over the web. This is way better than simple pictures of the event. You can also provide a Live Streaming Access to those who aren’t able to make it physically to your event.

6. Double the Entertainment Factor

It is definitely going to be intriguing to see drones flying all over and performing during the event for the attendees. An aberration from the regular event conduction style is necessary to get the attendees stuck to their seats and not let boredom overtake their minds. These drones are definitely going to act as an amazing entertainment tool and will surely attract a large audience.

7. Advertisements and Sponsorships

Since drones are already a unique add on to the event, when ad banners, posters etc, are hung around the flying object it is bound to capture attendee attention. This is what the sponsors of your event are looking out for. This type of marketing would adjure the sponsors to invest more in your event, to make it all the more special. Overall, your event will leave the attendees spell bound.


The list of possibilities goes on and could be limited only by human imagination. The number of miracles that drones can do to your event is uncountable. Give your attendees a new and best experience so that they turn up at your upcoming events.


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