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Event Management in 21st Century

Event Management

Event Management can be defined as a process involving effective planning and coordinating an event (conferences, webinar, fests, concerts, etc.). Managing an event can be successful only when the below-listed factors are taken into consideration.

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Selection of Venue
  • Acquiring permits (if necessary/needed)
  • Arranging for speakers
  • Taking care of the decor
  • Managing the event security
  • Catering
  • Collaborate with the third party vendors
  • Backup/Emergency Plan

A successful managing of an event is not just dependent on the number of years a company has organized events. Past success alone does not guarantee success in present ventures as market dynamics evolve continuously necessitating different strategies to be adopted for success.

The essential tools that are needed for a successful event is,

1. Technology

We are in a digital era, and the recent trend in event management has noticed the use of mobile applications. Webmobi is an event app which has a range of uses,

  • Contains information about the event – Agenda, Speakers, and Venue Details,
  • Audience engagement through Q&A, live chats and instant messaging, their opinions and suggestions
  • Notify the attendees through push messages, alerts, live updates, etc,.
  • Participants can use the app to register, send an RSVP and know the details about the event.

2. Marketing

Making the world know about the event is important. Publicizing the event will help to garner more audience who might be genuinely interested in the event. There is a various way to market an event.

  • Social media plays an important role. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, can be used to sell an event. Email marketing can also be done by sending bulk emails to the existing customers.
  • The traditional style of marketing can also be used. News media, hoarding, pamphlets, TV/radio commercials, Can be used to market an event.
  • Companies can also speak about an event during a product launch or through promotional events.

3. Event site/Venue of the event

An event can be successful if the venue of the event is right. Monitoring all the aspects of the event venue is crucial. It is important to have a “Sustainable Event Management.”

  • The event has to be held in a responsible way and have a concern for the environment
  • The organizers have to instruct the suppliers and other third party vendors and suppliers to about sustainable development.

4. Live Updates

Keep the attendees updated about ongoing of the event. Through social media or the event management app.

  • Provide more information about the company, especially the facts that the attendees/audience aren’t aware.
  • Give speaker details as this will help the attendees know more about the person addressing the event.
  • Let the audience know the details of the food that is being served to them at the event.

Providing these necessary details will help in building a bond with the audience.

5. Opinions/Suggestions from Audience

After the completion of an event, ask the attendees to share their experience. This will help the companies to enhance their prospects. Even though the suggestion may sound “silly,” try and incorporate these ideas into the next event to garner some positive reviews.

The event manager or the event planner is under constant stress since as managing different aspects related to the event are not a simple task. With an availability of software application which runs on multiple platforms simplifies the event manager’s job.

Make your event a grand success!


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