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5 Tips for Event Planner

Planning an event, running the errands, and pulling off a spectacular show are the 3 stages of a successful event. The art of organising and conducting an event is exquisite, but it varies from organiser and company. Few strive on the traditional methods whereas a few are tech geeks who would like to inculcate something new and to trend. The only way to make an event successful is by appealing to the audience, giving the attendees an unparallel-unmatched experience!

webMOBI has created mobile apps for many corporate events like conferences, sales meetings, trade shows and expo. With the onset of each event, the webMOBI team gets to understand, learn the market requirements, audience/attendees’ needs, company’s expectations and more.

With experience, exposure and developing event apps for different verticals, we have curated event management tips for event planners to help them organise their event better.


  • E-paper

Why burden yourself with brochures and other details printed on a paper that would eventually find its way to the trash can! An event app comes in handy which would relatively cost you lesser than printing brochures and invitations.

An event app would have end to end solutions like registration, event details, attendee management, schedules, a list of event speakers/guests and more.


  • In-app messaging

An event comes with baggage – Queries from attendees! When a massive event is organised, the people who are interested in attending the event would have a lot of queries and attending to each is cumbersome. With in-app messaging on the event app, you can instantly connect with the audience to solve their queries; also the attendees can help each other, grow their network and talk about your event.


  • Social Media Integration

We like to let the world know about us, be it a new pair of sneakers or a dinner at a fancy place, we love being the centre of attraction. Social media is instrumental in making that happen and how! Integrating your even app with social media will help you amplify the event’s ongoing. Updating about your event on social media can contribute to garner more attention from the audience and also gives you a pathway to connect more people who haven’t downloaded the event app or know of your event.


  • Surveys & Feedback

Suggestions and opinions matter a lot in event management industry. Reviews and feedbacks help an event planner to know if attendees liked their event and get insights on how the future events may be improved or modified to suit the attendee’s liking.


  • Analytics

The most important feature of an event app is Analytics. An event planner can track the engagement data. Since an event is all about getting more attendees, their likings and disliking do matter, a lot. With real-time analytics on feedbacks and surveys, an event planner can concentrate more on detrimental features listed by the audience.


There has been a considerable change in the event management industry and in this digital era, blending the event management with technology has become mandatory. Event planners can opt for event app, which would minimise the hectic operations and instead give you more time in indulging with the audience and making your event tech-savvy!


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