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In the contemporary society and the fast-paced business culture, hosting, planning and managing events bereft of the support of event networking tools and software becomes an ineffective and arduous set of tasks for both the organizer as well as the prospective delegates. Customers have an ever augmenting desire for more personalized and interactive tools that comprehensively guide them through events. This task of meeting the expectations becomes the central doctrine for any event manager or organizer.

Managing the attendees

It becomes the single handed responsibility of the event organizer to ensconce all the potential attendees, create a good rapport and maintain an everlasting connection so as to boost the attendance of a meeting. A diligent organizer would give a structured look to the event, beginning with the registration process, ticketing, creating the agenda, providing information on speakers and more, till the valediction. Beyond the fundamentals, a smart organizer would opt for the technology that would enhance his reach to a larger customer base in a simpler method.

Personalized communication

Inculcating personalization in the online marketing campaigns can give a kick start to the initial ticket sales and fulfill the registration goals. Categorizing the content based on the type of the attendee, i.e. are they new or past attendees or speakers etc., using the attendees name in the subject line (in an email or social network) and phrases like ‘welcome back’ (in the case of past attendees) so as to grab their attention and create an amicable feeling, and other similar online marketing strategies, amplifies the chances of potential customers to register.

Data Management

Accumulation of enormous amount of data that includes multitudes of spreadsheets of attendee information, speaker details, registration details etc, is part of an organizer’s life. Handling such vital but large information single-handedly is conspicuously chaotic. Utilizing event management software tools, like smart lists, can help categorizing customers, ease the updating process, puts the information in a nut shell, gives it a structured format and becomes user friendly.

Stick to Trending Technologies – Beacons

Beacons are one of the latest and trending communication tools that leverage mobile technology and proximity. The uniqueness of beacons is that they allow messages to be targeted to specific people at the correct time and location. The strategic combination of beacons combined with mobile apps that cater to event management goals, helps the customers receive instant notifications on their smart phones and be updated.

Events that happen on a large scale are usually tedious to manage and become logistically complex. Beacon-enabled path finding, allows organizers to align the logistics and transform the navigation process into GPS style guidance. Beacons also allow like-minded people to be connected if they are in a certain level of proximity, notifications pop up so as to enable a chance to meet, thus creating a bond between the attendees and increasing their chances to return. Moreover, if there are any updates or changes encountered either in the logistics or agenda etc, either before or during the event, immediate alerts are sent to the attendees and guidelines can be mentioned to mollify the issue. It is also important to note that quick feedback is required to get an understanding about the customer’s experience with beacons; it must not end up irritating the users with beacon-triggered notifications.


Contextual networking and position-based technologies like beacons, sensors and mobile applications possess the potential to generate great experience for the stakeholders of the event. Similar to Heisenberg’s Principle, it is the position and time which is tapped by these technologies that proves to be of utmost importance for any event organizer. The most successful organizer is the one who focuses on cutting technologies to provide the best experience rather than limiting to only event management.

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