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Evolution of Event Technology: Present & Future Trends

The Event technology has evolved tremendously in the past decade. With just two decades of its existence, it has been proved yet again that with technology coming in handy, the way events are organized have become simple and easier to manage.

A Sneak Peek into 90’s & early 2000’s:

Making people gather for an event was not easy one back then. The event organizers had to plan, prepare and send the invite cards to the attendees and guests individually, accounting for maximum time consumption in the planning & inviting process. Various events organized where those for either an organization or conference for people in the same profession (e.g.: doctors, scientists, engineers & others) or a seminar of recent innovations or an award function or a charity & fundraising. Thus, on the day of the event, it would involve the whole team of event organizers to follow-up with every minute-to-minute happening and update the gathering. Coordinating and operating the event was definitely not easy with just maintaining the register log of the attendees and happening. All events whether successful or not always made people demand for a better system to plan, organize, monitor and execute events.

Evolution of the industry:

When the social connections was happening through the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, the event management was advancing in technology with them. By creating a page in the Facebook and tagging the attendees made the invitation process a simple one. Invitations are being sent to invitees through Facebook & LinkedIn. As per statistical survey, the social channels serve a 70% of impact creators for the event with Facebook being the major contributor.


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Mobile Apps in Event Management:

Event organizers have moved a step ahead with the mobile apps coming into the scenario. The mobile apps is a blessing to event technology. The rapid growth of mobile usage across the globe has enabled the use of mobile apps for such events. As the apps are not just used to invite the attendees, it provides the attendees information on the event, gives them the overview of schedule & manage their day, allows them to stay updated on the current happenings associated with the event, provides them a platform to interact with the other attendees, allows them to share their tweets, posts and much more.


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