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Exposing some Fruitless Online Event Marketing Strategies!

In the contemporary technological world, frenzied-marketing through multitudes of online platforms has become the vogue that is expected to fetch public attention quickly and expediently. Well-emerged into this craze for using social media and other free digital marketing techniques, the traditional offline marketing tactics have gone into a state of oblivion. The hype for such use of digital marketing has put a cessation to the possible questions on its effectiveness. Are we blindly following the goats in front of us? Are we wasting our time, money and resources on online marketing? Are we carried away by mob mentality?

What are some of the inconsequential online event marketing strategies and myths?

  • Sources and statistics show that the number of paid search click-through rates (CTRs) worldwide is hardly making any significant numbers. One major reason behind this is that most ads may not be relevant to the context of the webpage that the user is currently viewing. Moreover, most of us do not tend to click on the ads that are displayed because it is the human’s envious tendency not to click the ads, knowing that money goes to another human.
  • A great majority of the organic clicks are highly involved within the top and trending search results thereby making the other options futile. Even though key words are matched and an umpteen number of links are provided by Google, we again as humans, shackled by the constraints of time are incredibly lazy to look beyond the first few links provided by the search results.
  • Bulk emails and general email event marketing advocate for their own inefficacy. Gmail itself has a feature that segregates marketing and promotional emails from the normal emails and puts them in a separate folder. Now, a literate user would naturally not be bothered to see the emails when it directly appears on his regular new feed; having isolated such emails, he/ she is going to treat them like spam making those promotional messages useless.

But, yes, there are several organizations and events that have found success through digital marketing. Ads on webpages have been useful to some extent. However, if you don’t entice the right kind of visitor, then that visitor might leave, not viewing or attending your event. You, on the other hand, will lose that potential attendee, and in the process lose the opportunity of many more prospective attendees invited by his friends and family members.
Hence this seemingly overrated digital propaganda must be used wisely to drill out the best profits and attendees for your events.

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