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Go Green With Your Events

While the events industry has been expanding at an unmatchable pace in the past years, its effect on the environment has increasingly become more prominent. As a result, there is a greater emphasis and need for sustainable and innovative methods of event planning. The event planning sphere is experiencing a shift, in moving away from reputations of wastefulness and over-consumption.
For example, IMEX America hosted sustainability guide that contained numerous ways in which attendees, buyers, and exhibitors could be environmentally conscious and responsible during the event. Some of their key strategies implemented included badge recycling programs, using USB sticks instead of brochures, and consulting with “green” experts.
Technological advancements in mobile technology have been making it easier for companies and organizations to cut down on their carbon footprints. webMOBI has successfully created a platform that has facilitated planners and organizers reduce the consumption of their resources across all events. So here’s why “going green” has been a top priority for the events industry.

Using Online Event Management Tools

With over 70% of all printed material eventually heading to the trash cans, it is more imperative than ever for event companies to incorporate a system that helps reduce the consumption levels from the very beginning stages of planning and coordination. A central event management system helps yield incredible benefits from sustainable technology and conduct money-saving and earth-friendly events.
Some examples include event-specific mobile applications that can quickly replace paper pamphlets and catalogs.

Mobile Event App Tech

Mobile friendly event apps have proved as a standard means of sharing, scheduling, and networking. The primary environmental advantage that it offers every organization and planner is the reduced reliance on printing and shipping. Additionally, it also poses as a prominent method for favorable ROI rates. Attendees can contact organizers, other attendees, and exhibitors in easy and compelling ways, while sponsors can utilize mobile tech as valuable sales and brand building platforms. Additionally, advertising revenue can now easily be replaced by internal banner ads that can link users directly to the sponsor’s website or pages.

Going Green via Tech     

Here other small yet effective ways in which you can go green for your next event:                                

1. Use accommodation properties within walking distance of the conference to save on transportations costs and emissions.
2. Donate your extra supplies and resources to local institutions to avoid waste and facilitate re-use.
3. Use signage and resources that are more perennial, and minimize on the themed and one-time use signs.
4. Seek sponsors that underwrite your eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives.
5. E-marketing techniques to promote your events and conferences.
6. Online website or mobile based registrations to negate paper-based filings.

How Expensive Will This Be?

Organizations and planners in the events industry often fear that the costs of adding environmentally known methods into the workflow might end up outweighing the benefits. However, this does not stand right for adopting innovative tech. From mobile applications to online registrations to website ads, event-based tech is associated with a successful reduction in the overall costs of an event. As of current times, sustainability is not just a means of becoming better corporate citizens, but also a way to generate environmental awareness and accountability for our society and future generations.

And for event managers and planners, going green can offer a distinct competitive advantage in the market. Ultimately, using the right tech and mobile event apps are a step in the right direction to increasing efficiency in event planning and coordination.


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