Guerilla Marketing for your event! The Next Level of Creativity!

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There are innumerable means of promoting an event, but its efficacy and reach to the audience is always doubtful. Among the various marketing methods present and practiced, Guerilla Marketing is known to make a great impact when performed right. Through Guerrilla marketing your event can be promoted with meager expenses in a newfangled way and literally grab the attention of a wide range of audience. In order to accomplish this strategy one must possess a great flow of distinct ideas, wild imagination and a great deal of energy. A smart and diligent organizer would discover ways through which he can promote his event without spending too much and also include mad publicity.

Examples of Guerilla Marketing

Kit-Kat’s implementation of Guerilla marketing adds a mixture of humor to it. Converting a public chair into something this creative is definitely bound to attract people.


McDonalds decided to cross all boundaries to create a frenzied way to promote their brand by depicting French fries to be zebra crossing lines.


Advantages of Guerilla Marketing:

  • Unforgettably WOW!

To understand the advantages of guerilla marketing over mere public marketing campaigns, one must be able to identify the subtle differences between them. Public rallies include billboards, placards etc., while guerilla marketing inculcates various techniques that enable a direct mode of connection and communication with the audience. Ideally the latter aims at striking the emotional factor in the attendees and makes the event and the strategy, in itself memorable or rather unforgettable.

  • Become the talk of the town

Once you have created a massive impact on the attendees of your event, they are not only going to remember it forever but will also have the feeling to share their amazing experience through this strategy with their friends, family and connections. This is going to not only make your event popular but also give your event or organization (if any) a brand name or could make you as an organizer a celebrity.

  • Low on Investment

This awesome stratagem requires a huge amount of wit and intellectual investment rather than monetary investment. With a high flow of creativity one can achieve great success through guerilla marketing.  Cheap and best, this strategy is considered the most cost-effective way of publicity.

All you need to do is understand the public’s/ your attendees’ mentality and catch them at their regular spots and give them surprises. Typically you create an unconventional, potentially interactive marketing strategy and target your attendees at unexpected places!

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