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HR Summit 2016! India’s Biggest HR Event

The Institute of HRD, a Member of International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO) U.K, will be conducting the Mumbai HR Summit 2016 on May 27-28, 2016 at Ramada Powai, Mumbai, India. In this HR Summit various Human Resources professionals from India, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East are expected to participate and exchange innumerable ideas and thoughts on the theme ‘Future of Talent Management’.


The Institute of HRD, the Human Capital Management organization founded in the year 1995, aims at providing world class Human capital management solutions, including Consulting, Research, Behavioral Assessment, Training and Development solutions to the leading organizations in India, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It is associated with some of the top trainers and training institutions all over the world to offer latest corporate training programmes and human resources assessment and development solutions.


What were the requirements? How was it met?

The institute of HRD required a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by its events. The difficulties include,

  • Managing Registration
  • Attracting Sponsorship
  • Elaboration of event details
  • A comprehensive website
  • Means to reach the public
  • Simplified attendee engagement
  • And more….


All these requirements are met with the help of Webmobi’s seamless event hosting platform. The website designed and developed by Webmobi, the best event management solution provider, covers all the essential aspects for an event to seek success.
Here are some of the detailed analysis of how Webmobi discovered all the pain points and catered to it.


User-Friendly Web Interface

The HR Summit website comprises wonderfully attractive designs, simple scroll navigation, exquisite sliders, swift animations and a user friendly interface. The website thus becomes accessible to anybody and everybody.


Easy Registration

The Register Now button present on the right hand top corner of the HR Summit Page navigates to a screen that prompts essential details such as Name, Company, Designation etc., to sign up for the event, post which the attendee will be able to login with their respective login-credentials.

There are two primary options provided.

  1. Register for Event:After filling the details the attendees receive an OTP (One Time Password) to the mobile number that they provided while filling the online registration form. When this Register for Event button is clicked, real time authentication process through the OTP takes place, via the SEND OTP button, after which the OTP verification takes place.HR Summit Registration
  2. Proceed to Payment:This button navigates to the Event Tickets Page where a fast, reliable and secure payment gateway assists the entire transaction process. Here the Information regarding the ticket price is displayed and the overall rate is calculated depending on the number of tickets to be purchased and the number of events.
    Separate section for Indian Delegates and International Delegates is provided where the currency varies from INR to Dollars.
    Payment options include Net banking and Credit/ Debit Card.Payment

Gallery Slider

Reminiscence is a key factor to strike in the minds of the past attendees, the best moments. Webmobi smartly provided a gallery slider which displays all the captured moments of the previous year’s event in the form of a simple slider.

Quickly Become a Partner or Show your Interest

The Become a Partner button dynamically clinging on the right hand side of the website when clicked throws a popup onto the screen asking you to fill in details to become a partner within seconds. The I am Interested option is the best, easiest and quickest way of conveying attendees interest towards the event.HR Summit Partners

Pictorial Speaker Details

Usually speaker details are just listed out to the attendees of any event. The HR Summit Website offers a speaker details section wherein all the facial images of the speakers are displayed and when the mouse is hovered over the image of a speaker, it slides up and displays his name and job profile below the image elegantly. This gives an appealing look not only to the website but also for the event as a whole. Now attendees will identify the speakers immediately by their faces.Speaker details

Sliding Sponsors

A deft slider with left-right navigation buttons displays all the sponsors of the event. One click on any of the sponsor images in the slider navigates the user to the sponsor’s website. This handy tool creates a feeling of trust in the sponsors.HR Summit Sponsors

Beautifully-Explained Agenda and Themes

Complete details about the event is elaborated in a step-wise format with logos for each subsections or sub-sessions of the event. Symbolically conveying that the subthemes revolve around five major topics, the website presents to the user the different subthemes or topics of discussion in the event.Theme

The agenda for the two-day event is explained using a simple Day1, Day2 tab that lists the different sessions of the event and its corresponding time of conduction, maintaining the aethetics.

Hr summit agenda


Upper Menu Navigation

As soon as the HR Summit page is opened the menu on top has all the tabs that directly navigates the user to the respective screens making the website all the more user friendly.

HR Summit Menu

Quick Venue-Locator

With an Embedded Google Maps in the More Information section of the website, that can be moved and adjusted with two fingers or the mouse pointer makes the process of locating the venue a cake walk.

The venue section of the page provides an option of navigating to the More Information section or directly takes the user to Google Maps page where one can navigate from their location easily

.More info

HR Summit 2016 Venue





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