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Event Management – How to keep track of your Event Hashtags?

Hashtags are the latest rage in social media. Tagging a phrase or a word with a hash symbol (#) makes the content in the post visible to the people with similar interests. Hashtags can be used as a marketing tool or a branding tool or just to start a trend!

In Event Management, Hashtags are pertinent to keep attendees engaged on social media platforms, and it is equally important for event organizers to keep a track on event hashtags that have been shared. Whether the hashtags replicated, share a positive or negative description, or the shared hashtags are unrelated to your event? However good or bad the responses may be, it is the responsibility of an organizer to monitor these hashtags in a nifty way.

Here are some tools that enable event organizers to keep track of event hashtags:

This is a fantastic platform wherein if a user keys in a word, it gives the most accessible and relevant usage of that word in hashtags across various platforms. An initial basic model produces a cloud of related hashtag words.

Webmobi - hashtagifyWebmobi - hashtagify

Through the hashtag walls generated by this website, one can quickly have a glance at the various comments, tweets, etc., related to the hashtags and thereby easily identify the overall opinion of audiences.

Tweetreach allows the user to similarly enter a keyword to search for and produces all the possibilities of the word being used on Twitter in the form of hashtags. You will be able to monitor Tweets about all your topics such as hashtags, brands, accounts, events, etc., in real time, with comprehensive analytics on Twitter reach, performance, and engagement. You can dive deeper into your tweets, measure earned an organic conversation and performed detailed, competitive analysis.

Webmobi - TweetreachWebmobi - Tweetreach

Twubs is a site where you can practically search, register and also brand a particular hashtag. It also has features like moderated tweet walls that you can use for your upcoming event or conference.

Webmobi -Twubs

This site offers deep analysis of a particular word by inspecting its usage across different social media platforms. Providing statistical and analytical information about a hashtag and classifying it as a negative or positive remark or based on other categories on the identification of certain keywords.

Webmobi - Talkerwalker

Throwing a huge world map in front of the user and displaying the trending hashtags around the globe, trends map allows the user to click on the most searched word. You can scroll the maps by dragging to another area or zoom in or out using the plus/minus icons. You can also see where else this topic popular by clicking on the topic within the detail display, or what else are people tweeting about at this location by clicking on the site name. Trendsmap is a creative way of identifying trending topics around the globe.

Webmobi - Trendsmap

Brand Mention is a real-time social media search and analysis. It allows you to enter a keyword and search for it in specific areas such as Blogs, Microblogs, Videos, Images, etc.

Brand Mention analyses different aspects of a keyword including 

  • The strength which is a measure of the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media.
  • The sentiment, which is the ratio of mentions that are usually positive to those that are typically negative.
  • Reach, which is the measure of the range of influence, etc.

It also displays the sources from which these words were mentioned.

Hashtags play a significant role in creating leads for your organization. However, proper monitoring of these hashtags is crucial to a successful online event marketing campaign.


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