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Lily- The flying Camera for your Event

lily flying machine

Want to capture spectacular moments in your event? Does your event have a lot of special stuff to cover? Do you have to hire a professional photographer? No!
Here’s Lily, the durable, automated flying camera, developed by Lily Robotics, that just requires you to drop it from your hands or throw it into the air and there you have a flying camera recording all the special moments in your event.

Wearable Tracking Device

The Lily is a self-flying camera that pairs with a small, wearable beacon it follows to capture footage.A wearable tracking device that uses GPS, enables Lily to keep following you and shoot pictures around you. You as an event organizer can simply go around your event and socialize with people increasing your attendee list while Lily captures not only pictures but also the attention of your audience.

Waterproof Case

Lily can be thrown deep into or well immersed in any water-body and in seconds you’ll see it flying up detecting you and following. Assuming your event revolves around Jet Skiing, Surfing, Rafting, Parasailing, Canoeing, Swimming etc., Lily is the ideal photographer that you should hire or rather purchase. The Lily Camera’s waterproof rating is IP67, which implies that you can take it one meter underwater and it will still perform as expected.

12MP Quality Camera

Lily can take stills with 12MP resolution, 1080p HD video at 60fps (frames per second) and a Slow-motion video at 120fps at 720p. It has both a bottom facing camera and a front facing camera. It can take high-flying selfies that Facebook, Instagram or any other social media has ever seen.

Max Speed 25mph

Lily can fly at a maximum speed of 25mph (40kmph) which means that you can track the players of racing events like marathons, cycling, running etc., in real-time, expediently. It can also withstand an opposing wind speed of 20mph proving that it is brawn and durable. It maintains a minimum flying-altitude of 5ft, a maximum of 50ft above your head and a maximum lateral distance of 100ft away from the user.

Lily Companion App

Available on the platforms namely, iOS and Android, the Lily Companion App allows the user to alter camera settings, create custom shots, edit and share content.

Lily Camera seems to purposefully avoid calling itself a drone, so it very well could become the “flying camera” that those with drone phobia, have been awaiting.

Here’s the official video that proves Lily will produce images that are a feast to the eyes creating a great user experience:

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