Why Mobile app is a must for your Incentive trip ?

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Similar to the events industry, the incentive travel sphere has been expanding at an incredible rate, where a significant emphasis has been placed upon creating connections. Motivating teamwork and appreciating success. More and more organizations are recognizing the value of their workforces and resources, where employees are increasingly looking forward to newer experiences, while companies expect to start developing a more effective way to incentivize hard work. Such incentivized trips can help realign a business’s vision, direction, and efforts. That’s why we at webMOBI have collated a list of types strategies for mobile apps that can help you obtain all those objectives on the next incentive trip your company decides to make. Keep in mind that your ideal trip planning mobile app has to ultimately help you enhance your travel experiences and improve communication among various stakeholders.

1. Creating the right amount of hype
One of the most fundamental pointers one should remember for an incentive trip is that everyone arrives in the hopes of making good memories – and thereby, some good photos. Companies can utilize social media outlets and activity feeds within their mobile apps, where real-time windows and news feeds can offer attendees a chance to share their updates and connect. This way, a larger sense of hype is also built along with making sure that the app intends to enhance the experience of the incentive trip and motivates them to continue attending every year.

2. Keep your channels exclusive
Don’t mix up the business emails and trip notifications. Make sure your app maintains separate communication channels as it helps to remind your employees that this is an incentive trip and not a regular business excursion.

3. Maintaining direction
The ideal mobile app should provide access to your attendees in every aspect possible; this includes, information about the venue, interactive maps and layouts, calendars, and customized schedules. The app would also need to allow for push notifications and email updates to enable attendees to communicate effectively amongst each other and remind them of the following day’s plans.

4. Gamification is the key
Games can be fun and engaging because and more importantly, they help break down broad objectives into smaller and readily achievable tasks. An easily accessible gamification feature on your app can help provide immediate gratification and a sense of accomplishment to your employees.

5. Plan and create ahead of time
By incorporating prospective meetings into the mobile app (as sessions), employees can receive beforehand data about the topics, and gain in-session feedback. This feature can not only improve productivity but also motivate smaller teams to take accountability for specific projects.

6. Always remember to appraise
The true key to a successful incentive trip is to recognize your team’s hard work. The mobile trip app should help you recognize and reward those such performers and could contain special motifs, statuses, ranks, and points. Not only will these features serve as a significant icon of appraisal for your hardworking staff, but they can also end up encouraging and motivating the rest of your group.

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