The Must-Attend annual conferences for event industry professionals in 2018

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The events and meetings industry extends beyond the simplicity of direct inspiration and networking. As an event planner and organizer, the thrill of the line of business comes from the innovative education and exposure to newer and cutting-edge technology. And the best way to obtain this exposure is by actually attending a plethora of events and conferences. With the inherent flow of camaraderie, networking and constant development, there is an unspoken imperativeness when it comes to visiting event industry happenings around you. It provides every delegate with the opportunity to travel, meet potential partners or investors, witness industry leaders at global meetings, and learn new things. But the genuine interest lies in the management aspect of the event itself, almost like an event within an event – something that only an ardent event planner can grasp. And that’s why we’ve collated a list of must-attend events to keep track of every update in the events industry.

1. PCMA Education Conference – JUN 2-5 | 2018
Event planners and enthusiasts are provided with the chance and space to interact with leaders in the industry, who bring refreshing and out-of-the-box opinions and perspectives, at the PCMAE Conference. The event focuses on keeping up with the rapidly changing learning style and expectation of the events world and is to be hosted in NYC – providing a quintessential backdrop for an alternative conference paradigm.

2. ILEA Live – AUG 6-18 | 2018
The ILEA Live is all about the world of business minded and experiential creativity. The educational and collaborative group of sessions aim to create a space for event professionals to build upon their output, strengthen their business frameworks and strategies and explore new options in the industry.

3. The Event Planner Expo – OCT 2-3 | 2018
The popular one-day event is notoriously famous for being a driving and motivational source of activity for members in the meeting and event planning industry. The global meeting offers every attendee with the chance to view more than 150 exhibitors representing some of the most excellent venues and vendors and a network of over 3000 event professionals and planners, high-level decision makers and even CEO’s.

4. IMEX America – OCT 16-18 | 2018
This revered trade show is exemplary to any event conference in the American market. Filled to the brim with inspiring speakers, mindblowing exhibits and an endless abyss of networking opportunities. The conference is ideal for business professionals, corporate event managers and CEO’s – who can attend sessions and seminars conducted by the PCMA Business School and Associate Leadership forum, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5. IBTM World – NOV 27-29 | 2018
The IBTM World event emphasizes on the three pillars of event management – education, business and networking. As it is set to host a large community of international suppliers and buyers, the IBTM World event strives to direct businesses into a future of high yielding prospects. Attendees will end up joining over 15,500 industry professionals to discover new spheres of event design, business, and technology.

6. The Special Event – FEB 1-3 | 2018
It says so in its name; audiences are in for a three-day extravaganza of exclusive sessions, seminars, and entertainment in the colorful city of New Orleans. Considered one of the largest trade shows and conferences, the special event is famous for catering to a plethora of event planners and professionals across the country – ranging from wedding planners to corporate event heads.

7. BizBash Live – MAY 16/ JUL 18/ FALL | 2018
Soon to be hosted in three cities this year, the BizBash Live is an event that attracts thousands of event creators within prime urban cities. Saturated with workshops, luncheons, and exhibits, the conference offers the perfect opportunity to gain a holistic and immersive experience into the developments in the events industries.

8. National Planning Conference – APR 21-24 | 2018
The National Planning Conference indeed absorbs the vibes of New Orleans and executes an inevitably fun and innovative show. This event allows for a comprehensive learning session for the upcoming developments in the industry. It’s one of the few conferences that tap into the CSR functions of every event creator; discussing new ways of minimizing their vulnerability to natural hazards.

9. MPI’s World Education Congress – JUN 19-22 | 2018
To be hosted in the glorious neon city of Las Vegas, Nevada, The World Education Congress is MPI’s signature annual conference that brings together some of the world’s most prominent industry leaders and peers. The event provides its audiences with leading facilities and education in event marketing and creates a space for easy-flowing and prospective networking opportunities.

10. ALSD Conference and Tradeshow – JUL 10-13 | 2018
This event is punctuated with networking chances, entertainment, and top-class educational seminars, and it is 27 years strong. Noted to expect more than 100 speakers and exhibitors, the ALSD Conference and Tradeshow is a must-visit for every event planner and enthusiast.

11. SITE Young Leaders Conference – OCT 8-9 | 2018
Prepping to be hosted in the city of Las Vegas, the SITE Young Leaders Conference is an event specifically designed and sculpted for bringing together millennials from across the globe to engage in cultural and educational exchanges, to further drive individual audience members who wish to pursue a career in the events industry.

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