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Olden-day Event Marketing Strategies that are still Golden!

The days when such trending, cutting edge technologies were not even expected by the common, the concept of marketing existed. The modern society has forgotten the gravity of effective offline marketing strategies and its prolific results.

What are some of those old offline strategies that can still pull off your event?

  • Propagate your event through other events

The most ideal place to market your event would be at another event that has a theme and set of audience analogous to yours. Here you have discovered a set of people who have dedicated their time to attend a theme of your interest and if they are hunting for more events that are germane to the topic of discussion in the current event then there you go: a whole lot of your upcoming event’s attendees are ready.
Sometimes it might be difficult to get your event publicized concomitantly with an ongoing event. You need prior permission to do your promotions on a large scale so as to make it effective. You could initiate this process by contacting the event organizer to get to know if they’re willing to try cross promotion or co-promotion between events. Through this method if you incur some expenses for reasons like setting up stalls etc., you could easily circumvent it by making the most number of registrations for your event.

  • Pamphlets and Brochures

While there is a preponderance of customers throwing away brochures on the floor or utilizing it as a substitute for tissue papers, some sense of hope for these pamphlets still exists with few small businesses. These small but smart businesses use the situation and context to handover these pamphlets to attendees. In the previous proposed method, relevant pamphlets distributed during the event can allure attendees to a great extent. The pamphlets that you create to publicize your event must be suited to the location and time of its issue to the public.

  • Word of Mouth

Way before the existence of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there existed people who actually talked to each other face to face. The feeling of trust is created in people when it is spoken out in words to them. They receive the words and digest the information better than any other mode of communication. But the question that arises here is, how can one get people talking about your event to others?There are several ways to get this going. For instance, people are more likely to spread the word about your event when you have hired an enthralling speaker or entertainer.Or if they were so enchanted by previous year’s stupendous event that they pass on the information about your event to everyone they know.

  • Marketing through Organizations

Promotional activities through professional associations and organization spaves a negotiable path for a win-win situation. The audience are welcoming to the communications and recommendations that they receive from the organization and quite often require monetary resources to fund their own events. To find this method fruitful one must align the central dogma of his/ her event with the organizational goals. This would make your event commensurate with the organization’s standards and allows you to avail new avenues to promote your event. When partnered with an association or organization one must ensure that both the parties need to understand and find value in the relationship so that you could approach this association later for other similar events.

  • Utilize Speaking Events and Similar Platforms

It is mandatory or rather by default, that most of the people present in the event industry are eloquent. They have an inveterate predilection for public speaking. Now, this is a boon because anyone belonging to the industry will be able to deliver a speech with commendable rhetoric on their upcoming event in during other events. The best part of speaking events is that you will be seen as a knowledgeable person of high authority and a subject matter expert, and thus, all the information that you have elaborated on stage verbally will be listened and valued by your audience carefully. It is up to you as a good orator to put forward the theme and importance of your event in an ideal manner to the receptive audience and make the most out of the opportunities.

  • Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing is an advertising stratagem that aims at low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield best results.This alternative advertising genreis based on inimitable iconoclastic marketing strategies that need a great level of enthusiasm and imagination. This form of marketing stupefies the customer and creates a lot of social buzz.Guerrilla marketing is often ideal for relatively small events that require a large audience without burning much of the monetary resources. For example, creative street art or funny and thought provoking stickers on public benches, walls, vehicles that are related to your events can grab public attention quickly and this would push them to talk about your event with others, thereby spreading the word!

The drop in offline event marketing/ promotion tactics doesn’t mean that it works no more. It provides a new platform through which a canny organizer will be able to gather a great number attendees for his event.



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