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Event Planning – Significance of Feedback

Event Planning

Event Planning and Management is a well-established industry and is still growing. Being a multi-million dollar business and with events being hosted so often the industry is rising at the rate of 150% every year. This mounting industry is encouraging the event planners to be at their best. One can easily relate to the product or a service if it is custom made. Hence it becomes very necessary in the event planning sector to understand what the event is for, to who is it addressed and who is going to benefit from such event.

Event planning survey

Although some call it a pre-event feedback the purpose is to understand the requirements of the event. A survey helps an event planner to identify the number of people attending the event, their likes and dislikes, the purpose of organizing an event and so on.

Although the survey may not foretell about the success of the event, it gives a lot of information on the inclusions and what is not to be covered in the event. Moreover, certain points that really make an event triumphant are asking the attendees about,

  • The venue that they prefer
  • Speaker, they are looking for
  • Any noticeable tasks they want to cover, etc.

Making the event personalized will make the event a great success. This can be achieved by spending some time in collecting information from the attendees before planning the event.

Post event feedback

The only way to understand the reaction of the audience about the event is by receiving feedback post an event. This practice will tell if the event was a hit or not. In case there is anything that did not appeal the audience, it can be taken care in the future. This post event feedback can act as a pre-event feedback for the upcoming events. Necessary questions to be covered under post event feedback can be,

  • About the venue
  • Response to the speaker
  • Aesthetics
  • Promptness of the event planning staff (just to name a few)

This is crucial as it can make or break an event planning brand; it can create brand recognition and awareness.

Technical feedback

The entire world is heading towards being paperless, so why not event planning. Technology is also being used in planning or rather providing information to the audience attending an event. Certain things like the venue map, agenda of the event, keynote speakers addressing the audience, etc. are usually covered under the app developed for the event. It is vital to understand the opinion of the attendees who have used the app. This is a very essential part of collecting feedback from everybody using the app is not tech-savvy. One should know how to receive technical feedback from non-technical users.

Considering the opinions of people attending the event and their reaction after the event plays a decisive role in the success. The attendees are more likely to remain loyal or even recommend the event planner if they get tailor made services for the event.



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