The Murphy’s Law and Stapp’s Law that every Event Manager Must Know!

What is Murphy’s Law?

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that states:
Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
Formulated by Edward J Murphy, a Major in the US Air Force in the 1940s, specializing in development engineering. Since much of his work included testing experimental designs, he frequently faced things that did not exactly go according to plan.

What is Stapp’s Law?

Stapp’s Law states that:
The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle.Stapp’s Law was coined by Colonel John Paul Stapp, an American career U.S. Air Force officer.

What are these laws in practical life scenario?

When standing in a queue in a large store with multiple checkouts, expect the other queue lines to move faster. If you move to a shorter line, as many times as you like, always expect the current line that you are present in to become the slowest.

When someone asks you to find a word in a particular page and you couldn’t find it, then expect that the person who asked you to do this task will come and point out the word right in front of you making you feel like a foolish person.

So all thoseevents that you may not expect but you feel like ‘Yes I knew this would happen’ after it has actually happened and makes you feel like a stupid, doltish, oafish person, creating a clown-like image of yourself is definitely a culmination of these laws

How are these laws relevant to Event Management?

Event manager are pertinent part of leadership and organizing skills. An event may be as huge as a $1000 a plate fundraiser or as tiny as a neighborhood cleanup council meeting. Disregarding the size, it is important that the event goes on smoothly.

Fundamentally there are two probable scenarios: all is well or something is wrong. The chance that these two events will happen is equally likely. So even if you plan really well for your event take many precautions there is always a possibility of aberrations from the plan, to occur.  All you need to do is avoid Murphy’s law.

According to the Stapp’s Law no one in the world is perfect. This paucity of adeptness construes every human to commit some delinquencies, sometimes felonies with regard to the organizing and conducting an event. Thus the goal to be reached seems impossible.

Why do events face failure?

The root cause of most of the failures is intervention of Murphy’s Law. Either some miscommunication between team members or other key players happen or they are not informed of any backup plans. Predominantly, Reality and Expectation are disparate. Whatever happens during an event may not be the way you pictured it. All these are a resultant of poor planning. Murphy’s Law also dictates that, if a mistake is as plain as the nose on your face, everyone can see it but you and that would be the most embarrassing situation that you would have to face bereft of the cognizance of an issue.

How to avoid Stapp’s Murhpy’s Law?

It is human tendency to make mistakes. Well if you had read the title right above and still didn’t realize the spelling mistake in Murphy’s Law, then yes you are a victim of Murphy’s Law. To avoid these natural-mistake-oriented laws during the process of event planning one must have a solid plan with necessary contingencies for each step, assuming that each step that you plan will or must go wrong. So as soon as you start a step towards a plan, create a real-time or hypothetical situation where it will go wrong, prepare a contingency for each step. Other ways of correction would be:

  • Trying to be detailed in your approach, do not miss out on minute issues or probable problems that you think a plan would create.
  • Following a specific timeline makes your whole plan more systematic and secure from misdemeanors.
  • Get prior ratification of your plan from all the members of your team (if you have a good number of members)
  • Your plan requires a foolproof evaluation by yourself and your team members.
  • Make sure you inculcate the concept of deadlines and assign responsibilities to people in charge of your event other than you.

There are many other laws like Nichols’ Fourth Law that states: “Avoid any action with an unacceptable outcome“. Ultimately these laws intend to act as salvage for the problems that your event is going to beard. So now that you as an Event Organizer or Manager or Planner know the theory of Murphy’s Law and Stapp’s Law you are bound to commit lesser number of mistakes than before.

Opportunities Event Managers Need to Capitalize on To Host Record Breaking Events

So yet again it’s the season of events. Companies from all corners want to showcase their products and services. They expect nothing but the best from your event management firm. “best” in this case includes an audience in breath-taking numbers and other value added services you provide them. Fortunately, both these aspects are related to each other. So to speak, it’s two birds with one stone. Here’s a compiled list of the most relevant opportunities you need to capitalize on to provide the best of services to your clients:

Focus on experience rather than the basics

Where the competition is tough, innovation is key for survival. Agreed, the ultimate motive is to sell the product, but what leads your audience to come back for more is the experience they’ve had. So apart from just providing a booth and a stall with air conditioning, concentrating on providing a holistic experience should be at the center of focus. Nowadays event managers using various technologies has become synonymous with innovating. Be it beacon technology or an integrated mobile app, using appropriate technology does ensure an awesome overall experience.

In a time where the Indian consumer is not going to settle down for anything less than the most enjoyable experience, it’s imperative to take every possible step to ensure that the best gets the best.

Investing in better reception

As discussed in the previous point, generating an ultimate experience is crucial to staying number one in the business. One such way to ensure a better user experience is investing your resources in using a mobile app. A mobile app provides a platform for you to understand your audience and give them what they need. Take webMOBI’s mEngage platform for example, a few simple clicks and you have your very own customized mobile application to cater to your customers’ needs. Part of it also allows you to analyse audience generated data and literally enables you to peek into the minds of your audience to give them what they need and desire.

Pre event marketing

When an event is on your head and you’re short on resources, how does one reach the multitude of people they wish to attract to their event. Digital marketing is the apt solution for such a situation. It’s less time consuming, less resource hungry and requires only a basic understanding of how to work around the internet. Relevant and attractive data is, however, a basic requirement to execute this task successfully. Correctly executed this could cause a favourable effect, incorrectly executed and you still have nothing to lose.

Victory at hand or is it?

Unfortunately, the only way to understand if your event was a success or not is to have a feedback form ready. Now before you think about handing out papers to your audience and asking them to take some time out to fill out the form, understand that paper usage is outdated. In a time, rich with technology it is always best to harness the power of technology to do your bidding. Again here mobile apps could be of much use. Through the mobile app you could ask people questions about their experience periodically. The other way to measure your success is to calculate the change in the number of people in your next event as compared to your previous one, subject to direct comparability between both events.

Media coverage

Make sure to click pictures, take videos and capture in-event happenings on digital media only to upload them on your social networks to give the viewers a live sort of experience about what’s actually happening inside your event. It’s possible that viewers at home after watching the splendour of the inside story, may attend at the last moment. Either ways, it’s win-win situation for everyone.