How to choose the Perfect webMOBI Plan for Your Event

How to choose the Perfect webMOBI Plan for Your Event

How to choose the Perfect webMOBI Plan for Your Event

Are you considering webMOBI for your event management needs but feeling unsure about which plan suits you best? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the details of webMOBI’s pricing plans and help you understand which one aligns perfectly with your event goals. Let’s explore your options and make an informed decision.


Hosting an event, whether it’s virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of both, can be a complex task. And in today’s dynamic event landscape, it’s crucial to have the right tools at your disposal. That’s where webMOBI comes in with its range of pricing plans, each designed to meet specific event requirements. The first step in making the right choice is to evaluate the size and scope of your event.

Let’s break down the three main plans: Basic, Engage, and Premium.

  • The Basic Plan is a fantastic starting point for smaller events with up to 200 participants. At just $2 per unique user per event, this plan offers complete event app branding control and an array of essential features. Unlimited audience Q&A, unlimited polls and quizzes, analytics, and 40+ presentation mode themes are just a few of the elements included in this cost-effective plan. If you’re looking for a solution that combines affordability with essential features, the Basic Plan is an excellent choice.
  • The Engage Plan steps up the game for events that have grown beyond the small gathering stage. With a pricing of $1599 per year, this plan is designed for events starting with 500 participants. It includes all the features of the Basic Plan and more. Engage offers unlimited polls and quizzes, basic privacy options, data exports, and moderation. It’s perfect for medium to large-sized conferences and events. Additionally, you’ll have access to both email and chat support, ensuring you have the assistance you need.
  • The Premium Plan takes event management to a new level and is ideal for extensive events with a starting capacity of up to 1000 attendees. Priced at $3499 per year, this plan offers a complete package. It includes email, phone, and chat support, branded apps with icon and splash screen, and ongoing dedicated account support. With the Premium Plan, you get all the features of the Basic and Engage Plans, plus enhanced customization options and support. This plan is the perfect choice for large-scale conferences, trade shows, or global events.

But what if your event surpasses the capabilities of these three standard plans? Don’t worry – webMOBI offers an enterprise solution with custom options tailored to your specific needs. This is the ideal choice for large-scale conferences, trade shows, or global events that require highly personalized solutions.

Selecting the right plan involves understanding your event’s size, your budget, and the features you require. Each webMOBI plan comes with its own set of advantages, ensuring that webMOBI can meet the demands of events of various sizes and complexities.

  • Do you need a straightforward solution for a smaller event, something that’s easy on your budget yet powerful enough to elevate your event’s engagement and interactivity? The Basic Plan is an excellent choice.
  • If you’re gearing up for a medium to large-sized conference and need more extensive support and customization options, the Engage Plan is designed with you in mind.
  • For large-scale conferences and events that demand the highest level of support, customization, and features, the Premium Plan is the way to go.

All webMOBI plans come with an array of features that enhance your event management experience. Features like live polls, attendee CRM, badge printing, leaderboards, maps, live Q&A, and more provide you with a comprehensive toolbox to make your event a resounding success.


WebMOBI offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different event sizes and requirements. Whether you’re hosting a small conference, a large-scale trade show, or a global summit, there’s a webMOBI plan that’s perfect for you. Carefully assess your event’s needs and budget, and you’ll be well on your way to selecting the ideal plan to supercharge your event. So, let’s make your next event unforgettable!

Ready to get started? Check out webMOBI’s pricing plans today and take your event planning to the next level. 🚀

How to Create an Engaging Hybrid Event Schedule

How to Create an Engaging Hybrid Event Schedule

How to Create an Engaging Hybrid Event Schedule

Creating an engaging and successful hybrid event schedule is a multifaceted process that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of your event’s objectives and audience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of designing a compelling hybrid event schedule that not only keeps your attendees hooked but also delivers a memorable and enriching experience. By following these steps and incorporating these strategies, you can ensure that your event is a resounding success.

Step 1: Define Your Event Objectives (Why Are You Hosting the Event?)

The foundation of any successful event, be it in-person, hybrid, or virtual, lies in a clear understanding of its objectives. The first step in crafting an engaging hybrid event schedule is to define your event’s purpose. Ask yourself: Why are you hosting this event? What do you aim to achieve? Are you looking to educate, entertain, inspire, foster networking, or promote a product or service? Your objectives set the tone for the entire event and guide your decision-making process when creating the schedule.

Understanding your objectives helps you tailor your schedule to meet the needs and expectations of your attendees. For example, if your goal is to educate, you may focus on informative sessions, workshops, and expert panels. If you aim to entertain, you might incorporate engaging and fun activities, entertainment segments, or keynote speakers with a captivating presence. By defining your objectives from the outset, you lay the groundwork for a schedule that aligns with your event’s overarching goals.

Step 2: Identify Key Sessions and Activities (What Will Drive Engagement?)

Once you’ve established your event’s objectives, the next step is to identify the key sessions and activities that will be the driving forces behind attendee engagement. These could encompass a wide range of components, such as:

  • Keynote Speeches: Inspiring and influential speakers who set the tone for the event and address critical themes or trends.
  • Panel Discussions: Thought-provoking discussions involving experts or industry leaders on specific topics.
  • Workshops: Interactive and hands-on sessions that provide practical insights and skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: Facilitated sessions that allow attendees to connect and build meaningful relationships.
  • Interactive Activities: Fun and engaging activities that break the ice and encourage participation.

To make informed decisions about these elements, consider the interests, preferences, and needs of your target audience. What topics are they most passionate about? What type of content will provide the most value to them? By selecting sessions and activities that align with your attendees’ interests, you can keep them actively engaged and invested in your event.

Step 3: Create a Balanced Schedule (Keeping Attendees Engaged Throughout)

A key challenge in designing an engaging hybrid event schedule is to maintain attendee engagement throughout the event. To achieve this, it’s crucial to create a balanced schedule that offers a mix of sessions and activities while avoiding common pitfalls.

Avoid scheduling back-to-back sessions without breaks, as this can lead to attendee fatigue and information overload. Instead, intersperse sessions with well-timed networking breaks, interactive activities, and time for attendees to explore virtual booths or exhibits. By incorporating these elements strategically, you provide attendees with opportunities to absorb the content, interact with fellow participants, and avoid burnout.

In addition, consider the duration of your event. If your event spans multiple days, ensure that each day has a coherent and engaging structure. The first day may feature keynotes and high-impact sessions to set the stage, while the following days may dive deeper into specific topics, fostering more in-depth interactions and discussions.

Technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining a balanced schedule and maximizing attendee engagement. Leveraging event management software, such as webMOBI, can streamline the scheduling process and provide attendees with easy access to the schedule. The software can incorporate features like live polls, surveys, and gamification to encourage attendee participation and interaction.

Furthermore, the use of push notifications and WhatsApp alerts keeps attendees informed about schedule changes, important updates, and real-time interactions. These tools enhance attendee communication and participation, ensuring that your event remains engaging and informative throughout its duration.


In conclusion, creating an engaging hybrid event schedule is a strategic process that involves clear objective setting, selecting key sessions and activities tailored to your audience, and structuring a balanced schedule to maximize attendee engagement. Moreover, technology and interactive features significantly enhance the overall event experience. By following these steps and incorporating the strategies discussed, you can ensure that your hybrid event not only meets its objectives but also leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive hybrid event management tool to facilitate all these aspects, consider webMOBI. We offer an interactive and flexible solution that can boost audience interaction, capture valuable feedback, and ensure effective communication with attendees. Whether you’re planning an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event, webMOBI provides the tools you need to elevate your event management to the next level. Visit to learn more and discover how webMOBI can enhance your hybrid events.

Streamline Your Campus Events with webMOBI’s University Event Apps

Streamline Your Campus Events with webMOBI’s University Event Apps



Universities and colleges that are known to impart quality education, are also constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the student experience, streamline event management, and boost engagement. Enter webMOBI’s cutting-edge Campus Mobile Apps, a game-changing solution designed to cater to the unique needs of higher education institutions. In this research blog, we’ll delve into the world of webMOBI’s educational apps, exploring how they transform the way universities and colleges plan, execute, and maximize the impact of their events. From admissions and orientation programs to commencement ceremonies and beyond, webMOBI’s comprehensive platform empowers institutions to guide students, deliver exceptional experiences, and drive a remarkable return on investment.

Empowering Campus Events:

Universities and colleges host a myriad of events throughout the academic year, each serving a distinct purpose, whether it’s welcoming new students during admissions, facilitating a smooth orientation program, or celebrating the achievements of graduates at commencement. The challenge lies in efficiently managing these events while ensuring they provide value to attendees. This is where webMOBI’s Campus Mobile Apps step in, offering a holistic solution to empower educational institutions.

Seamless Integration:

webMOBI’s platform seamlessly integrates web and mobile applications, providing attendees with an immersive experience across devices. The web app offers quick, responsive access on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers, ensuring that crucial event information is readily available to all. Simultaneously, native Android and iPhone applications extend an institution’s brand, allowing for seamless engagement with students, faculty, and staff.

A Comprehensive Agenda:

One of the core features of webMOBI’s Campus Mobile Apps is the comprehensive agenda. This section serves as a hub for all event-related information, offering details about each session, including titles, dates, times, categories, and locations. Attendees can also take advantage of the “My Notes” feature, enabling them to save, view, and edit session notes directly within the app. This feature fosters engagement and encourages active participation by allowing attendees to capture their insights and takeaways for future reference.

Navigating Campus with Live Maps:

Navigating a sprawling campus can be a daunting task, especially for new students and visitors. webMOBI’s Campus Mobile Apps provide interactive maps that display the exact venue of the event. Organizers can add venue descriptions and floor plans to enhance attendees’ navigation experience. These maps are linked to agenda sessions, ensuring that users can easily locate and reach their desired destinations within the campus.

Interactivity and Engagement:

What sets webMOBI apart is its emphasis on interactivity and engagement. The platform offers live polling features that enable organizers to interact with event attendees in real-time, gather valuable feedback, and create an immersive experience. Additionally, the “Share Session Guide” feature allows for easy access to session-related documents, videos, and images, enhancing participants’ understanding of event content.


In conclusion, webMOBI’s Campus Mobile Apps are revolutionizing the way universities and colleges approach event management and attendee engagement. With a user-friendly interface, comprehensive agendas, interactive maps, and features that encourage interactivity, these apps are empowering institutions to reduce administrative burdens, enhance the attendee experience, and drive impressive returns on their event investments. As educational institutions continue to evolve in the digital age, webMOBI’s platform offers a valuable solution to meet the dynamic needs of students, faculty, and staff, ensuring that campus events are not just informative but also engaging and memorable. Elevate your university’s event management with webMOBI and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of higher education.

5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Event Planning: Crafting Memorable Experiences for All Attendees

5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Event Planning: Crafting Memorable Experiences for All Attendees

5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Event Planning: Crafting Memorable Experiences for All Attendees

Introduction: Navigating the Hybrid Event Landscape

Hybrid events have taken the event management industry by storm, offering the best of both in-person and virtual worlds. Yet, planning a successful hybrid event can be a challenging endeavor. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with five essential tips to make your hybrid event a seamless and engaging experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.

Tip 1: Define Your Goals and Objectives

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of planning, it’s crucial to establish clear goals and objectives for your hybrid event. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this event? Are you looking to generate leads, boost brand awareness, or deliver valuable educational content? Defining your objectives will not only guide your planning process but also ensure every aspect of your event aligns with your desired outcomes.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Technology Platform

The success of your hybrid event heavily depends on the technology platform you select. Look for a platform that offers live streaming, interactive chat, and virtual networking capabilities. It’s imperative to consider the user experience and ensure that the platform is user-friendly for both in-person and virtual attendees. Testing the platform thoroughly before the event is essential to ensure that it can handle the expected number of attendees and that all features are working flawlessly.

Tip 3: Create Engaging Content

To maintain the engagement of both in-person and virtual attendees throughout the event, compelling and interactive content is key. Incorporate a mix of live presentations, pre-recorded videos, and interactive sessions. Utilize polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions to encourage audience participation. Consider adding gamification elements to make the event more enjoyable and interactive. Don’t forget to provide clear instructions on how virtual attendees can interact with the content and engage in discussions.

Tip 4: Provide Networking Opportunities

Networking is a significant draw for attendees, whether in-person or virtual. To facilitate networking at your hybrid event, create virtual networking rooms or breakout sessions where attendees can connect with one another. Encourage them to exchange contact information and schedule one-on-one meetings. Consider utilizing a dedicated networking platform or integrating networking features into your chosen technology platform.

Tip 5: Plan for Contingencies

Even with meticulous planning, unforeseen challenges can arise during a hybrid event. It’s crucial to have contingency plans in place to address technical issues, connectivity problems, or last-minute changes. Ensure you have a dedicated support team available to troubleshoot technical issues and provide assistance to both in-person and virtual attendees. Promptly communicate any changes or updates to ensure a seamless experience for all participants.

Conclusion: Crafting Seamless and Memorable Hybrid Events

Planning a successful hybrid event requires careful attention to detail and the right technology platform. By defining your goals, selecting the appropriate technology, creating engaging content, providing networking opportunities, and planning for contingencies, you can ensure a seamless and memorable experience for both in-person and virtual attendees. Remember to continually evaluate and enhance your hybrid event strategy based on attendee feedback and analytics to make future events even more successful.

For more information about our interactive and flexible hybrid event management tool, visit our website at webMOBI. Elevate your hybrid events with our offline-first, mobile platform offering features like activity feeds, dynamic galleries, surveys and live polls, gamification, and leaderboards. You can also download our app from the App Store and Google Play.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create unforgettable hybrid events that leave a lasting impact. Embrace the future of events with confidence! 🚀📆📢🌟

10 Features that webMOBI Offers to Make Your Events a Success!

10 Features that webMOBI Offers to Make Your Events a Success!

webMOBI Event management software for hybrid and in-person events


In today’s fast-paced world, event management has evolved into a complex and dynamic field, encompassing everything from in-person gatherings to virtual conferences. As event organizers seek to create memorable experiences, they require a versatile and comprehensive tool that can adapt to these ever-changing demands. Enter webMOBI, the most interactive and flexible hybrid event management tool in the market.

In this listicle, we’ll explore the top 10 features of webMOBI that can transform your events and why they are essential for any event planner.

  1. All-in-One Event Management Software: Streamline Your Workflow: With webMOBI, you can manage in-person, hybrid, and virtual events all on one platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple tools for different event types.
  2. Activity Feed, Gallery & Scheduler: Enhance Audience Engagement: Boost attendee interaction with personalized activity feeds, dynamic galleries, and an intuitive meeting scheduler. Strengthen connections and foster team unity.
  3. Surveys and Live Polls: Capture Valuable Insights: Engage your attendees with real-time surveys and live polls. Facilitate Q&A sessions and gain invaluable insights from both in-person and virtual participants.
  4. Gamification & Leaderboard: Drive Engagement and Lead Generation: Keep your audience engaged with gamified challenges and sessions. Recognize attendee achievements with a dynamic leaderboard.
  5. WhatsApp & Notification Alerts: Effortless Communication: Utilize WhatsApp, emails, and push notifications for comprehensive attendee communication. Keep your audience informed with timely announcements and updates.
  6. Corporate Event Hub: Efficiently Manage Internal Events: Seamlessly organize internal conferences, annual meets, incentive trips, and reward events. Showcase event details and utilize live Q&A, integrated maps, and session feedback.
  7. Networking, Lead Capture & CRM Integration: Seamless Connections: Connect effortlessly with features like business card scanning, direct chats, and contact sharing. Capture tailored lead details and seamlessly integrate with your chosen CRM system.
  8. Connectors for Effective In-person Events: Streamlined Data Flow: Effortlessly integrate CRM, event registration, and marketing software to enhance personalized customer interactions and effective marketing campaigns.
  9. Track Event Attendance: Precise Attendance Monitoring: Easily track attendees in and out of your event and sessions using webMOBI Onsite’s new Event Check-in App. Gain insights into event success and session popularity.
  10. Best-in-class App Builders: Simplify App Creation: Spend less time building an app and more time engaging with your community. Create a mobile app with webMOBI’s intuitive drag-and-drop platform, reaching your audience on both mobile and web platforms.

You can learn more about our product features here. To book a demo, please visit us here.


In a world where events are diverse and ever-evolving, webMOBI stands as the ultimate solution for event organizers. Its all-in-one capabilities, combined with a wealth of interactive features, make it a game-changer in the industry. From enhancing engagement to capturing critical data, webMOBI empowers you to elevate your events to new heights. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your event management—choose webMOBI and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of modern events. Start your journey with webMOBI today and experience the future of event management. Book a demo with us at webMOBI Demo and experience the ultimate solution for event organizers.