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Technologies Corporates are using to Motivate Employees amid Social Distancing – 5 Awesome Features

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Technologies and their Features

Leaders and HR teams manage employees to get the best out of them during this challenging period. Motivating employees is critical to the company’s success as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Smart technologies stimulate employees engagement. Engaged employees are likely to give their best in this challenging time. The technologies motivate and keep workers safe, enabling them to focus on their duties.

While a lack of technology itself may or may not cause a business to fall behind the competition, the perception that it can cause them to lose out on the best talent. That, in turn, can cause them to fall far behind competitors that can attract better talent.

Not only can smart tech help you attract better talent, it can help them be more productive and even create a safer work environment. Here are some ways to use smart tech to increase employee motivation.

Smart tech can create a more enriching experience for employees, better job satisfaction and even better health.

Here are five technologies that corporations use to motivate employees amid social distancing.

Increased Sharing and Collaboration

Cloud-based file storage and sharing tools can help employees as they work remotely. These solutions make it easier for workers to share and find documents, eliminating frustrations caused by poor record-keeping.

Employees can also leverage these tools to work remotely and collaborate in real-time. These tools enable users to edit, update, or view the same document from different locations.

Use Gamification

Employee training should generate adequate motivation to enable the workers to have an interest in the program. Interested employees invest the effort and time needed to learn.

Gamification makes practical, daily activities engaging. Use it to increase employee motivation and improve participation rates in employee training programs.

One excellent tool for this process is the webMOBI program. This user-friendly employee engagement app showcases the team and individual accomplishments. You can use it to improve audience participation and create engagement rules.

Increase Mobility

Organizations need to support employees’ remote work requirements. This support is critical as companies embrace remote work to meet the necessary social distancing requirements.

Companies provide employees with mobile workplace tools to enable them to work from anywhere. Employees enjoy this flexibility, and it makes them more productive.

Organizations use apps and devices to facilitate remote work. They may also use a virtual meeting app to keep their remote workforce connected and informed. For example, Zoom meetings have become the norm amid social distancing.

Use a Cloud-Based Phone System technologies To Improve Productivity and Communication

technologiesA cloud-based phone system enables employees to communicate effectively amid social distancing. This solution provides the essential communication system workers need, as it facilitates conference calls.

Train employees to use this program and develop the right policies and procedures to enjoy a cloud-based phone system. Workers should know your protocols, follow etiquette, and report issues early.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Giving employees real-time feedback can motivate them as they work remotely. Apps and programs can help companies with this process. Workers will not wait for extended periods for performance reviews.

Instant feedback helps them know where they are doing well, encouraging them to continue the excellent work.

Employees can also provide insights into the organization. They can offer suggestions to improve virtual event engagements, cooperation, and the resolution of disputes.

Employees will feel valued if management listens to them, motivating them to give their best to the company.

Having a motivated workforce is essential in this challenging period. Engaging your employees can motivate them to give their best to the company. Use these five technologies to stimulate employee engagement amid social distancing.

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