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Tribeca Film Festival App

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 

Movie buffs around the world are familiar with Tribeca Film Festival. To enhance the experience of the film goers’, webMOBI has created an app for Tribeca Film Festival 2017. With easy navigation, the app has complete details about the list of movies that are screened, schedule, passes, and loaded with multiple features that make Tribeca Film Festival happening!


The features of Tribeca Film Festival 2017 app includes,

  •   Discover

This feature helps to find the movies and films based on genre, themes, etc. This feature helps you to find the kind of movie you are looking for using the filters.

  •  Film Guide

This feature has a list of all the movies that would be screened at Tribeca Film Festival App 2017. It also has the details about the Director, duration, language, and more

  •  Wish List

This unique feature created by webMOBI for the Tribeca Film Festival app can be used to add your favorite movies to the list, and the user will be instantly notified about the screening of the film, availability of tickets and more.

This feature is directly linked to the user’s calendar which will automatically alert the user!

  • Maps

The easy navigation system will help you find the destination. It will also contribute to drift through the event floor plan.


  • Schedule

This feature shows the movie schedule. The calendar shows the movies/films screened on that day with the timings.

  •  Festival Hub

This feature shows the other events and live programs that are happening at the film festival. The augmented reality enhances the experience.

  • Passes and Packages

With the collaboration with Eventbrite, the movie tickets and the event tickets can be bought through this feature on the app. The user can also avail subscriptions and other lucrative packages through this features.

  • Industry

To ensure the festival experience is unparallel, this feature shows the information about screening, the panel meets, discussion and forums happening at the event.

Tribeca Film Festival App | webMOBI


  • Travel

This feature shows the travel partners and information about hotels that are open for accommodation, availability and more.

  •  Press Center

webMOBI has integrated the social media websites with the Tribeca Fim Festival app. This feature helps to connect with filmmakers, festival executives, etc. All the information related to the film festival can be accessed.

  • Connect

This feature helps you to connect with the festival on all social media platforms. One can subscribe to the newsletters, like the page, get box office information, etc.

Tribeca Film Festival App | webMOBI

Our seamless app for Tribeca Film Festival 2017 is loaded with features which will delight the film goer. With every detail available on the app, the user can get all the information at a click of the button. The movie buffs can also rate the film post the screening.

webMOBI develops the app for events like film festivals, conferences, sales meeting, trade shows and expo, marathons, and more. The app is tailor-made to suit the requirements and the organizer and user can use it with ease.

webMOBI has also worked on multi event app for DE International.


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