How to use LinkedIn to Professionally Publicize your Event

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Among the various social media platforms, the one that has recognition for its level of professionalism is LinkedIn. When you post information regarding your event on LinkedIn, people are more likely to take it seriously and actually check it out. There are several ways through which you will be able to leverage LinkedIn for the promotion of your event.

1. Write posts about your event:


  • Go to Profile> Your Posts> Choose the “Published” tab and Publish a post. Use a headline that makes up the theme of your event or you can create a post with the title of your event and give intricate descriptions about it so that all your followers will come to know about it.
  • Also LinkedIn asks for 3 hashtags that you can include in your post, for which you can type anything that is pertaining to the idea/ agenda of your event.

2. Individual Messages:

  • Send free messages to 1st This is one way through which you can directly communicate to your followers on LinkedIn.
  • If you have a group on LinkedIn you can avail the group messaging facility and save time from individual messages.
  • You can also avail in Mail which is the paid messaging service through which you can send messages to any LinkedIn user. To use this you should either be a premium member or buy the package.

3. Create a page for your organization and Showcase it:

  • You can start your own company page and send status updates from that page since you cannot link to common LinkedIn users through your company page. People could opt to follow your page if they find it interesting.
  • The company page that you created have some subsections called ‘Showcase Page’ which can have its very own followers. So you could create a showcase page for your event and have a separate bunch of followers thereby bringing your event under the limelight.

4. Notify Connections for Profile Updates:


Make some profile updates that includes your event details or a job position like ‘Event Manager’ for ‘Your Event Name’ and give the link to your website or app or blog, so that your connections will come to know about it immediately.

5. Posts by your Event Key Note Speakers:

You can ask your event key note speaker to publish a post that describes your event and also includes the range of topics that he or she is going to cover during their discourse. The fans or followers of the speaker will not only get to know about your event but may also attend your event.

6. Choose to Advertise:


Choose Business Services and click on Advertise. Through this you can set your own advertising budget and LinkedIn will fetch you customers by spreading the word about your organization or the event that your organization is planning to conduct.

For more information:

The key to success for LinkedIn based event promotion is based on the relevant posts you make and the response that LinkedIn’s massive audience base is bound to produce. There are more than 332 million people on LinkedIn, which means that you can reach a significant amount of people to propagate your event.

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